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  1. Agree with this G, I think Fauxdegla charges £31 or £32 comp and obviously Catton is £30. It's enough. I think the nearer grounds get to £40 the more shooters they risk losing to B/O, it's a bit like shells, I know people who flat out don't want to break the £200 barrier for a thousand carts. Superbs for example are over £200 now and it seems to be that cut off point where a lot of people say 'too much' and start looking at alternatives. Same with the Comp & B/O situation for a lot of competition shooters. Obviously you 'expect' to probably pay a bit more at selection shoots. Need to
  2. I tend to use palm sander if I have no gun grade cleaner. lol
  3. You need some special secret phrases, 'allo allo' style......'Good moaning. I was peesing by the door and heard two shats'. Lol.
  4. For sale: 1/4, 1/2 & 3/4 Flush fit Teague Invector Plus Chokes. Very little use (in Miroku MK38 Teague). Price is £20 each or £50 for all 3 in a Browning choke wallet.
  5. Think your best bet is to send timps a private message, he is the man to ask when it comes to snap caps. Send him a message asking for some input.
  6. If you can, try and shoot as many white clays with him as you can, he loves them.
  7. I have for sale the following Teague flush fit Invector Plus chokes. (Browning/Miroku). 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 2x 3/8. Price is £20 each and anyone buying 2 or more I'll throw in a free choke wallet.
  8. Saw the cowboys today at Catton complete with semis, spurs and stetsons. Mr P shot nicely after a dodgy first stand and finished on 90, I had 85 but the real star of the show was Maxus who shot an 83...which I think was his personal best. Well shot fella. Brett Winstanley was leading with a 98 (I think), though I think somebody else put the same score in as him also. It was a high scoring comp, I think there was an 86 leading C class. :blink: Despite the poor forecast, we stayed largely dry apart from the first few stands.
  9. Tunnels of Cu Chi is about the war in Vietnam and is a fantastic read.
  10. I have for sale the following Teague Flush Fit Invector Plus chokes (Miroku/Browning): 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 2x 3/8. Price is £20 each, anybody buying 3+ I'll throw in a free choke wallet.
  11. All the best B. By gum you've seen a few summers now owd lad.
  12. Could be the Hardknott pass, nice route in decent weather.
  13. For sale a selection of Teague flush fit Invector Plus (Miroku/Browning) Chokes: Cost is £20 each or £90 for all 5 and I have 1x 1/4, 2x 3/8, 1x 1/2, 1x 3/4.
  14. Various chokes for sale, all Invector Plus (Miroku/Browning): Set of 6 Teague Flush Fit Invector Plus chokes comprising 2x Skeet, 1x 1/4, 2x 1/2, 1x 3/4. Come boxed in Teague choke case. £120 One Teague Invector Plus Extended Knurled 1/2 choke. SOLD Standard factory Miroku/Browning Inv Plus chokes, 1/4,1/2,3/4. SOLD
  15. Currently running a Dewalt DW712 and it's been very good, and it's twice the saw with the stand....especially for repetitive cuts. Using a Freud blade and it gives excellent, very clean and accurate cuts. Used to use a little Makita non sliding chopsaw for workshop use, also good but a little agricultural lol. The new Makita saws also look good though. Money no object the Festool Kapex is fantastic but mega bucks.....hard to justify the extra over a Dewalt, especially for site use. Much prefer Makita power tools/batteries as a whole though.
  16. Cheers fellas, very much appreciated And with regards a decent coach....well thanks Chard....thanks for all your tuition over the last couple of years, it really is very much appreciated mate. In all seriousness if anyone is looking for a coach then don't look any further than PW's very own Beretta, saviour of many a lost cause at Sporting clays.......and he can shoot a bit as well you know.
  17. Oi Craig can you send me a link to that post on SG World cheers (pm it if you like), can't be bothered wading through the forums looking for it?
  18. It's the rain Al, I started shooting at Llandegla so it doesn't feel right unless the rain is horizontal and it's as cold as a witches t it.
  19. There is also a 50 bird sporting every Sunday at Wyre Gun Club in St Michaels (not far from Preston), friendly people and the targets are a little easier than Blackpool or Lupton if that's what you're after.
  20. Great place to shoot Ed, shot there a few times and enjoyed the targets, lovely part of the world and I always thought the clubhouse was spot on, especially if you get sat in front of their roaring fire after a cold day.
  21. Pippy Oak or Burr Elm. Rosewood is also nice but probably too much for a shelf , nice for inlays though. Again you would need a specialist....John Boddy Timber used to have a catologue full of exotic timbers but not sure what they carry these days in the more exotic stuff given current climate. Had a lot of oak and ash off them in the past and they were good to deal with. They are in Boroughbridge so about 1 1/4 from Derbyshire.
  22. Pass on my best wishes to Ron as well cheers.
  23. Red wine on keyboard moment cheers Matt.
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