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  1. Sold subject to the normal. If it falls through I will let you know shootthepigeon
  2. No probs just drop me a PM and it’s yours 🙂
  3. Selling my Lansky type knife sharpening kit. It’s basically a direct copy of the Lansky Deluxe kit, so 5 stones. Included are the Coarse stone (reasonable wear), Coarse stone (reasonable wear), Medium (light wear), Fine (minimum wear), Super Fine (next to no wear). This is a brilliant sharpening system and has my knives in razor sharp condition. Lots of life left in the kit still and even if a stone wears out they can be purchase cheaply individually. I am only selling as upgrading to the diamond kit. I have loads of sharpening kits in the house but this is by far the best of them all. Should really sell the others as they don’t get used! looking for £20 +p&p
  4. Yes I am! Not been on there in a very long time though. Sold the M3 ages ago.
  5. I’ve a 2011 110 DCPU. Love it.
  6. m3vert


    Jdog I am PM’ing you with some info from Sako751sg 😉
  7. No PM received so full lot still available and reduced to £50 plus p&p
  8. Yes I would do, PM me with an offer for the brass and box and I will work out postage costs later on.
  9. Very quite heater and very good at cooling. Been very happy with it to be fair. A wee bit more than just a fancy fan heater I’d say.
  10. Not air con but the other half bought one of those fancy Dyson fans that heats and can also be set to blow cool air. It has worked a treat for the upstairs over the last few weeks and has the bonus of being useful in the winter as well. Wasn’t cheap but does the business and looks decent as well with no hoses or tanks.
  11. I have approx. 80 brand new .222 Remington unprimed cases, new case-gard, case trimmer, set of 3 Lee Dies and 2 packs of primers pretty much full. All .222. £55 collected Central Scotland. Will post at cost but will not include the primers.
  12. No longer required copy of Richard Lee’s Modern Reloading book. £10 +p&p
  13. My GoPro still hasn’t arrived 🤣
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