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  1. Hi mate sorry not managed to get on here since sending you the PM. Payment now made as per your PM instructions and sorry once again for the delay.
  2. I will take this, how do you want paying?
  3. m3vert

    Harley Owners

    Or GO to your local hells angels type and then you might not get her back :-)
  4. Any usb battery pack will do, the one I use most of the time as about twenty quid. Seriously don’t spend that on the ATN one as it’s not even made by them! Find any decent powered battery pack with usb and it will work 😉
  5. Not arguing that an FEO is right or wrong in asking for a bigger cabinet. However to play devils advocate maybe the logic behind it from the FEO is that if you need to take 5 mins placing guns in socks and place them in a particular order in a top and tail situation just to squeeze them into a crowded cabinet, they then think there is a chance you can't be ***** one night and just leave the gun outside the cabinet unsecured?? I would just buy a bigger cabinet, keeps the FEO happy and probably means your guns are less likely to be damaged taking them in and out of the cabinet.
  6. Just to add that these are excellent scopes. I wouldn't get hung up on this one not having the battery pack, I have the battery pack from ATN it is larger than you need unless out all night and it is very heavy. I have never used it and opt for a smaller USB battery pack that still lasts for several hours and cost peanuts in comparison, also weighs a dam sight less! Good luck with the sale on a great scope :-)
  7. Sold pending the usual to the man above 🙂
  8. Ok I will go and check and respond 🙂
  9. Mint condition Lecia 1200 Rangefinder. Small, compact and lightweight, easily fit inside a pocket when out stalking. Very accurate and crystal clear to look through, usual high quality Leica glass. Reads in meters but I believe you might be able to change them to yards but I am unsure how this is done, please treat as Metres in case I am wrong! Comes in original carry case. Only selling because I have gone for Swarovski range finding binoculars. Looking for £195 plus postage.
  10. Mint condition Nikon Sporter 10 x 42 binoculars. Had these a wee while now but had very little use, in very good condition.Glass unmarked and no damage to the Binoculars at all. Comes in protective carry case and with original box and paperwork. Looking for £85 plus postage. edited to reduce the price, these are very good binos for the money.
  11. m3vert

    Utterly Tragic

    Read my post, by definition it was an accident. Guys re-read what I wrote. By definition it was an accident.. It is defined as "An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury" When the idiot decided to play around with his handgun, yes he was negligent, yes he was stupid and yes he killed his best friend. We could all have predicted that this was a possibility when messing about with a handgun in this fashion, however he did not intentionally mean for this to happen and he did not expect this to happen, it resulted in injury to his friend thus it was by definition an accident! I fully agree he was a fool and personally I do not think the 3 year sentence is fit for the crime, he should have got longer. He was and is a fool.
  12. m3vert

    Utterly Tragic

    By definition it is certainly an accident. But a totally preventable one for sure. I do not think there was anything premeditated about it but I think it fits the bill for manslaughter for sure. I agree that I think he got of lightly and is a lucky lad the family have been so keen to standby him, I wouldn't have!
  13. m3vert

    Wee Eck

    That is a fair point
  14. Looks like there will be a shake up of the antique gun rules if the National Ballistics Intelligence Service get their way!! This will no doubt effect a lot of law abiding owners as usual. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-merseyside-46841591
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