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  1. Well said! Its a terrible defence in my opinion. Any woman on the Jury will be cringing thinking that Alex is just that type of guy!! Lets see how it plays out but it certainly isn't looking good for him so far! Any ideas why they are stating that a "celebrity" was at the meal at bute house, yet they are not named and their word, which I assume isn't under oath is being used in court??? All seems a little strange to me?
  2. Its even creepier when his scruffy tramp like QC (yes i know hes a superb QC) says that kisses on the lips is just the sort of man Alex is ๐Ÿคข
  3. Hi there yes I have published a book back end of last year along with my two mates. We were lucky to secure funding for it through the National Lottery Heritage Fund. We have sold pretty much our first print run of 1200 copies which has blown us away! Stocked in three local shops and the local branch of Waterstones! We are unlikely to re print though as minimum print run makes it a tricky gamble! If you have any questions fire away and if possible I will try and assist. I will warn you itโ€™s a time consuming and at times stressful thing to do, however getting great feedback from people who have chosen to purchase your book is amazing! Tomorrow I am going to Edinburgh Castle as a guest of their museum to donate some copies of our book, as the book is on those killed in my hometown during WW1. It is amazing the people and organisations you meet during the process!! I wonโ€™t be in here much next few days but will try and get back to you ASAP with anything you ask ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck and get it done!
  4. m3vert

    *** THINK

    Sad incident indeed two lives lost for no reason. No idea why you felt the need to play devils advocate here Sportsbob? The Police are the ones who are the devils advocate in this instance. They investigated the crash as they had all the evidence before them, they then arrested the teenage driver. I would bet that with the information they were able to glean from the crash site and from interviews with any witnesses (including the driver of the fiesta) they were able to work out pretty accurately what had happened, thus him being charged. If they have it wrong then the crown prosecution service will drop the charges, if not he will go to court and then all evidence presented to the jury who will decide his guilt. Each one in that chain is better placed than you to play devils advocate. Surprised with the comments made in the initial post, that a biker then went on to post what you did. Bizarre.
  5. Good on you, I have read that boxing is meant to be great for Parkinsons, I think dancing is another, so just the excuse you need for getting your old tap shoes dug out ๐Ÿ˜‰ Keep well ๐Ÿ‘
  6. So it appears he was very recently released from jail, where they were unable to legally detain him any longer! Surprise surprise. Given that it doesn't seem he served his original sentence it pretty much confirms what we already know that our justice system is well and truly *******!! Reports that he was being tailed by the police, which would explain the officer in dark coloured civvies carrying a manbag who appears to have shot him very quickly. Well done to the police for what at first appears to be an excellent operation, now the government have sorted the first part of the brexit cockup, they can maybe start sorting out the justice system which is well and truly screwed! At least the sentence dished out to him yesterday means we no longer need to fear him being released in a year or two.
  7. That's great news that they renewed your SGC, I am really chuffed for you ๐Ÿ™‚ My Dad had Parkinsons and I know just what you are going through, it is an awful illness. Keep doing what you enjoy for as long as you can and I am sure with a good bunch of friends around you that will be for many years to come. I notice that many on the thread are commenting here that they have noticed the shakes on people, small point that not everyone with Parkinsons will shake. My Dad was fortunate not to suffer from the tremors however was plagued by the many other horrible effects of it. Good luck going forward and take advantage of any of the clinics your local Parkinsons nurse offers, Dad found many of them really helpful to him. ๐Ÿ‘
  8. m3vert

    Wi Fi booster

    Yes I think it is the Linkysys system I use as well. First class product to be fair.
  9. m3vert

    Wi Fi booster

    It could be but I am at work and cannot access Youtube. Mine isnt BT though.
  10. m3vert

    Wi Fi booster

    I gave up with wi-fi extenders and boosters as all seemed to have various levels of success. I binned the lot and installed a Mesh system. It was a bit pricey to purchase but I now have wi-fi throughout all areas of the house and coverage throughout the garden areas including sheds and garage. If you find a blind spot you install another Mesh unit which will cover that area. I have 3 Mesh units throughout the house and haven't had a single drop off from the Wi-fi since I installed it 6 months ago, I get pretty much the full 200mps that I get from Virgin throughout the house and more importantly no moaning from a certain teenager that his Sonos or PS4 has dropped off ๐Ÿ™‚ Worth having a look at.
  11. I hope that's not a wind up? Nice one Boris :-)
  12. What as the outcome of the proof test on this gun Zebadee73?? Interested to know as its a lovely gun.
  13. m3vert

    Elon Musk

    He was born in South Africa, but you are quite right that sadly he stood no chance of beating Musk in court in America. I hope he appeals and wins the appeal, Musk has shown himself to be one vile individual. I have vowed never to buy the Tesla pickup because of how Musk has behaved in this, oh wait.....no I vowed not to buy his pickup because it looks like ****!! Rick and the team done only what the best cave divers in the world could have, shame on Musk.
  14. Didn't see the fight but it seems he did change his approach and simply out boxed Ruiz. I am sure he has learned a lot in the last 6 months and shows he is capable of moving forward, will he be able to again change his game plan if he takes on Fury or Wilder only time will tell!!
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