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  1. m3vert

    Wee Eck

    That is a fair point
  2. Looks like there will be a shake up of the antique gun rules if the National Ballistics Intelligence Service get their way!! This will no doubt effect a lot of law abiding owners as usual. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-merseyside-46841591
  3. m3vert

    Wee Eck

    I am no legal eagle but I think attempted rape is a bit more than copping a feel.
  4. m3vert

    Jack Shepherd Fighting Extradition!

    There is no proof she was behind the wheel, the coward said she was behind the wheel but why would you believe him? He had history of doing this with girls and had been stopped by the police for excessive speed on the water before. He is a coward and I would like to think that the courts will ensure he does not get any early release due to his disappearing act, however the fact he has been granted an appeal speaks volumes! He is a rat.
  5. m3vert

    Wee Eck

    I have already had one SNP sheep comment on my Facebook page about how it could easily be a ploy by the powers that be to stop wee Eck reentering politics! What a load of ****!! If found guilty I hope he gets banged up for a good term! Sure he will fit right in with the punters at peterhead or barlinnie!
  6. m3vert

    Stove fan

    I am obviously a bit late in replying to this! However I have the exact same stove as this, they are excellent! I bought a Valiant fan and it sits permanently on top of the stove, does it help? possibly, but not noticeably if I am being honest. I do like the technology behind them though so leave it in place :-) You are probably noticing the other rooms feeling cold because your main room with the stove is really hot :-) My wife was complaining about our living room being cool despite the stove being on, I checked the temp and it was 27oC in our livingroom!!!! She's a cauld lass!!!! As has been previously said a proper desk top fan would work better but there will be a marginal cost involved and you will have the noise with the fan running all the time.
  7. m3vert

    Harkila Torridon Breeks 38"

    Sorry never said thanks :-)
  8. m3vert

    Harkila Torridon Breeks 38"

    Good spot! I will give them a call and see whats what size wise ;-) Bloody pricey though!
  9. m3vert

    Harkila Torridon Breeks 38"

    I am looking for a pair of these in a 38" waist. If anyone has a pair they are selling or can point me in the direction of a shop who has them for sale I would be much obliged :-)
  10. m3vert

    harkila torridon tweed breeks

    Have you used this place before? The reason I ask is their pricing is very strange. Something's are very cheap and some clearly wrong due to being so high. Doesn't seem right for some reason. I too am looking for these in 36 or 38" and cannot find them anywhere sadly. If you do find them please drop me a message :-) Thanks
  11. m3vert

    Leather Boots

    Probably better at keeping the water out than the Harkila ones by the sounds of it
  12. m3vert

    Fury vs Wilder

    No that does not sound good at all!
  13. m3vert

    Fury vs Wilder

    Fury went right up in my estimations after that fight! He won that fight for sure, Mexican judge should be ashamed having Wilder down for winning. How Fury got up in the last round is a mystery. He out boxed and out witted Wilder throughout the fight, Wilder was only ever going to win that fight with a KO everyone who watched that fight could see that, how a professional judge says otherwise can only suggest corruption! Before this fight I reckoned Fury would have had no chance against Joshua, I now reckon Joshua will be trying to avoid Fury and go for Wilder! Anyway a great fight and nice to see a good heavyweight fight again!! I look forward to Fury's next fight now :-) Seems he has gone from critical to stable which can only be good news. Lets hope he does pull through.
  14. I know and I hope common sense prevails (doubtful). The only thing that might save the day is if LACS can easily demonstrate he was sacked for gross misconduct that had nothing to do with this case, that way there wont be a tribunal even held. I just love the fact they have been ousted by one of their own as hypocrites
  15. m3vert

    The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs,Coen Brothers Movie.

    Sorry bud but gave up with The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs, first one was great, gold prospector was really good but got bored after that :-( I liked the idea of the short stories but this noe wasn't for me.