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  1. gove has turned over natural England revocation of 3 licences to shoot birds and reverted back to how it was before except of slight changes regarding certain sites
  2. hi , thanks for that old'un see what you mean , I had to print the form fill it in and then scan it to send in email, what a carry on, probably done to confuse us ray
  3. hi, where did you apply as no matter which site I go on doesn't give me the option to apply ray
  4. has anyone had the letter that NE were supposed to send within 5 days to verify that you are who you say you are
  5. hi all, just registered and got my customer no. and got a message stating they will send me a letter in the post within 5 days and this will enable me to verify that I am who I say I am !! I need to shoot birds for pest control to protect crops and livestock, not people
  6. rayhallam

    .17HMR Set up

    hi, Anschutz 17hmr rifle ,scope and silencer. in very pristine condition, less than 200 shots through it, about 400 rounds hornady expanding tip and full metal jacket still got the box ready to go £1000 face to face only ray
  7. clay and game haven't any stock
  8. hi, a friend of mine has been reloading 16 gauge cartridges with vectan A1 powder which is quite expensive to the maxam powders. has anyone used CSB5 in 16 gauge loads ray
  9. rayhallam


    Hi i'm selling my Hawke panorama EV scope. never been out in the field only mounted on the rifle when i first had it, never got to zero it. as it wasn't the scope i wanted. the one i wanted was on back order and days afteri'd bought this the one i wanted came up on here so i had it. this has been sitting in the box ever since. its an Hawke HK5159 4-12x50 EV cost £129.95 . i can't load pictures as the file is too big and i don't know how to reduce them/ i'm asking £100 plus postage, i can email pics when requested bank transfers only please no paypal
  10. crow and pigeon decoys SOLD only magpie fuds left
  11. hi, selling a variety of fuds as i don't like them i'd rather have shells, they have been used but not much and are in good condition. can't post pictures as the files too big but we all know what fuds look like lol Pigeon 12 off £35 Crow 6 off £17 Magpie 6 off £17 all posted prices. i'd prefer bank transfer but will accept paypal plus charge ray
  12. hi, i always think that the speed on my flapper is too fast so i tried to put my rotary speed controller onto my flapper but no matter what sequence i attach it it doesn't slow the flapper down. do i need a speed controller specificaly for a flapper. forgot to mention the flapper also has a random timr with it ,would this effect the speed controller ??!!! ray
  13. hi, interested in the ff5 flapper by flightline but how much and where do you order them from. flightline website comes up not available am i doing something wrong ray
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