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  1. Anyone know what crop this is?
  2. Tried some of the Eley VIP eco-wad, still early days but not impressing as yet. about £9.50 a box
  3. Definitely need more info on these, .410 TSS is the way to go. Have a look at the American videos shooting it on YouTube. It’s expensive but produces incredible results.
  4. lksopener


    I could retire in cases at these prices!
  5. One of the best documentaries I’ve watched recently. thanks to the original poster.
  6. Fly from stanstead a lot buddy, we just jetparks. parking is normally about £40-45 per week. Always good service.
  7. Brilliant powder, reliable in cold weather. I drop 22.5gn for a 24 gram load and it’s fast and effective.
  8. Sent you a PM pintail with payment details.
  9. We’re about are you 

    1. 5 Rydale XL country shirts. All worn but life in them. As per picture below. £15 Will post at cost if interested drop me a pm, no sensible offer refused.
    2. As per the title full box (25) of Tungsten matrix 6 shot 32 gram. Currently £71 per box on just carts. £45 based in north Nottinghamshire. Pm if interested
    3. As per the title, excellent quality and made in England not like some of the newer ones. £30
    4. Yep it baffled me, never seen one before. Must have been sat in storage for quite some time.
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