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  1. He’s got a following in the wildfowling world but as a buisness he is a complete shambles mainly happy to supply his mates and completely unhelpful,
  2. Lots of 28’s and .410’s here but none for sale at the min
  3. These aren’t great and no spares anymore. Be better off with a mec, be luck to get £50 for it
  4. As per the title, customise the ruger 10/22 book. £10 plus post at cost
  5. Not without another die set no.
  6. Fes Kent, shotgunreloading.co.uk or claygame if you must!
  7. lksopener


    From experience.... don’t bother! A pain in the **** with maintenance. a nice stone patio is more expensive but will save you time and money in the long run.
  8. Lovely staircase work Nathan what sort of price would I be looking at for a similar stair case fitting? pm if you prefer
  9. Really soft brown leather hide park Gilet in immaculate condition. paid £130 for this. Asking for £50 plus postage fees at cost, if interested please send me a pm.
  10. Realtree deerhunter shirt, very well made. tagged XXL but 45/46 chest. £10 plus postage. pm me if interested
  11. As per the title, neoprene comb raiser by beartooth. £12.50 plus post. message me if your interested!
  12. Sold to the chap above pending payment.
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