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  1. As per the title full box (25) of Tungsten matrix 6 shot 32 gram. Currently £71 per box on just carts. £45 based in north Nottinghamshire. Pm if interested
  2. As per the title, excellent quality and made in England not like some of the newer ones. £30
  3. Yep it baffled me, never seen one before. Must have been sat in storage for quite some time.
  4. Thank you that’s great, cracking kit appears to be made in Birmingham as well. So happy with this little kit
  5. Hello chaps, just picked up this wonderful cleaning kit. Could anyone tell me the purpose of the silver tools? I know the snap caps but what is the little silver pot for? It has what looks like a turn key when you unscrew it. The other tool tool I have no idea. Maybe you can help me?
  6. As per the title, good condition scope with flip ups and mounts included. Mildot Ret. Looking for £35. Pictures can be sent via email
  7. As per the title. Immacualte condition and boxed. £20
  8. lksopener

    Air rifle scope

    Looking for an air rifle scope, nice clarity and AO is a must. Something like 3-9x50 or 4-12x50 anything about?
  9. Pm sent for size
  10. The 32 is a rapid single stage... use for all my game shells.
  11. Any gunshop that has hull cartridges should have them.
  12. The best available .410 cartridge at the minute in the UK without paying £650/1000 for Winchester it reloading is the Hull high pheasant 3”. Gamebore have been diabolical for me.
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