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  1. Thanks. Am only moving 5 mins down the road. Been fowling for 35 years or so and on committee of my local club. Guess I cant be hassled to refit safes into a new house and am becoming jaded with shooting things.
  2. Not for me in middle of a house move. Debating whether I can be bothered to put safes back in new place and to pack up. Guns at RFD for storage and maybe sale.
  3. thanks, have an issue I want to address direct as don't think dealer can help
  4. Hi, Anyone know an email address for Browning UK? The BWM arms website appears not to work. Cheers
  5. For sale 120 Hevishot duck loads, 90 Hevishot 70mm no5 shot and 30 70mm no4 shot. Selling as packing up. Collection or local delivery, certificate holders only. £100 ono Located mid \northumberland
  6. its a 5 min job to install/remove. My dealer did it for free on a 725 20 bore I got last week.
  7. We need the equivalent to the French Seurutie police, go in hard, put them down and clear the roads of disruptive numpties
  8. For sale: 200 RC SIPE 20 bore 28g no 7 (2.5mm) shot = English size 6.5. £55.00 50 Lyalvale Hevishot 70mm 31g no5 and 15 Hevishot 31g no 4 shot. 65 in total £70.00 Collection only by certificate holders only, located in mid Northumberland
  9. Thanks chaps. Already degreased the mechanism and lubricated it properly. Have already tried 4 differing shells and all stuck. Taking it back tomorrow
  10. I bought a brand new B725 20 bore about 3weeks ago and have put around 400 shots through it. So far the top barrel fails to eject the spent case about 80% 0f the time - the case sticks about 2/3 elected. This has happened with 3 makes of cartridge with varying head brass lengths. Bottom barrel does the same but only occasionally. Any one had similar problems? The gun will be going back this week for a refund I think.
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