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  1. Not sure but a double to use for game and on the shore Seems a real rip off to me!
  2. Am trying to off load a 725 20 and a maxus. Won't be bothering with guntrader, gunwatch etc. Too many time wasters and numpties out there. Was offered 1200 ox for the 725 which cust ovèr 2k less than a year ago
  3. Hows the market for guns at present? Am contemplating selling/part exchanging a coupe for a new game gun to be used for everything. Have looked on a number of dealers websites but there are no large discounts or price reductions being shown any where. Would have though there would have been some good buys at present?
  4. Of course the introduction of compulsory steel use should see the end of extreme pheasant shoots which are not needed and unsporting
  5. Not for me, l dont notice then. Can get dazzled by the odd breach flash when moon flighting wigeon
  6. What a cop out, guess l will look elsewhere or give up fowling as basc membership is mandatory in the club
  7. There cant be that many 2 5 inch old english guns out there surely? Guess it a choice between evolving or giving up. Apparently gamebore load 2.5 steel for denmark
  8. Will believe it when l see it. Will still use lead for game and tungsten for fowling. No real faith in steel at all
  9. Am a lefty. My maxus has had safety changed to lh operation and l get on fine with that. My 12 and 20 game guns are RH actions with LH cast off and they fit fine
  10. just use the standard 1/2 choke
  11. But no one will do anything about them
  12. Why oh why do we roll over to WJ and the Packham wukfit?
  13. Suppose that depends on whether or not the wuckfits at Natural England grant your wildfowling consents.
  14. I have a 3.5 chamber, 26 inch barrel which is fine, don't bother with extended chokes
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