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  1. Does anyone in the UK import Banded gear or can it only be ordered from the states? TIA
  2. grahamch

    Skoda Yeti 4x4

    Am thinking of getting a late model, low milage 4x4 as a shooting/fishing vehicle. Any opinions on longevity, robustness etc.
  3. grahamch

    Wildfowling Clubs North East area

    Newcastle wildfowlers, northumberland abd durham or hartlepool clubs are your choices. Newcastle has a good website with contact details on it
  4. grahamch

    Durham Shotgun

    http://looks very like a midland ou which i think was sold by parker hale in the 70s
  5. grahamch

    Slow gun sales

    Seems like a stalemate of sorts. Unless a half decent deal if offered thevmarket will stagnate which is bad for all. May resort to selling privately
  6. grahamch

    Slow gun sales

    no bargains or discounts to be had around me. Dealers have been to for a Rizzinni RBEM 20 all quote RRP and offer miserly p/x values for my browning 725.
  7. grahamch

    Hunting priest

    Buy a small fishing priest from a tackle shop for a few quid. No need for a club!
  8. grahamch

    Lindisfarne Wildfowling More Restrictions

    There is l think more to it than that. The BASC have been deafingly quiet on explanations. Could it be an English Findhorn?
  9. grahamch

    Lindisfarne Wildfowling More Restrictions

    A small part is to harveys but no further south
  10. Just to let folk know if you haven't had an email from BASC that the access for fowling at Lindisfarne has been severely restricted for the coming season. There is effectively no parking or access to the shore or sands from the Beal car park at the causeway. this effectively closes the top half of the reserve as the only other access is Fenham Mill with very little parking. There was no explanation provided by the BASC as to why the closure has occurred. Guess it will see a fall of in permit sales. The is a map provided on the BASC Northern page. Looks like the possible end of another fowling ground.
  11. grahamch

    New BASC wildfowling officer

    Changes are too late for lindisfarne this season
  12. grahamch

    New BASC wildfowling officer

    It must be the same Mr Jarrett from KWA who was meant to be involved in the Richard Ali carry on - these surely cant be 2 folk with the same name in fowling circles?
  13. grahamch

    New BASC wildfowling officer

    It is not, apology accepted.
  14. grahamch

    New BASC wildfowling officer

    first I have heard of a new wildfowlers association. Who is behind it? does it have any financial clout or the influence or connection, research facilities etc. of BACS?? We need to be united not more fragment to maintain our sport
  15. Maybe so but it still means we cant get gear at reasonable prices from the USA and will get ripped off here.