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  1. grahamch

    Gamebore Silver Steel Fibre

    Sod the danes!
  2. There is no legal basis far a good reason. Under uk law your are entitled to hold an sgc unless the police can show otherwise
  3. grahamch

    Browning Crown

    the choking
  4. Any pics? Manual or auto safe?
  5. Try a lindisfarne 3 day introductory permit. Details on basc north web page
  6. grahamch

    Dirt boot cammo neoprene waders

    I have a pair of size 7 Dirtboot Cammo neoprene chest waders for sale. Delivered last week and worn once. They are too big for me so for sale at £45.00. Would prefer collection. Based inNorthumberland
  7. grahamch

    Blaser f16 sporting

    Handles nicely and is well made but no auto safe option means will be sticking with my 725
  8. grahamch

    3 inch goose cartridges

    They arecstill made in batches to order
  9. grahamch

    AYA No.2 3" chamber

    it will sjhow either 3 inches or 76mm on the barrel flats and be proofed to 1200kg cm 2
  10. grahamch

    Chokes for Hevishot

    Cheers. Have about 400 duck and goose loads. Will try 1/4 choke on my maxus and see what happens. Never have used tight choke for anything
  11. grahamch

    Chokes for Hevishot

    Anyone clarify what choke to use for hevishot? Was planning to use 1/4 for most work as l assume it patterns tighter than lead?
  12. grahamch

    Lindisfarne 2018

    Any news from Lindisfarne?
  13. grahamch

    AYA No.2 3" chamber

    I know of one a pal has but he wont sell
  14. Has anyone been out with this chap? Any good?