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  1. grahamch

    Another Season About To Draw The Curtains

    Disappointing season. The new access restrictions at Lindisfarne have in effect closed a lot of good spots at high water. Think won't be bothering next season. Guns cleaned and ready for sale.
  2. is the stock original or has it had a recoil pad fitted? Cant quite see from the pic
  3. grahamch

    Game days? How much is justifiable?

    Then surely she should have been sent home, or was she a paying punter?
  4. grahamch

    20 bore for the shore

    Thanks for the help. Will use factory loads to start with and see if can get a pal to load some for me later
  5. grahamch

    Good gunshop

    Malmo just off m6
  6. grahamch

    Game days? How much is justifiable?

    The more l hear and think about driven shooting and large bags the more l wonder about the morality, ethics and acceptababilty of driven shooting. We hear repeatedly of birds being dumped and there being no real market for shot pheasants. Huge cost and big bags will be our undoing, especially if we get a left wing government. I for one am wondering if l should carry one or pack up and do something ekse.
  7. grahamch

    20 bore for the shore

    Am debating getting a 20 for game and foreshore duck. Anyone recommend any decent non lead loads? All I can find is expensive bismuth and 24g steel loads. Guess am looking for heavier steel loads or ITM/X if its still around.
  8. Quite right, don't call for things to be banned, just gives ammo to the antis. Yes phase out plastic wads but then they are needed for most steel/tungsten etc. fowling loads. Going back to all paper cases is not practical and its easy enough to clear up your cases at the end of the day
  9. grahamch

    Hevishot Cartridges

  10. grahamch

    Hevishot Cartridges

    50 Hevishot 32g no5s for sale. Last time l saw these in a shop they were £23 for 10. Will take £50. Permit holders and collection only.
  11. grahamch

    Lyalvale Hevishot 32g no 5

    Back for sale, buyer didn't turn up
  12. grahamch

    686 silver pig 1 magnum chambered ?

    Be fine for 3 inch lead loads. Best check proof marks if you plan to use 3 inch hp steel
  13. grahamch

    Lyalvale Hevishot 32g no 5

    Sold pending payment and collection
  14. grahamch

    Lyalvale Hevishot 32g no 5

  15. grahamch

    Lyalvale Hevishot 32g no 5

    I have 50, 32g Lyalvale Express hevishot cartridges for sale in no 5 shot. Permit holders only. Looking for £50, last l saw for sale were £23 for box of 10