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  1. Just had an email saying Guntrader has been hacked and 'personal contact details' taken. This is decidedly worrying and could compromise the security of a good number of folks.
  2. I have a mk1 3.5 inch and its a great gun. The speed load is a grand feature, will take loads from 28 to 63g with no real felt recoil. Had a Benelli M2 left hander and it was the worst gun have had if 45 years!
  3. old english 3 inch guns used to be proved at 3.5 tons psi for 1.5 ounces of shot up until l think the 1950s. with modern powders this went to 4 tons psi for loads to 1&7/8 ounces.
  4. Not sleeeved - no joint to be seen
  5. Are those genuine Aya barrels? Neither of my Aya ejectors have the angled rear edge to the front lump. Am bemused why they show 2 proof pressures unless the chamber have been lenghtened since new. No reason for a 70 mm load to be proofed so high. My Aya no4 with 70mm chambers is proofed at 900 kg/cm2 and will take the 1.5 ounce lead 2.75 inch magnum shell although it does kick a bit!
  6. An Aya no3 3 inch magnum should show 76mm chambers on the flats and proofed to 1200 kg/cm2. An pics of the flats?
  7. Thats the way it is with section 2, you are meant to post your cert to the seller to complete.
  8. What can you expect from an administration made up of socialist idiots
  9. Some access was lost but was shooting with 2 members of the wildfowl liaison panel on Thursday last week and nothing was said. What's the origin of this rumour??
  10. Got a pair of plastic and brass if any good to you.
  11. This smells heavily of the blond bint Boris lives with, she's an animal rights type and doubtless has overdue influence of the was No 10 works. God help the Scots with more looney greens in their so called government.
  12. used to be a Deep Blue gun shop in Whitley Bay
  13. Any 2.75 inch standard steel load up to size 3 will be fine, Hull, Gamebore etc al do this sort of load or Eley now do a 2.5 inch steel load
  14. Is this still legal under the new general licence?
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