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  1. Plenty at Lindisfarne mid week but they'll drift off with the November moon.
  2. Anyone taken advantage of being able to go fowling and been to Lindisfarne since lockdown? From what have heard the John Muir at Dunbar is restricted to those who live within 6 miles.
  3. Have a buyer interested in a bsa pcp outfit am selling via Guntrader. Snag is he wants it sent to France. Am l able to do this within uk law?
  4. Top lever failed on 2, dicharge on closing gun and cant recall others.
  5. I know 4 folk who have had them and had major problems with them
  6. Checked with my FLO and reply is below. As you have stated rough shooting and wildfowling may take place as long as you comply with the government guidance which includes making short journeys. As a department we are not in a position to confirm what would constitute a short journey therefore it must be up to you, the individual, to make that decision. We all need proper regs stating a distance and not putting the individual at risk from misinterpreting 'guidance'. Looks like my fowling is shafted.
  7. As we are an enforced wasting our lives by the government I thought I'd do something useful. Is there anywhere you can study for all or part of the DSC 1 online?
  8. But its not a blanket lockdown at all, school, colleges, universities are all still open. Teaching may be done in social bubbles bit once the kids are off the school site the local ones anyway gather and behave like nothings wrong and thats where the infection is spreading
  9. My fowling is done alone and l live alone so will not involve anyone but me in my trip. Am more than tired of bing told what to do and p***ing my life away by a govt than wont do everything needed to control things like shutting schools etc.
  10. Yep but whats a reasonable journey - my fowling is 45 mins up the A1!
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