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  1. Have ben trying to sell them since the end of the season, no rush just want rid of them - may be moving soon and don't want to be bothered with all the hassle of installing a safe in the new house.
  2. CBE - how appropriate = Complete **** ***!
  3. Tried that and Gunwatch but got a couple of daft offers or folk wanting me to send them to an RFD miles away to be looked at with no certainty of purchase. Looks like miserly low px is the only route.
  4. Sadly with Packham and his ****y ilk I don't think there will be any shooting in 20 years time
  5. Is the market for second hand guns dead at the moment? Have been trying to sell a used game gun and auto of a good make for the past couple of months on Guntrader and Gunwatch without any success. A few time wasters and no hopers but only one genuine response. Looking at the ads on the forum looks like a lot have zero responses. Don't really want to take the very poor p/x prices and this would leave me with another to sell as am thinking of packing up completely after all of the nonsense and poor publicity for the sport following the farce with the GL.
  6. I think the requirement for a dog will put a lot of folk off, some are just not in the position to have a dog
  7. Threats etc. do our cause no good at all. Am almost at the point of packing up altogether, the hassle and negative publicity are things l can do without
  8. And what are our organisations that cost a lot to join doing about this if anything. Tis a complete farce,
  9. I am a Pigeon Watch member, gunwatch won't pull my details through
  10. This sort of thread annoys me intensely. Folk justifying killing large numbers of so called pest species of geese on the general licence. It does our sport no favours at all and would create great ill will if publicised by Packham and his ilk.
  11. Yep this is a pain and just lost me 2 sales from down south. Looks like will have to take the pittance of a px price l was offered.
  12. Have a pair of Dirt Boot neoprene chest waders for sale in size 7.They were bought new by me in September and have been worn once. Am selling as they are a bit long in the leg for me as am a shorty. Cost £60.00, will take £40.00 but are collect only or meet at mutually agreed place to do deal. Based in mid Northumberland
  13. Am very surprised at the number of replies here. Compared to the uae of single plastics (milk containers,water bottles etc.) most of us use the volume of plastic cases and wads is tiny. Will use plastic cases all of the time with fibre game loads and plastic with pkastic for fowling loads
  14. Good article on these guns in shooting times or sporting gun recently
  15. My aya no4 inherited from my father is IC and half or there about and has killed very long wigeon and geese with the right barrel. My browning 725 which is 4 years old has never had the 1/4 @ 1/2 tubes changed since l got it. My foreshore maxus us 1/4 choke and works fine for ducks and geese with itm, itx and hevishot from 31g to 5yg is 5s to 1s
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