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  1. Anyone know what these cost nowadays? Shop near me has them listed but gives no price per 10
  2. So how does wildfowling fit in here? Usually solitary, non essesential and no employees but very well socially distanced
  3. grahamch

    Game On

    Someone I know had 2 at Lindisfarne earlier this week
  4. thanks, any idea if this will impact on clay shoots?
  5. ANy one know where I can source a spare stock for a Beretta 690 series gun and a rough cost]
  6. There was afirm in Liverpool - Fishing Waders I think who made neoprene waist wader that I found much better than chesties
  7. Am trying to sell a 725 20 and no takers - you must have been lucky!
  8. Hi yes please. How much do you want?
  9. Thanks - they look really good but a bit pricey for wildfowling with all the mud and salt water.
  10. T Thanks, the waterproof isnt essential but a nice to have! How do I contact him, cant find him in a search?
  11. I have a Brady take down, 2 section gun slip which is getting a bit worn and no longer made. I would like to get a waterproof replacement made to use mainly for wildfowling. Any ideas where I could get a slip made using the Brady as a pattern at a sensible cost? TIA
  12. Anyone know how long Northumbria are taking with renewals? Sent forms of 2 weeks ago and cheques not been cashed. TIA
  13. 60 x 3.5 inch 2oz ITM loads for sale comprising: 4 x boxes of 10 in no 1 2 x boxes of 10 in no 3 Wanting £25 per box, currently retailing at £40 per box local to me. Face to face with certificate holders only. Prefer to sell as one lot. Located mid Northumberland
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