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  1. Shame about the need for a gun dog, not every one who shoots can have a dog
  2. There's a lot of chatter on here about 28s and 410s, how many folk actually own or use one? Not that many I suspect, are folk over reacting I wonder?Would also be interesting to see how many folk actually use old UK made side by sides and are moaning that they are now allegedly redundant and worthless. There are several 2.5 inch steel loads on the market and the Danes have been doing it for years.Yes stupid extreme/high bird shoots may fold but that would probably be a good thing for the overall public perception of shooting.
  3. What chamber length is gun? How long are cartridges
  4. Sorry I was meaning an official representative body, not a forum. Was also tin shot which has been tried beofre and dropped
  5. Germany, Denmark, Norway cant see the fuss about using steel for clays, so long as its with biodegradable wads so small farms shoots are ok
  6. They use steel shot for clays on the continent, Denmark etc so why cant our shooting grounds adopt? Not true you can use bismuth through damascus
  7. This was on the BGA website and has I think been in the sporting press. ''British Game Assurance has launched a free-to-access Associate scheme for any shoot that wants to take the first steps towards self-assurance. Defra has publicly called upon all shooting interests to sign up to BGA, and this new initiative removes all the barriers to participation so every shoot can play their part in safe-guarding the future of our community'' Could someone please explain why this is relevant to small non commercial shoots? Do we now need DERFA approval or could this be a route to introduce controls via the back door? I am struggling to see the point of the BGA unless you are a commercial operation selling game into the food chain. Is it just more 'jobs for the boys'?
  8. Seems plenty of BASC bashing here but the other representative bodies have been deafeningly quiet on this subject.
  9. You may think its a joke, but is sadly reality and sooner folk accept it and get over themselves the better.
  10. Sadly this will cripple small scale, informal and club clay shoots run by local clubs on farm land where plastic wads will be a no go. I can see my fowling club stopping all of its clay shoots as I doubt there will be sufficient biodegradable wads available to fulfill demand. Surely one of the conditions of a ban must include suitable wads being available for steel shot loads?
  11. Used to use them on the shore but the muzzle flame made them no good for wigeon under the moon. 1 shot and you were blinded!
  12. Can you not buy direct from the Beretta on line spares shop
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