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  1. And what can they do? There is a crisis in the country and some continue to BASC bash. They are doing what they can l guess, most important is probably certificate renewals. Those who want to go shooting now are ignorant, selfish or both and should be more concerned about those on the Nhs front line etc.
  2. Fair enough given the current situation. Folk should behave responsibly
  3. What a load of none sense. New applications have understandably been stopped. Why should extra risks be taken by the police and public doing home visits for something that's not really an essential. Renewal applications are being risk ranked and done by phone where possible or extensions or section 7s granted. BASC website has more info by force.
  4. Cant see much happening this season. Am not really that bothered, have more pressing matters like family, pals and work to sort out. May be a good thing if a few of the less reputable shoot operators go.
  5. Last thing on my mind at this time. Does it really matter if you miss a season on the ducks?
  6. Keep up the good work. There are some narrow minded, self interested folk on here at present spouting real ********. Get a grip and follow govt stay at home advice, folk are dying from the virus and some seem to rate their ability to pot pigeons more highly than keeping the nhs and population safe. What sort of a world do we live in now?
  7. How much more nonsense is going to be spouted by forum folk. The guidance is to stay at home other than in specific circumstances. Shooting of anything is not important enough to risk the lives of other folk on the front line of the the NHS etc. People are losing their lives to the awful virus and all some very selfish folk can think about is potting a few pigeons. Demonstrates what we have a shortage of at present.... common sense.
  8. I see Rooks are off the Welsh and l think Scottish GLs. It may go same way here in the future perhaps. Personally l think shooting young birds near the nest cruel and opens us up for more bad press that we don't need and would be happy to see it stopped.
  9. Some of the comments here are quite unbelievable. Stay at home, shooting has a poor enough image and camo clad folk potting pigeons just now will be a huge PR disaster for us. Get a grip and use common sense and stop at home
  10. Who really cares at the mo? Much more important things to think about at present. How about those folk whose licences are expiring this year and need renewals? Doubtless the police may have more pressing matters? Perhaps BASC may be able to help or advise folk in this pickle. The continual BASC bashing and conspiracy theories are getting tedious
  11. May e so, up in Northumberland all of the fishing is shutting down.
  12. Bywell clays closed yesterday but shop still open for now.
  13. At least they are in a position to do so!
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