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  1. look at elderkins fabe book page, super english 28 on there
  2. Anyone know if these are available in the UK? Seem to recall they did a good tungsten load.
  3. Being a complete cynic is this not just a marketing ploy by JC to boost trade at a slack time?
  4. There a good FB page for AYA very helpful folk
  5. Sorely kg1350 is the proof pressure? If it was barrel weight it should be kg 1.350
  6. Will stick with my Maxus mk1 , a super gun and the speed load is great. Am left handed and shoot it no bother, on the other hand l has a Benelli M2 left handed and it was the worst gun l have ever owned!
  7. Any chance of getting this reposted - cant find the footage thanks
  8. Nice footage, you are lucky to get out. My local fowling was closed by Natural England and the reason given was 'that they should be seen to be doing something'. I think most folk are now very tired of wasting their lives on lockdowns
  9. Am looking for a day or 2 on grouse over pointers as a retirement present. Location not too important
  10. PM/email sent with postage costs and pay pal details
  11. Got too many 32g ITM to use to change caliber!!
  12. SOLD> Will get postage costs in morning and PM you with details. Thanks
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