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  1. Am looking for a few evenings roost shooting in the North East of England/Scottish Borders. Happy to pay a reasonable fee to shoot. Located mid Northumberland
  2. Its high time we had a wider choice of no lead, non steel cartridges over here, availability over the pond is far better than here. I have tried steel in 12 and 20 bore and found their performance iffy so gave what l had left away. Will stick with itm and hevishot and pack up when I run out.
  3. grahamch


    Look on facebook fowling pages for reviews
  4. Now we have a tory government for the next 5 years or so is the future any brighter or should we plan to pack up? We are constantly sniped at by Packham and his cronies to the detriment of our sport but none of our organisations will stand up to him in a robust manner to silence the ***** Why oh why do you ****** words that may define someone's view? It annoys me intensley
  5. From my perspective it should be mandatory to have suitable insurance before you can shootvin whatever area you choose. This should be offered through a single large volume provider preferably based on BASC lines and amalgamation the smaller ineffective bodies. Some forms of game shooting eg extreme pheasant should be regulated or done away with to preserve the future of shooting for the majority who can't afford such ridiculous so called sporting shooting
  6. Surely we need one amalgamated organisation, not one decent size one and loads of piddely little ones with their own niche areas of interest and limited stature, influence or effectiveness? You just have to see what Ducks Unlimited and the NRA achieve in the states. Guess here folk are too parochial and after all its jobs for the boys
  7. For sale, collection only to certificate holders. Located mid Northumberland 20 Kent 3.5 inch 2oz no3 ITM shot; 37 Kent 3.5 inch 2oz no1 ITM shot; 20 Eley 3 inch 1&5/8ox no 5 bismuth shot. All in boxes of 10. Looking for £25 a box for the ITM and £10 a box for the Eley.
  8. these are kent itm loads from 32g to 56g
  9. So is there any market for ITM shot? Have a load of shells sitting the cupboard doing nothing or should I just use them?
  10. have been trying but cant find it, can you post a link please
  11. Does anyone know if Proper Cartridges are till in business, if they have a website or where they are located?
  12. Used Hull High Pheasant 7/8oz no7 for years out of a light Scottish 2.3 inch sxs to great effect, sadly cant seem to find this load anywhere now?
  13. Shot sizes at 4.5 and 5.5 seem bit big for an effective pattern, 4.5 seems too big for other than the extreme pheasant numpties who will surely be the demise of our sport
  14. I use Hull High pheasant 28g no 6 and find them a fine cartridge
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