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  1. its a 5 min job to install/remove. My dealer did it for free on a 725 20 bore I got last week.
  2. We need the equivalent to the French Seurutie police, go in hard, put them down and clear the roads of disruptive numpties
  3. For sale: 200 RC SIPE 20 bore 28g no 7 (2.5mm) shot = English size 6.5. £55.00 50 Lyalvale Hevishot 70mm 31g no5 and 15 Hevishot 31g no 4 shot. 65 in total £70.00 Collection only by certificate holders only, located in mid Northumberland
  4. Thanks chaps. Already degreased the mechanism and lubricated it properly. Have already tried 4 differing shells and all stuck. Taking it back tomorrow
  5. I bought a brand new B725 20 bore about 3weeks ago and have put around 400 shots through it. So far the top barrel fails to eject the spent case about 80% 0f the time - the case sticks about 2/3 elected. This has happened with 3 makes of cartridge with varying head brass lengths. Bottom barrel does the same but only occasionally. Any one had similar problems? The gun will be going back this week for a refund I think.
  6. Am looking for some 20 bore ITM or Hevishot cartridges to either buy or swap for the same in 12 bore.
  7. it would probably spoil the ecology. There was a mad plan a while ago to pipe water from Keilder in Northumberland which is acidic peat water to Yorshire dales which is alkali limestone water. Plan was abandoned due to the environmental damage it would have caused. On the other hand taking water from river just to irrigate crops also causes huge ecological damage
  8. Have ben trying to sell them since the end of the season, no rush just want rid of them - may be moving soon and don't want to be bothered with all the hassle of installing a safe in the new house.
  9. CBE - how appropriate = Complete **** ***!
  10. Tried that and Gunwatch but got a couple of daft offers or folk wanting me to send them to an RFD miles away to be looked at with no certainty of purchase. Looks like miserly low px is the only route.
  11. Sadly with Packham and his ****y ilk I don't think there will be any shooting in 20 years time
  12. Is the market for second hand guns dead at the moment? Have been trying to sell a used game gun and auto of a good make for the past couple of months on Guntrader and Gunwatch without any success. A few time wasters and no hopers but only one genuine response. Looking at the ads on the forum looks like a lot have zero responses. Don't really want to take the very poor p/x prices and this would leave me with another to sell as am thinking of packing up completely after all of the nonsense and poor publicity for the sport following the farce with the GL.
  13. I think the requirement for a dog will put a lot of folk off, some are just not in the position to have a dog
  14. Threats etc. do our cause no good at all. Am almost at the point of packing up altogether, the hassle and negative publicity are things l can do without
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