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  1. Its a farce and unacceptable service to have to wait so long but it appears that folk have to put up with it as no one can hold them to account for delays and inefficiency
  2. Applied for my FAC in early September, cheque cashed early October and then nothing. Anyone know what timescale I can expected to wait before anything happens?
  3. Would gladly be called mad to have a chance at punting before I expire!
  4. 1. He was unaware when he took gun in; 2. Quite agree. Browning Crown ckoked 1/2 and 1/2
  5. Has anyone come across a vibration test that is used on non steel proofed guns to help determine if they are suitable for submitting for superior steel proofing? A member of my syndicate has given his expensive game gun to a local gun shop of dubious reputation who said it need to have this test. Sounds like a load of twaddle to me!
  6. Permits are easily obtained via BASC website, they have plenty available
  7. Can anyone please recommend a taxidermist in north east england for bird work? TIA
  8. Lindisfarne can be very good and its not that far from you
  9. I see, but if I am booking stalking how am i expected to know what it has been cleared for? To date have used an estate rifle on 3 different estates
  10. So how does this work if all your stalking is paid days with guides/estates?
  11. Am in the process of applying for my FAC to start stalking. Am l better getting a 243 as will mainly be after Roe, or should I go for something like a 6.5x55 to future proof against change to non lead bullets? TIA
  12. Have a few days in Scotland next month inland for geese and was wondering what's available in 3 or 3.5 inch lead loads in size 3 upwards? Not bought lead fowling shells for years. Have a load of ITM but keeping those for the shore. TIA
  13. Wont have anything on my car to link it with country sports of any sorts, just makes life easier. Did have an RSPB sticker on a previous car which used confuse twitchers no end when I got the gun out of the boot!
  14. Looking at the comments above its just what the antis was - divide and rule. I don't hunt and I find rearing pheasants to shoot not really ethical or sustainable but I wont condemn it because I don't like it. We should be uniting not becoming more factionalised. Is this any worse than the destruction of male calves by parts of the dairy industry?
  15. Look at the models 3a and 4a, they are relevant for the engraving pattern. No 3 made between 1972-77.
  16. My no3 is a non ejector, the no4 which I also have is an ejector. Its not a Yeoman, engraving is too fancy
  17. Is Barbour stuff any good? thought they had gone all trendy and the quality had gone?
  18. Hi, Looking for recommendations for a new pair of waterproof over trousers to replace an old Hoggs of Fife set which are worn out. |Would prefer a quality pair and budget is up to £200. TIA
  19. Loads of pinks on the Northumberland coast from Lindisfarne down to the Tyne on ponds etc.
  20. Hopefully a lead shot ban will end this type of shooting that does our sport no good
  21. Am looking for a cheap trail cam to use in back garden - unwanted visits from nosey neighbours...... Any recommendations for something cheap and straightforward. TIA
  22. There is a perfectly simple solution. Stop p*****g away our hard earned tax pounds on pointless and wasteful overseas aid and use the billions to fund social care at home
  23. Went to the show on Saturday and well attended, wish had saved my £12 quid tho, didn't think the standes were as good as in the past and the countryside sports tent was very disappointing. Wont be going again.
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