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    Dumped Pheasants...

    Surely the fundamental issue is too many pheasants etc are being bred and shot when there is no market for them. Labour have plans in their manifesto to restrict or ban the rearing of game intensively. Its up to the shooting community to put its house in order or have regulation foisted on us
  2. grahamch

    any demand

    Says copper plated lead above?
  3. grahamch

    any demand

    Cheers had hopd was going to be a new fowling load with copper shot
  4. grahamch

    any demand

    What do you mean by 'in copper'? Do you load pure copper shot, or copper plated lead?
  5. Used to shoot an Alex Martin sxs 20 for years and used nothing but 7/8 oz no 7 Hull High Pheasant for everything from snipe to Greylags with great success if at sensible ranges. Wish had never sold it
  6. grahamch

    New Book

    Looks ok. I see it includes Payne Galeways diary. It is a copy of his diary with a few bits added or qworth getting a copy? /
  7. grahamch

    Shooting related New Year's Resolutions?

    To buy what l want, sod the costs and never mind what the girlfriend says as she can be replaces quite easily! More fowling too.
  8. grahamch


    Looked at a 525 20 bore recently found the handling and wood superb but the action with the silver inlays were far to bling for me. Makes it look like a hair dressers gun
  9. grahamch

    Break down shotgun slip

    Where did you get those? Like them
  10. grahamch

    Break down shotgun slip

    Have a couple of brady canvas and leather leg of mutton type cases. Good stuff but hard to find. Got mine off ebay
  11. grahamch

    david kirkcaldy

    He is quite active on some of the Facebook fowling pages advertising for guns
  12. grahamch

    Kent/Gamebore Tungsten Matrix

    Wondering what my 3.5 inch 2oz ITM no1s and 3s are worth?
  13. grahamch

    Boxing day shoot

    In that case get rid of her quick. Is he a man or a mouse eek eek.....
  14. grahamch

    Kent/Gamebore Tungsten Matrix

    I pixked up the very same at a local shop at 25 quid a box last summer
  15. Any recommendations for a thermal top? My Merino top is now worn out and needs replacing. TIA
  16. grahamch

    Yildiz OU wildfowler

    Anyone know if this has a manual or auto safe?
  17. grahamch

    WH Pollard, Hesketh?

    t From 1st August 1883 Mr Perrins has decided to offer a genuine reduction of 20% for cash on all best guns costing over £10. The offer is due to him being overstocked with best guns, both “ the ordinary kind and hammerless.” Perrins & Son moved yet again - to 59 Broad Street, Worcester - and were still listed among local businesses in 1892, which meant that by then John Perrins had been operating successfully in the city for almost 60 years. Perrins & Son was taken over by Herbert E Pollard in 1892 moving to 62 Broad Street in 1900 - was this a move or expansion of premises? It's not known exactly when the firm went out of business though it may have been before the dawn of the 20th Century. t Tthere must have been more than one
  18. grahamch

    WH Pollard, Hesketh?

    Think pollard was from worcester
  19. grahamch

    2k budget - 692,725?

    Try before you buy would be my advice. Have had both and plumped for a 725 UK premium game gun. The Beretta handled like a plank of wood.
  20. And being a good enough shot too
  21. grahamch

    Aya gun

    aya no4 - grand guns
  22. grahamch

    Pink numbers building

    Nothing much at Lindisfarne been gooseless most season. Think its too mild.
  23. grahamch

    Wigeon numbers

    where abouts? On the Tees
  24. grahamch

    I really don’t get it

    The older I get the more unethical commercial driven shooting becomes to me especially on a large scale. If birds cannot be used the y should not be shot, maybe we need reform of driven shooting prevent this. The operation should be named and shamed.
  25. grahamch

    Gamebore Silver Steel Fibre

    Sod the danes!