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  1. Surely this only impacts on you if you sell what you shoot? I eat what I shoot and will continue to use lead. This seems to be becoming a very cosy arrangement for commercial shooting and lots of 'jobs for the boys'. Or am being wound up as it is 1st April and this would make a good April fool!
  2. Thanks for the advice all, a memeber of my fowling club is ti take me out as soon as we are allowed.
  3. proper wildfowling is on the foreshore rather than inland goose shooting which is paid for, however the sale of geese other than in Orkney is illegal.
  4. No l used either 32g no 5 ITM or ITM as l use on the foreshore and was told that it was unneeded. I was reffering to proper fowling on the foreshore
  5. Have been on a few let days where use of lead on duck drives was seen as normal. DEFRA have also done work analysing ducks at game dealers which carried lead and fowlers normally do not shoot enough duck to sell them.
  6. Alternatively get a copy of the charge certificate or registration of title from the land registry
  7. Because we have a weak criminal justice system which favours the perpetrator not the victim. There is only one punishment suitable for low life dross like this. Then again they will doubtless get a brief who will get them a reduced sentence.
  8. The non compliance with shooting fowl is down to driven ducks on commercial shoots who care not what happens, wildfowlers on the shore will be 100% compliant near enough. As ever commercial shoots will be the end of us
  9. used to use the Gevelots for fowling, a great shell!
  10. Sadly you are right, its got l think a protected status under the equality acts. Should be prescribed not protected.
  11. Its a bit ironic that we have one of the largest deposits of tungsten in Cornwall but pay a fortune for tungsten shot
  12. Am looking for a shooting seat/container with a swivel top. Shot in Orkney a few years ago with a chap who had once which looked like it was based on a large bucket. #
  13. Hardly surprising with a Packham sympathiser in charge!
  14. Has this been posted early? tis a week or so til April 1st?
  15. presumably the new and pointless eco wads are costly to make. use lead and fibre wads and prob is solved
  16. Am looking to start stalking as an alternative to pheasants. Best advice have had is to join a rifle club before applying for an FAC. Where can I find out what clubs there are in the Northumberland/Durham area that are taking new members? TIA
  17. Been wasting on you tube and there seems to be plenty of commercial TSS loads in the States. Do folk think we will ever see them imported?
  18. Is this the range to local Bhuddist lot are complaniing about because 'it will disturb the little birds'?
  19. messaged Teal earlier but no reply
  20. Good cases, mine takes my ou no bother
  21. For sale wildfowling mud seat. Bought last summer from Forseys and unused. £25.00 plus postage at cost.
  22. Can you not take legal action? is that **** Juniper still in charge?
  23. Nice to see a picture of our native tits without seeing packham in it
  24. Got an ultra outfit as new with pump for sale. Used 2 hours on range but a .177
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