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  1. I’ve been and picked the guns up and taken them to an RFD I know he then signed them over to me. I will give the Firearms department a call Tommorow explaining what has happened and then send a covering letter. Thanks for you help guys William
  2. Ok guys thank you very much for the information. I will give the firearms officer a call ASAP, william
  3. What does probate mean walker ? william
  4. Thanks for the info guys, So I would have to write on my own certificate in that case ? Thanks william
  5. Hi Guys Abit of weird one but an old friend of mine recently passed away and he had a few shotguns. His son has been clearing out the house and found his cabinet keys and has opened the cabinet and come across the shotguns. His son ( Not a ticket holder ) has contacted me and asked if I would like them but I am unsure as to how I go about putting them on my ticket ? Thanks guys will
  6. Great write up 👍🏻 William
  7. Some sort of dinosaur lurking in the darkness 🤔
  8. Thanks for the help guys william
  9. Does anyone know a rough price on altering the cast of a gun right to left? I’m thinking of purchasing a RH maxum and having the cast adjusted to suit. ( Cannot find a LH maxum ) Thanks william
  10. Great post PC, out of interest what gun is it you use and roughly how many cartridges do you think you have put through it ? Will
  11. Also got a 9mm garden gun killed loads of rats with it using the fiocchi carts. will
  12. Quite hard finding a Maxum with a left hand cast 😂 will
  13. Thanks for the advice guys, I am going to go and try them both but I also like the look of a Caesar Guerini Maxum ! Thanks will
  14. Hi guys what are your thoughts on the above two guns in 12g. will
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