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  1. Will 1994

    HW97kt .177

    Wanted HW97KT .177
  2. Hi, just wondering what left handed 12b shotguns are for sale ?
  3. Yeah great little truck for someone, haha I know the feeling mate
  4. 2003 Defender 90 TD5 148,000 Miles Long MOT Td5 Inside Remap And Popcorn Limiter 285/75/16 Tyres Terrafirma +2 Springs Terrafirma +5 Shocks Terrafirma Steering Damper Terrafirma Steering Guard Terrafirma Rear Recovery Point Terrafirma Winch And Controller Terrafirma Anti dislocation cones Gwynn Lewis Galv Shock Turrets Gwynn Lewis Galv spring Seats New Fuel Filter And Filter Housing New Front Prop Good little project, Clutch is starting to slip and bodywork is tatty, Will come with wings to replace the damaged ones, Brand new rear callipers,Disks/Pads, Good-ridge extended lines and a centre cubby box. £8000 ONO
  5. Thanks Guys, it is a brilliant gun just doesn’t get the use it deserves. Will
  6. Hi Guys Selling my brand new aqua pioneer bivvy not even been out of the bag. Bargain. £450
  7. I’ve been and picked the guns up and taken them to an RFD I know he then signed them over to me. I will give the Firearms department a call Tommorow explaining what has happened and then send a covering letter. Thanks for you help guys William
  8. Ok guys thank you very much for the information. I will give the firearms officer a call ASAP, william
  9. What does probate mean walker ? william
  10. Thanks for the info guys, So I would have to write on my own certificate in that case ? Thanks william
  11. Hi Guys Abit of weird one but an old friend of mine recently passed away and he had a few shotguns. His son has been clearing out the house and found his cabinet keys and has opened the cabinet and come across the shotguns. His son ( Not a ticket holder ) has contacted me and asked if I would like them but I am unsure as to how I go about putting them on my ticket ? Thanks guys will
  12. Great write up 👍🏻 William
  13. Some sort of dinosaur lurking in the darkness 🤔
  14. Thanks for the help guys william
  15. Does anyone know a rough price on altering the cast of a gun right to left? I’m thinking of purchasing a RH maxum and having the cast adjusted to suit. ( Cannot find a LH maxum ) Thanks william
  16. Great post PC, out of interest what gun is it you use and roughly how many cartridges do you think you have put through it ? Will
  17. Also got a 9mm garden gun killed loads of rats with it using the fiocchi carts. will
  18. Quite hard finding a Maxum with a left hand cast 😂 will
  19. Thanks for the advice guys, I am going to go and try them both but I also like the look of a Caesar Guerini Maxum ! Thanks will
  20. Hi guys what are your thoughts on the above two guns in 12g. will
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