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  1. As said I've had 3 the latest one a 59 plate ddi was **** the first 1 a 1.6 vitara an s plate is still going strong on our shoot and will go anywhere now that is a great wee car
  2. iv had a vitara 1.6 a grand vitara and a grand vitara 1.9 ddi would never get another one after paying £800 trying to get the dpf fixed was told it was nackered needed a new one at a cost of £1900 eventually got one but car was never the same fault lights limp mode had to get rid of it was costing a fortune and the car was only 4 year old
  3. i have a 59plate grand vitara get 31average also have a s plate vitara i use on the shoot brilliant wee car goes anywere on road tyres couldnt do without it now back seats removed plenty room ,before mot failed i used this car for deer stalking,wildfowling,pigeon decoying for 3 year all for 300 pound i would recomend one
  4. ok to get it into perspective[is that the right word lol ] i wear a uniform ok its a railway one im not putting my life in danger anybody that puts on a uniform and is willing to fight and maybe die for there country is a hero to me
  5. you tell that to the family of all the soldiers that never came home or the ones that came home with arms and legs missing
  6. maybe because he wore a british army uniform and was willing to fight for his country ,im not getting into a debate on this but in my opinion if you wear that uniform you are a hero ,for the army and the navy and the raf
  7. sourcing them out cheers tam tam
  8. hi im [ooking for pheasant feeders and drinkers for for the pens we are starting a new shoot and are on a budget so if anybody has any second hand equipment they want to sell id be most gratefull cheers tam
  9. got the basc magazine in and I think an advert for uttings are doing a sale of muck boots for 39 pound
  10. they used to have a shop down the trongate but that's been closed for a while ,good luck hope you get your money back
  11. Wont b buying van till next year but will b down for a week start of september in time for start season maybee get a shot at the duck but will happy just to have a look at the area Cheers. Tam .
  12. Cheers craig could I be a wee bit cheeky and ask if you could recomend any area to shoot from near the castlecary caravan park theres an old man made pier that they loaded granite from I think the river cree runs by it if you could point me in the right direction Cheers tam Ps if you wanted you could pm me
  13. hi all im thinking of getting a caravan in the creetown area does anybody know how the wildfowling is in that area cheers tam
  14. Ticket came today cheers paul Tam im up either sat or sun dont know yet meet up for a beer
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