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  1. Is the Ibarra still for sale
  2. I’ll sort that out today Bonny lad £45 posted.
  3. I’ll take the spyderco let me know if that’s ok
  4. How much are the gurka knives.
  5. Ok thank you. No good to me then cheers
  6. Yes marra I will have that
  7. Will this need a test or is carbon test free. how much and where are you based cheers
  8. rab61t

    Tail camera

    sent again my mistake
  9. No problem.  how do you get paid for the item. 


  10. will it send to the phone 



  11. rab61t

    Tail camera

    will it send to sms to the phone . Cheers
  12. hi there 

    if its not sold ill have that.


  13. any chance of some pictures / Whatsapp 07880812195 



  14. 07880812195 If  you want to whats app. 


  15. Hello All We are looking for a Gas Fridge can any one point me in another direction than Evil bay / and Gumtree Cheers
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