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    1. There should be an explanation in the header of the returned email your mate sent you as to why the delivery failed. Could your Gmail mailbox be full?
    2. I think it's called Selfheal.
    3. Get a PSA blood test done at the doctors before the hospital appointment, the consultant will do another DRE then depending on the PSA results and how the prostate feels might send you for a MRI scan, then depending on that result maybe a biopsy - but could just be BPH (benign enlarged prostate) which is just a normal part of aging and can be fixed with green laser treatment (or other procedures that you don't want to Google 😀)
    4. The Talbot at Knightwick Worcestershire https://www.the-talbot.co.uk Great locally sourced food with a brewery attached to the pub.
    5. Unfortunately private woodland tends to get treated as public property. My woodland is next to land owned by a wildlife charity and their members assume my land is owned by the charity - they destroy signs and object to pheasant shooting and deer management whilst ignoring the defined boundary.
    6. Swapped all our internal doors to Howdens 4 Panel Clear Pine doors and took the opportunity to add a Yale push button door lock onto one door along with a couple of hinge bolts.
    7. The fingbox hardware connects to a network port on the router and monitors the network 24/7. No subscription to pay just the hardware purchase price.
    8. I use a security device https://www.fing.io/fingbox-network-security-appliance/ to monitor speed and dropouts. Might be overkill but very simple to set up and monitor.
    9. screamingdead


      Have a look at the Logitech Harmony Home Hub - it allows voice control via Alexa of tv & Sky Q etc.
    10. screamingdead

      IP camera

      On the latest ip camera I set up, I needed to enable two factor authentication within gmail and generate an app password for the camera to authenticate with. Relay server was set to smtp.gmail.com, port was 587 and SSL was STARTTLS.
    11. screamingdead

      IP camera

      What smtp settings are you using and which email provider are you trying to relay email through?
    12. 5GHz uses different channels from 2.4GHz and its probable that it's not as congested as the 2.4GHz wireless. As a first step I would download a wifi analyzer from Google app store on your P8 and see what networks are using what channels.
    13. Might be worth changing the channel that the 2.4GHz wireless network uses. You can get interference from neighbouring networks if they're all on the same channel.
    14. I fail to understand the attitude of some people on this thread. Unless we all stand together, who will support you when the only firearm allowed in public ownership is a section 2 shotgun and the legislators decide that should be prohibited - after all clay pigeon shooting is just practicing to kill live animals and what's the point in that..........?
    15. Does the Law have the lever safety or the crossbolt? The lever safety was recalled by Franchi as operating it could cause the gun to fire. Unfortunately I've got a PA8 with a lever safely so I don't use the gun anymore for the above reason.
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