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  1. hopefulcatcher


    Hi, I have a mec 650N with powder shot wads once fired cases and primers for sale if interested. I only shoot fibre wads now.
  2. Hi, I have a couple of Webley 410 shotguns for sale on Gunwatch, one of them the 3” 3shot Sportsman.
  3. That’s a lot to pay for the privilege of getting pulled by the law.
  4. I had the same trouble with my Beretta. I went online and found the exploded view of the shotgun, noted the part number and contacted The Sportman shop. They ordered the screw for me. Job done.
  5. I have recently purchased a Winchester SX3 as a result of some videos on YouTube. What a cracking gun and I had some of best scores until a couple of weeks ago when it broke. The bolt was locked forward, and would not come back. I had to wait until I got home to check it. There is a small wedge shaped piece of black metal that locates on the bottom slide. It is like a piece of a jigsaw that slots into place and is held there by a tiny pin. The pin had sheared off and the wedge became loose. It wasn’t until I looked at other forums that mine is not an isolated case. I contacted Winchester in the States but they just referred me to dealers in this country. However if anyone is in the same situation, fix it yourself with Gorrila glue. Much stronger than the original tiny pin and saved a fortune in replacing the bottom breech block slide. Hope this helps others in the same situation.
  6. Just seen your post. Are you still looking for the mec press. Steve
  7. This air rifle has now been sold. Thanks for looking.
  8. Are you still looking for a metal 10 shot magazine. I have a used CZ 452 one for sale. £25 posted. Steve
  9. Hi, are you still interested in the 10 shot magazine. Steve
  10. Hi, I have a metal 10 shot mag for CZ 452. £25 posted if interested.
  11. Hi, A bit late but is the Larsen still for sale. Thanks, Steve
  12. Are you looking for live, fired or both paper cartridges.
  13. There is a shotmaker on EBAY item number 201070036299 Ends 15th April
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