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  1. hopefulcatcher

    Weihrauch HW35E VIXEN .177

    This air rifle has now been sold. Thanks for looking.
  2. hopefulcatcher

    5 or 10 shot cz 452 .22 rimfire magazine

    Are you still looking for a metal 10 shot magazine. I have a used CZ 452 one for sale. £25 posted. Steve
  3. hopefulcatcher

    .22 cz mag

    Hi, are you still interested in the 10 shot magazine. Steve
  4. hopefulcatcher

    CZ  452-2E ZKM .22 LR

    The rifle has now been sold.
  5. hopefulcatcher

    Webley Axsor .22

    The rifle has now been sold.
  6. hopefulcatcher

    .22 cz mag

    Hi, I have a metal 10 shot mag for CZ 452. £25 posted if interested.
  7. hopefulcatcher

    Skeet Vests for Sale

    Hi, A bit late but is the Larsen still for sale. Thanks, Steve
  8. hopefulcatcher

    Old cartridges

    Are you looking for live, fired or both paper cartridges.
  9. hopefulcatcher

    shot maker

    There is a shotmaker on EBAY item number 201070036299 Ends 15th April
  10. hopefulcatcher

    other methods of gun security

    If your landlord will not let you bolt the cabinet or securicord or gun clamp to the wall, would he let you secure it to the floor on its back. Good coach bolts to a wooden floor or expanding bolts through a concrete floor should suffice. Lift up a piece of carpet in a convenient place, out of sight and job done, and when you move, no holes in the wall to fill in.
  11. hopefulcatcher

    Berretta Optima choke

    Hi Silver Fox, Are the chokes still for sale. Thanks, Hopefulcatcher
  12. hopefulcatcher

    Chances of getting a shotgun certificate.

    You will either be granted or not granted a certificate. There are no restrictions, unlike a firearm certificate, placed on a shotgun certificate. There are only 4 standard conditions, sign it, keep the gun secure, notify if the gun gets lost or stolen, and notify a change of address. Like the others have said put your application in and wait for the interview with the FEO. He should have an honest discussion with you but he will not be able to tell you whether you will be successful, but from what you have said I would think you stand a better than average chance of it being granted. Good luck.
  13. hopefulcatcher

    SGC taking forever

    Most forces work around a 60 day time frame, that is from the time they receive your application to the time the certificate is sent to you. You do not say when your FEO visited you, but I would expect your certificate to arrive within about three weeks of his visit. If there had been any problems, this would have been discussed at the visit. Good luck.
  14. hopefulcatcher

    Nobel 60 powder reloading data

    Thanks for your help F C. One more thing please. Can I use the old Ely plaswads (Mk 3 and Mk 4) with this load? I aslo have a couple of tins of Surefire primers but not sure if they can be used in a modern case. Many years ago I used to use them in the old Ely Grand Prix case but not sure if they can be used in a modern case. Your advice would be much appreciated.
  15. hopefulcatcher

    Nobel 60 powder reloading data

    Thanks I will try the load suggested by F C