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  1. how about a air arms s 200 mk 3 with 10 shot conversion .mint condition.good side,whisper quiet.very accurate.light to handle.pistol grip stock.bad side ,no safety,
  2. goldy1980 is a scammer. end .hey zap take control
  3. col s10


    and so to bed
  4. col s10


    a bigger house in wales means you have an inside toilet
  5. col s10


    ah well whats next.and dont say gaystate
  6. col s10


    did you sell your s 10?
  7. col s10


    anyone out there
  8. we need to help this man
  9. an old guy the other day told me this.177 for feather.22 for fur.and i have to say he may be right.
  10. latin.my daughter was forced to do latin.does not mean i will be posting in it
  11. now matey dont try to be clever what evey that speak is it is not the norm here.so refrain from it thanks
  12. col s10

    PW Posh-o-meter

    ime big you are small ,i am right you are wrong.come back when ,mmmmsay in two years
  13. i agree i think the phrase is between a rock and a hard place
  14. ok thats fine,as the title says.maybe a poll thingy?
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