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  1. Birds of prey, if put down and their weight increased start the moult around the end of February. They don't finish the moult until the end of September,Never being more than one and a half flight feathers short on each wing at one time. I have picked hawks up at the start of October to re-train with a few feather left to come down. So the answer to your question at the end of July is I very much doubt it
  2. Breeding pr of Harris Hawks. I am selling my breeding pr of Harris Hawks as I need the space. F: flying weight is 2lb 7oz aviary weight is 3lb 4oz (9 years old) She is a very large impressive hawk the picture is of the F Hawk for sale. M: Flying weight is 1lb 7oz I do not know his aviary weight. (7 years old) £400.00 for the pr for quick sale as I want the space soon. PM if you are interested
  3. Two very well worked and handled Jill ferrets. (Mother and daughter 3 and 4 years old) 10 hemp nets carrying box and cage. £40.00 the lot collation only pm if you are interested Small village just south of Derby (DE65 6AP)
  4. Falconry telemetry systems (Make Jeross) in excellent working order Comes with carrying bag, very easy to use. . Suit Goshawk/Harris hawk. £85.00 with postage or £80.00 collected I can except Paypal PM me if you are interested. Happy for you to collect for demo
  5. English springer spaniel pups for sale One Dog pup and two bitch pups for sale. (Black & White) The pups are fully K.C registered and come with five weeks K.C. insurance. I have the paper work all in place and here for you to see, along with the five-generation pedigree. The pups have been legally docked (English Dock) and will come with a docking certificate A little about the Sire (Father) He is a black and white dog, very well put together with a kind nature. He has 29 FTCH in his five-generation pedigree and even if you do not intend to work your pup at least you know
  6. Liver and white bitch and two black and white dogs sold.
  7. I have for sale a litter of very well bred Black and white English Springer spaniel pups. 3 Dogs (Black and White) 4 Bitches (Black and White) 1 Bitch (Liver and white) They will be ready for their new homes on the Fri 10th August. The Sire is excellent worker with intelligence and drive. (Black and white) K.C. Reg (29 FTCH in his pedigree) The Dam (Black and white) has a grate deal of style when working and is a lovely natured bitch She is K.C. Reg (20 FTCH in her pedigree) If you google Action Hawks on facebook, or follow the link there are no end of pictures of the bitch working.
  8. A very different post from your first post my friend quote "while she is in the house the dogs go mental" I shall leave you with your problem
  9. I am not getting on my moral high horse, its called consideration for others. Sit back and think for a min, do you really think its OK for your three dogs QUOTE " Go Mental" for two hrs when your cleaner is there or the post man arrives. or a sparrow farts as it flys by. Put the shoe on the other foot, I think judging by your posts you would soon be knocking on the offending door.
  10. Yes I do, but your OP and your answer shows every one why you don't get on with you neighbors
  11. I have four dogs at the min, I some times have more, none are allowed to bark, I really don't understand why you permit your dogs to, as you say " go mental" at some one you allow in your home. I don't think the person is concerned over the welfare of your dogs or they would just call the R.S.P.C.A. or police I think she is saying this to bring your attention to the fact that the dogs are disturbing her/them as they would any one barking for two hrs that you know about, as well as the postman ect ..ect..ect Spend some time with the dogs when the cleaner is their and stop them barking,
  12. An ESS or Cocker as Kent has said will do the job very well for you, Dont get a Brittany spaniel for Gods sake, one or two I have seen have been OK, and I mean just OK, but the good ones are few and far be-tween. I have been out on many field meets with Brittany's and have yet to see one I would like to own, so you cant put it down just the training. ​You cant see them if they go on point in long cover,they range like an English pointer, they are normally undershot. I could go on listing their faults but don't have an hr spare to write them all down. I think you can take it I rea
  13. Its a very good idea to meet up with a friend for training, myself and hawk4sport meet up about once a week to do a little training. Its very good for the dogs to sit and watch a dog train, as well as some one else can see a way around a problem when you cant. Pity you are a bit to far off but hopefully some one will take you up on your offer. ATB
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