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  1. I’d happily buy them ! They are Plas wad
  2. I’ve had an msn email for at least 20 years worked perfectly until about 6 months they apparently changed a few things and I could no longer receive work emails not in junk or trash got a gmail account and they come through straight away !
  3. Have a look o YouTube at goshooting ! Russel mark from Australia tells you everything you need to know
  4. I have a box of super game 42 gram 6’s and a box of 5’s ! They kick a bit
  5. landyboy

    Winchester AA

    Wanted Winchester AA cartridges trap 100/200/300 silver thunder winner blue light etc. Will buy singles/boxes or whatever you have ! located East Yorkshire but do travel round a lot Merry Christmas all !
  6. Made some raspberry vodka at the weekend ! picked 4lb of bullaces last week and are in the freezer whilst I decide make to make with them !
  7. My mate collects the same, nothing but Winchester, must be enough out there for him to bother. I am nearly sure I still have full boxes of patriots somewhere.

    1. some great pics in this thread ! I collect plastic Winchester AA cartridges if anyone has any for sale please message me ! im also looking for some gamebore patriots. will buy single ones if I don't have them or will buy 250 500 or 100 AA trap 100 200 300 silver thunder blue light etc
    2. Eley VIP’s are Very good also victory white rabbits but there a 35 gram 5 but love em
    3. And now Australia ! Only a £20 part hmmmmm well I'm not complaining
    4. landyboy


      To be fair Barcelona are among the top five sides in the world ! Celtic about the top 250 so hey didn't do too bad really !
    5. Over the last two weeks I have sold landrover parts to Finland Germany Portugal USA New Zealand and Japan ! Usually sell around 3 parts a month abroad ! Seems to be new trend ?
    6. landyboy

      ****** Mice

      Peanuts on a trap or get a cat or 3 !
    7. Hi it's a stoke blocked driveway not crumbly like limestone a lot harder if that makes sense, the power washer (jet) karcher one from b and q largeish one, had just removed a very thin top layer, don't want to use acid as for reasons above.
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