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  1. Bought a bull pup stock for AAs410 nice and small easy fits in my backpack
  2. yates74

    Hw110 filling

    must Be ptfe tape then !
  3. yates74

    Hw110 filling

    Fully open and it filled straight up to 200 bar
  4. yates74

    Hw110 filling

    Unlike my other pcp the hw110 has to be cocked so thanks for the info also bit of ptfe was used . Glad I didn’t go to gun shop with that one ! Big thanks to all that have helped 😉
  5. yates74

    Hw110 filling

    Thanks another thing to try !
  6. yates74

    Hw110 filling

    Thanks all ! Going to try some ptfe tape ! I’ve ordered new o rings and lube as well if that fail it’s a trip to the gun shop . No rush I suppose because or mr packham !
  7. yates74

    Hw110 filling

    Many thanks! Between fill probe and cylinder tried two different probe same result my location south lincs Stamford
  8. yates74

    Hw110 filling

    Plenty in the bottle it leaks from the quick fill area as does the fx pump
  9. yates74

    Hw110 filling

    Looking for some help just bought a s/h hw110 but been unable to fill from bottle or pump .Have tried two different fill probes the cylinder is sitting at 110 bar anyone got a clue !
  10. any one had any dealings with nite site ?

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