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  1. @WGD That is one well trained, well behaved pup. How long have you been using the whistle on him ? And what would you say is the best way to train to whistle ? I have an 8 month Vizsla and have been trying a whistle for about 2 weeks now but it didnt seem to be working, plus I'm not sure what to do !? Cheers
  2. Hi All Does anyone know where I can the Starfire cd with instructions ? I've got an 8 month old Vizsla pup and want to introduce him to gun fire and thought I'd try with the cd first as he's a bit scared of loud bangs :-/ I've done a google search etc but can't find it ( doesn't help as I'm not 100% sure what I'm looking for !) Cheers
  3. Hi All Does anyone know where I can the Starfire cd with instructions, I've tried the link on this post and it doesn't work ? Cheers
  4. Hotterdog and Equafleece are made by the same people, ones just cheaper (cheaper quality) than the other. I use a Muddypaws coat and will get him a SwedishDesign coat when he's fully grown.
  5. Thanks Dave. He's still like a little puppy most of the times, it's going to be hard work but worth it in the long run, I hope
  6. Thanks. He dosnt seem to stop growing and is always eating ! Not used to a gun yet, that's next on the list
  7. Hi All I've got a 7 month old Male Vizsla and have just started to whistle train him (not 100% sure what I'm doing) for the last week and training him with a dummy. My dad mainly shoots pigeons on a farm and want to use him to retrieve them and wondered what scent I can use on the dummy, if any ? Thanks
  8. Hi All, Does anyone know if you can get a CZ 452 Silhouette .22LR in a L/H stock, Ive been looking on the net but can only find it in a .17HMR ? Also. Is it worth changing to one from my Ruger 77/22 ? Thanks
  9. Hi All, Havent been on here for a while but have just got another gun, Rugger 77/22 and am after a scope for it. As ive been out of the shooting scene for a while, im not sure whats out there and whats good, any help/advise would be good Thanks
  10. Hi All. I currently own a 77/22 used for target and vermin control and am thinking of swapping it for a 10/22, poss a Synthetic Stainless or Beach fitted with Midway match brl . Whats your views or should i stick with the 77/22 ? Thanks
  11. Where, i can only see a dog...................................... :look:
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