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  1. Thanks for the write up, made me smile. What a great day
  2. I suppose this just emphasises the fact you take them as you find them. I have 3000 thousand rounds through my SX3 and had 1 ejection problem in that time, which after investigation, was my fault. Keep it clean and feed it the correct size carts and, in my experience, she'll be grand.
  3. They are more or less identical. Sx4 has the in vogue upgrades, big controls (plus a cocking lever which regularly goes AWOL). It is cheaper too. SX3 is pricier, but solid and reliable. I'll level with you here, I have an SX3. I was excited about the sx4. But was disappointed. The sx4 isn't an improvement in my eyes. So I'll be sticking with the SX3.
  4. I agree, on the Uists it's much the same. Some very unsavory (to me) bags. This year has seen lower numbers of Greylags. Probably the lowest I can remember. Unfortunately they are public enemy number one here.
  5. Haha ? I must have a dirty mind lol
  6. As long as you are very light with the 0000 wool, and stop as soon as the rust is gone, then no. It'll be fine, I have done this on my SX3 manys a time.
  7. You are correct, but you are banking on the mob ( general public) being able to differentiate between you and this crazy codger. I don't have any faith that the mob would manage that, or want to in ban it Britain. Antis gun folk will be rubbing their hands. Mainly at the GPs ignorance and their ability to peddle lies to achieve their end game.
  8. Pretty much the same. If the plastic fouling is bad a the forcing cones I put the first section of rod and the phosphor bronze brush in a battery drill on low speed. Saves on elbow grease and generates just enough heat to get rid of that plastic streaking.
  9. I'd also add resist the urge to slather oil on the piston and mag tube etc. It'll burn/scorch carbon up the mag tube terribly and sand will stick to it
  10. Not a lot in Iceland, £14 for a 'pint' during happy hour! Early in the season I generally see good numbers of Greylag building, but as soon as the barnicles arrive the Greylag dissappear. The only ones to stay are the residents. Must move further south? Now I very got about 5-7000 geese at my back door I can't do anything about. Sad times.
  11. Cracking day. Same here re: duck. Helluva problem with ravens
  12. I love watching them, they are such playful creatures. If you have read Ring of Bright Water you will know that they can and will bite, but as already said I think they'd more likely slink off
  13. Only ever owned 2 guns, which I still have. I do like to look though, but never really had the urge to change. I might add a gun though if the price is right!
  14. That's what I was thinking. We get a few each year where I am. Or a Bean Goose? Very dark plumage.
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