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  1. How do you clean yours?

    Ha ha ha 😜
  2. Greylags up north

    I agree, on the Uists it's much the same. Some very unsavory (to me) bags. This year has seen lower numbers of Greylags. Probably the lowest I can remember. Unfortunately they are public enemy number one here.
  3. How do you clean yours?

    Haha 😂 I must have a dirty mind lol
  4. Rust removal

    As long as you are very light with the 0000 wool, and stop as soon as the rust is gone, then no. It'll be fine, I have done this on my SX3 manys a time.
  5. Another old codger

    You are correct, but you are banking on the mob ( general public) being able to differentiate between you and this crazy codger. I don't have any faith that the mob would manage that, or want to in ban it Britain. Antis gun folk will be rubbing their hands. Mainly at the GPs ignorance and their ability to peddle lies to achieve their end game.
  6. How do you clean yours?

    Pretty much the same. If the plastic fouling is bad a the forcing cones I put the first section of rod and the phosphor bronze brush in a battery drill on low speed. Saves on elbow grease and generates just enough heat to get rid of that plastic streaking.
  7. semi auto spring noise issue

    I'd also add resist the urge to slather oil on the piston and mag tube etc. It'll burn/scorch carbon up the mag tube terribly and sand will stick to it
  8. Greylags up north

    Not a lot in Iceland, £14 for a 'pint' during happy hour! Early in the season I generally see good numbers of Greylag building, but as soon as the barnicles arrive the Greylag dissappear. The only ones to stay are the residents. Must move further south? Now I very got about 5-7000 geese at my back door I can't do anything about. Sad times.
  9. An unusual for me, mixed bag

    Cracking day. Same here re: duck. Helluva problem with ravens
  10. OTTERS

    I love watching them, they are such playful creatures. If you have read Ring of Bright Water you will know that they can and will bite, but as already said I think they'd more likely slink off
  11. Changing shotguns ??.

    Only ever owned 2 guns, which I still have. I do like to look though, but never really had the urge to change. I might add a gun though if the price is right!

    That's what I was thinking. We get a few each year where I am. Or a Bean Goose? Very dark plumage.
  13. Benelli Super Black Eagle 3

    That sir, is the biggest question. I wonder if it is worth trading up to these premium models? Are they really worth 3 or 4 SXs or 2 Maxus's?
  14. rust while out on marsh

    Nice one
  15. rust while out on marsh

    Read up on that cerakote. They used gun grade stainless steel, left it in a sea salt environment.it showed signs of rust after about 24hrs. They then did mild steel, same environment but cerakoted. They gave up waiting after 2000hrs. Pricey but worth it