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  1. Thanks for the feedback gents. Any recommendations on a low protien dry food?
  2. I feed my dogs on nuggets, can't remember the make but buy from a local farm shop. Both cockers. Both mad. My bitch is hyper and eats her food slowly. My dog again hyper wolfes his food down like its his last meal. Whining with excitement when he knows I'm going for food (greedy B) trouble is he is quite thin. I've worm them both regularly and this isnt domething thats just started its been like this for some time. my questions are. 1, is there a food that will calm them ? That's if its food related as opposed to breed 2, should I switch them to a better quality food which may fill my dog out? I threw the bag away otherwise I could have listed its content to see if its more suited to dogs that are workers , mine aren't Any suggestions would be appreciated
  3. As titled used once boxed as new with receipt for £137 2 weeks ago. £120 or best offer. Pm replys only so I get notification
  4. No ill sort them out for you!
  5. Sorry Dean someone coming for them in the morning. If for some reason they don't go ill let you know! Should have text me ;-)
  6. Scope mounted lamp with filter, battery & charger £65
  7. By shakesphere has wet bag in also which is removable. Pocket on back also £20 posted
  8. As titled 430 ish ! All hornady 17 grn except for aprox 40 Winchester complete with plastic abs ammo holder £80 collected usual rules apply
  9. As titled. Smooth legged £65 posted 2nd class recorded.
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