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  1. Sounds like a perfect Sunday!
  2. I've been following the wsbk, at the moment bautista is looking strong on the Ducati, certainly giving Jonny rea a good run. Not done a track day yet, but itching to try one on my r1, just need my bottle to match my bike haha
  3. That is beautiful, a true work of art!
  4. I've got a stock on an old field target air rifle that's made of hyedua. Has a lovely look about it.
  5. I'd be interested in either of those, especially smalley, I can see there from my bedroom window! Never knew either existed
  6. Welcome to the forum, looking forward to hearing how things are done there
  7. It's the right side of Buxton but cocketts is closer. Worth a trip out though
  8. I bet cocketts ain't much more from Eastwood, 25 mins something like that. I've heard rumours of a little shoot at Stanley but I don't know anything about it
  9. Is that the one before the plough? I've not been in there, next time I'm over that way I'll give it a try. I didn't get to drive by the cricket club but speaking to a farmer friend of mine in the village and he tells me it stopped as the locals moaned about the noise!
  10. Which pub is that, white post? I used to like the plough a bit further down the road. Yup you guessed right, Derbyshire, inbetween heanor and Ripley
  11. Not too far to cocketts farm from there, or doveridge either. Welcome to the neighbourhood, even if you are the wrong side of the border!
  12. That might explain why I haven't heard them. I'll pop by in the morning and have a look. If not, cocketts farm and Notts shooting ground isn't farm, or there is a little shoot at brassington. Where abouts are you?
  13. Do you mean the one at lumb farm? I've not been for years but I used to hear them shooting from my house, can't say I've noticed recently though. I'll have a drive by tomorrow and have a look. Wouldn't mind going myself.
  14. I had a few paid days but in the end all I needed was a receipt to say I had a stalk booked and sent it in with my variation for. 243. My force (Derbyshire) don't need any more than that.
  15. I don't, but a mate of mine bought one at the shooting show yesterday, so looking forward to seeing what that's like
  16. A friend of mine has splashed out on a new pulsar trail to go on his tikka t3x. Before he can mount it, he needs a picatinney rail. What MOA rail will he need? 0 moa? Thanks all
  17. I've got the helion xq50f. I don't use a lot of the bells and whistles like the video recorder, picture in picture or the different colour palettes, but it's a fantastic bit of kit and don't regret buying it at all
  18. Back in my teenage years many moons ago I used to shoot field target, and a lot of folk had the wegu butt pads which could have various amounts of spacers fitted which were on rails and slid on top of each other. https://www.cheshiregunroom.com/wegu-adjustable-rifle-pad.html https://www.cheshiregunroom.com/wegu-lengthening-piece.html https://www.cheshiregunroom.com/wegu-target-rifle-spacers-left-or-right-hand-cast.html
  19. 3 today whilst having a mooch round Total 200
  20. Hi ozalid, that is a good idea, once I've read them (and no doubt a mate of mine too) I'll let you know and pass them on.
  21. Yes please, how would you like me to send you the money? Thanks
  22. Welcome to the forum. I know that part of the world well, my wife is from totnes, that does mean your lovely part of the world is spoiled by my mother in law haha
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