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  1. I can't recommend anywhere, but avoid bathstore. I had a suite from there and I'm disappointed with the quality
  2. I have 3 unlimited mobile router thing. I pay £17 per month for unlimited data and I can't fault it. I can run Netflix from it and browse the internet. Couldn't tell you what the speed are. Plus if I go away, I can take it with me.
  3. That and time bomb are stand out songs on "and out come the wolves"
  4. Wish I could play, have to say, rancid are one of the best bands I've seen live. Good luck with the sale
  5. Thanks mate, I'll take a look
  6. Sorry to hijack your thread, but does anyone know who does fix knocker boxes?
  7. I used them in my gamo compact pistol in my youth, not to clean the barrel but so I could shoot little targets in my bedroom 🙈😂
  8. The david Lissett box set is worth a watch
  9. Plus one for Joe Irving, I recommend "gundogs, their learning chain"
  10. I'm not sure to be honest. The one my mate has is. It's a great rifle
  11. I have a cz 455 in .22 and it's a solid rifle and I'm very happy with it. But another option is the tikka t1. A mate has one and I find it an excellent rifle
  12. labstaff

    Cheapish pcp

    Thanks for the heads up, I'll find it and message him. I never knew that. I always assumed they were made in the old titan factory in Birmingham
  13. labstaff

    Cheapish pcp

    Sorry, just seen this. It's still for sale. It's a multi shot FN12 with a moderator and Hawke 3-9 x 40 scope. If you message me your number, I'll send you some photos. Feel free to ask any questions. Cheers
  14. labstaff

    Cheapish pcp

    Good point 🙈😂
  15. labstaff

    Cheapish pcp

    I've whatsapped you mate. You might want to remove your number from here
  16. labstaff

    Cheapish pcp

    Hi, got a .22 falcon for sale with scope and bag. I can WhatsApp you some photos if you like
  17. They are nice. Can you make them any size? Could you PM me with details and I'll pass them on thanks 👍
  18. Thanks mate, I'll pass that on to him 👍
  19. Hi all, a friend of mine is looking for a galvanised kennel or kennels. Ideally located north Midlands/South Yorkshire area. Thanks
  20. Went to work saturday night on mine, came out Sunday morning to frost on the front tyre. That was a steady ride back! The cool air woke me up though!
  21. If you get up near derby, I could be interested in the hedge cutter thanks.
  22. Do you ever get up near derby? Interested in the hedge trimmer, but hard to justify travel to lichfield during this lockdown
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