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  1. I would like the 2125,s please if still available and you accept bank transfer.
  2. Yes please if bank transfer ok . 12.54
  3. Yes please if still available and a bank transfer is ok .
  4. S+B 8x56 . Near mint condition, I cannot find a single mark on it . Crystal clear, No box or paperwork I'm afraid. £300 , collection preferred . Gloucestershire Thanks
  5. Have one visiting my garden when he fancies a snack
  6. Would you consider selling separate without the IR phil ? Cheers
  7. Could I have 100 .308 please . PM me your bank details and I'll transfer the money . Thanks
  8. Would you be able to give me some approximate measurements please externally Thanks
  9. Yes please if still available Send me your account details and I'll send Money over with my address Thanks 😊
  10. You may find once you've produced the information requested I does not end their . A fair few forces will then ask for proof of any stalking experience with the variation calibre you have applied for (and not military) . At times they ask for DSC 1 or a letter off a mentor who can back up your CF use . All depends of issuing force of course :). Good luck
  11. It would fall under section 1 ammo and only usually be granted (if ever) in certain circumstances , wild boar farms etc
  12. Do you need a parallax function on your scope to get best results out of this ?? Thanks
  13. Are you sorted ?? I'm sure I have one here
  14. I have the seeland keeper trousers and jacket , they are both good for keeping me dry/warm and I think good value for Money
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