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  1. stevo

    Guidance required!

    Or you and all your land owners be on the same square 🤫
  2. stevo

    Clays to game

    The bit that most people can’t get there head around is the fact a clay target from the moment it leaves the trap is slowing down , pigeons are normally at a constant speed , until you fire then there speeding up .
  3. stevo

    Clays to game

    Haha your not wrong there mucker 😂
  4. stevo

    Clays to game

    Not at £60 for 24 targets it’s NOT thats if you go comp. and you be waiting around most of the day. Oh and there only 3 places that do it ! Apart from that it’s great 😂
  5. stevo

    where to get a used apple laptop?

    I love my apple stuff too , my Mac book pro 2017 I7 processor 16 G ram and SSD drive Retina display ect .. is awesome with my Autocad software. 👍👍
  6. stevo

    Skeet vest

    In that case your just gonna have to scan the shops where you can try on . To be honest your not gonna get one much cheaper then the £60 one you saw . Failing buy a cartridge pouch , http://www.sportingkit.co.uk/wa/1/63/7725-Beretta-Uniform-Pro-Black-Cartridge-Pouch.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxdfKxp2f3AIVb7vtCh3q2wAGEAQYAiABEgKSLPD_BwE
  7. stevo

    Skeet vest

    £60 for a branded name vest is a bargain 👍buy it .
  8. stevo

    Beretta 693 Field

    Good to know 👍 stand by my comments though , I thought it was a very smart looking bit of kit , and felt nice in the shoulder , and a familiar overall feel .
  9. stevo

    Killing Two Birds With One Stone

    MM theres nowt wrong with that pattern mate , a nice bag there has proved that , from the situation you had in that photo , I would have done something pretty similar 👍
  10. stevo

    Knife carry while shooting

    I have a mate that does mine every now and then because I’m out and out rubbish at that sort of thing. I just keep the edge topped up with a little gerber hand held jobby 👍
  11. stevo

    Knife carry while shooting

    I have and use the same knife , it’s been my hunting and work knife for the past five years . Love it .
  12. I couldn’t agree more. There are ONLY ever two out comes when you pull that trigger ...... hit or mis . nowt else matters .
  13. In all my old days game shooting , I learnt more about shooting Tall birds from old foulers than any game shooter could ever teach me . These old boys have a skill set most of us can only dream about . And my advice to any aspiring game shooter is find yourself an old or experienced wild fouler . These lads will tell you everything you will ever need to know about tall birds , what a game shooter call tall , they call a normal day . You have to remember these boys are there to get results, there upto their waist in cold mud and water for hrs on end sometimes, they also eat what there shooting ( most of the time ) so there not interested in missing . And the ones I have had the privilege of annoying for a few hours have little time for excuses, ifs or buts !
  14. Jdog, it’s pure fishing mate , there is always some will take the bait . ( there was a smiley face ) Me and you need a day out at some point and you see for yourself . To be fare though I’m stil waiting to meet a top game shot in real life . I’ve read all the legends . And shot with and against a few of them and there not much to write home about . Its the old wildflowers that will teach us mortals a thing or to let me tell you .
  15. Game shooters hahahaha , every year same old **** . 98% of you couldn’t hit a barn door if you were stood in front of it ! I love to hear the story’s about how you had a fantastic day , 12 guns finished off with 86 for 798 shots . ... 😂👍👍👍👍🤔