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  1. Air Rifle Law?

  2. Try here https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/enfield-lee/bolt-action/410-gauge/180109205736019
  3. 187yd rabbit

    Dougy, another worry I have, for the want of a better word is , putting videos like this up on the tinternet may well just encourage idiots who absolutely do not have the tools let alone skill set to pull a shot a 1/3 of the distance. That has got the potential to go horribly wrong . i agree with most of the stuff posted , we as shooters are on very thin ice it would seem . I don’t think should hide away , But i feel we should be keeping our heads down in some areas . Just a thought . Anyway I will leave it there as I just got another warning ⚠️ and would appear that I’m on thin ice too . So it looks like I will have to be keeping my head down too ......... 🙀
  4. 187yd rabbit

    And I never would on live quarry. , you can’t even call it effective pest control , well not with a straight face anyway . It’s just wannabe redneck shooting imo .
  5. 187yd rabbit

    Certainly have , but not on live quarry
  6. 187yd rabbit

    So how does he know what the wind is doing 800 yards away ?
  7. 187yd rabbit

    The problem with all these videos of someone taking these “one shot , one kill “ videos is you ONLY ever see the shot that us mere mortals can but only dream of , you never see the misses , you never see the crow with its wing blown off, you never see the bunny with its back end in bits . To sit there and honestly believe these people can pull off one shot clean kill at these quoted ranges is total and utter ********. If you genuinely believe in what there doing you need to have a word with yourselfs 4FS use a paper target , or a gong .
  8. Kent clay grounds

    Have a look here matey . https://www.cpsa.co.uk/clubs/search?countyid=67&resultsorder=ascending
  9. First CPSA Competition

    Your scores are registered with the CPSA buy the ground , ( you will have NOTHING to do with this process) you just shoot , if you think your in with a chance of winning your class, or HG then stay , if not just leave and go next weekend to collect your winnings , once you have logged 300 registered targets you will then get a classification. What are you shooting ?
  10. Naaaah , we just laugh at the thought of you lot spending your pensions on your 2 boxes of 35 gram plus loads of buckshot .........haliarous 😭
  11. Muller choke issue

    Boom .......... 🎤 drop
  12. Poor Taste Winter Para Olympics Commentary

    Sticks and stones ..........
  13. Thinking selling up

    Option two would still depend on amount of land , the lay of the land , and of course your reasons for wanting one . The same rules apply and still need to satisfy good reason for EVERY application.
  14. Sx4 or maxus

    Out of the two , I would go with the browning ( can’t believe I said that 😂 ) i have had a play with both and just my opinion. winchester , very light and very skinny , was like shouldering a broom handle , very short in the stock . Worked ok . browning , felt like a proper bit of kit to be honest, good weight and well balanced , very smooth cycleing, , did have a premium feel to it , i have heard reports the forends come loose , but what truth is in that I don’t know 🤔 ALL the ones I have see have been fine .