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  1. stevo

    Own Up , Did You Watch It ( Or Some Of It ) ?

    nope. I’ve been Skeet shooting most of the day. Propper good fun. And a good laugh with some good mates 👍
  2. Drape a blanket over it and stick a couple of coats over the top and say nothing , IF someone says what’s in there , just say it’s where you keep your Gucci fishing rods and gear , and leave it at that .
  3. stevo

    Benelli M2 Comfortech 12 gauge

    Shame it’s not a gas gun 😕
  4. Good point well put ......... only a knob knowingly throws his hard earned cash down the drain 🤔
  5. stevo

    Royal wedding why should tax payers fund it

    Nah I doubt it , we’ve had a Greek in the palace for years , yet I’ve never seen a kebab van parked outside 😂
  6. stevo


  7. And you believe that ALL of that alleged 150 K actually know what is going with there shooting org?? I would bet less than 5% know what’s going on let alone give a toss . For 95% of folk BASC is just insurance for there game shooting , rough shooting, caravan or whatever. What was your main reason for joining ? Whatever it was , I doubt the future of shooting was you main reason . I have lots of friends in the shooting world and I come across a fare few more and nearly all of them either don’t know or don’t care about what’s going on . When I go to clay grounds some of the stuff I hear is so outdated and removed from the truth about our laws and state of things in general with in the shooting world is frightening.
  8. stevo

    Eley Titanium Strike

    There’s always someone who’s got to cheat . 😂 next your be telling me you’ve had your gun un- fitted . Haha blooming hell , I thought I had all my bases covered until now 😂
  9. As far as I’m aware there never was a so called agreement. Yes there was dissussions about what. Why and how but no one ever really agreed on anything. This is why it’s been under the spot light for years. The police , GP’s BMA are still arguing over it now. Does that sound like it’s sorted ? BASC on the other hand was very quick to put a rubber stamp saying “ SORTED “ right over the issue. Followed by a few pats on each other’s backs.
  10. What do you want us Lincolnshire shooters to say ?? the problem is still there , the situation hasn’t changed . The world is now waiting for BASC to step up and take the floor .............. distant sound of that pin dropping again . I have said more than enough on this whole drawn out and to be totally honest tiresome subject. However there is one thing I am looking forward to, and that’s the example and the advice good people like yourself will be offering us simple folk ( along with BASC of course ) on how to deal with this problem when your county does the same. I personally know two people who Have had there applications sent back after nearly 5 months of waiting due to GP problems and new paperwork needed to be compleated . ( I’m not discussing there medical situation on an open forum. But I will say it’s NOT a problem there end ) regarding linccolnshire police . What else do you want them to say ? thay have been banging on about it for the last two years , they made a statement on country file , they even had a 5 min slot on evening news explaining what there going to do and there reasons for it . What else do you want ? lincs police are sticking to there word . Maybe time for others to do the same .
  11. stevo

    Royal wedding why should tax payers fund it

    Yawn .... you only have to take a look at cost of NHS negligence claims over the past decade ( 1.6 billion ) , think your find a poxy wedding and the revenue it will return is MUCH better value for OUR buck https://www.ft.com/content/9a7c010a-9307-11e7-a9e6-11d2f0ebb7f0
  12. stevo

    Eley Titanium Strike

    You bunch of pheasants I’m going to order 100000 and become world champion. And stand at the top of my ivory tower and just laugh at you pathetic mortals as I place my rose tinted glasses on and laugh 🤭 🖕🖕 Your all be soon wishing you had bought into the hype......... suckers