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  1. Well done Kyle , great vid ,keep em coming. atb brian
  2. For sale Pard N-007 NV addon as new in the box supplied -price £250-00 inc of P/ please pm me. atb brian sold sold sold sold
  3. For Sale--A Photon XT 4.6x42 NightVision Scope as new never been used in the field--price £250-00 inc of post, please pm/email me. atb brian
  4. and just aquired a Pard Nv007 addon so more nv toys!!! atb brian
  5. I have my Fac airranger.22 cal at 37 fpe with bis mag pellets and a fitted match grade barrel, it accurate out to 75yds consistantly unless of course its very windy, but i genraly do not shoot in very windy weather it was set at 60 fpe when i bought it ,so i got it reset to my required power level , 37 fpe meets all my requirements!!! atb brian
  6. NV is a game changer ,the only thing is it can become an obsession, i started off one of the first Nite -site-NS-200,s and used that for 3 yrs with great success ,I now own a NS-wolf, a NS-Viper a pard NV008 , a pulsar N750,and two nv addons built by two friends of mine, so i have a few NV goodies I use these on rimfires, fac air & sub 12fpe airguns. atb brian
  7. 7 years on my fun fac airgun is my wolverine .303 at 100fpe it uses 50.16 grain pellets, for most hunting i use my fac airranger.22cal at 38fpe with bis mag pellets its hard hitting and accurate good out to 70 yds . atb brian
  8. i currently own and shoot a hw95 in .20 cal and in pcp i have a daystate huntsman in .20 i use H&N FTT pellets in both airguns both very accurate and hard hitting, the .20 pcp is the most used of my sub12fpe airguns for hunting. atb brian
  9. i use both the NS- Wolf & the NS- -viper , both work great easy to set up and i use the NS-wolf on my .22lr & hmr.17 to shoot rabbits out to 150 yds identifercation range is 300 yds, and the NS- Viper i use on my sub 12fpe airguns i have killed 100,s of rabbits, rats, using the Nite Site NV its very reliable . i reccomend it 100% atb brian
  10. Hi Edd, I am after a photon 6.5 xt   your price please if you

    are selling it?

    atb brian

    1. For sale a ATN X-sight-Mk-1 -3x12x44 in full working order comes with an external battery & charger price- £250--- inc of postage please pm me. atb brian
    2. I use a daystate airranger.22 fac @37 fpe with bisley magnum pellets a deadly combo I also use a daystate wolverine .303 at 100fpe my cannon!!!!1 for ambushing /hide shooting I use a kalbrigun cricket.22 at 28fpe allround use the.22 at fac is used the most by me, atb brian
    3. For sale is my ATN X-sight 3x12x44 mk-1 NV scopewith external battery & charger price £320-00 posted. atb brian
    4. Hi Bumpy ,whats your view on the atn X-sight 4k ,

      is it an improvement on the earlier x-sight, i am possibly interested

      in getting one,

      atb brian

      1. bumpy22


        very good. had quite a few foxes but still getting used to it

    5. Great shooting Si, then I have watched your vids over a number of years and know of your abilities, keep up the great work much appreciated by us all!!!! atb Brian
    6. Has this tankbag been sold ? atb brian
    7. grey squirrels definitely do not like my fac wolverine .303 at 100fpe with 50.15 grain pellets it just destroys them!!!! atb brian ps my normal fac gun is my airranger .22 at 37fpe with bis mag pellets also a good tree rat killer!!!
    8. i agree with you Stu , i often take my fac airranger out when i could use my .22lr rimfires because the fac air is more fun to use and is deadly because the airranger is fitted with a match grade barrel. atb brian
    9. happyshooter

      Hw 35

      i will have this please i will pay for the postage. atb brian
    10. I don,t know what your shoots are like , but some of my shoots are quite big and open, but not suitable for rimfire use because of layout , i,e roads, footpaths , this is where i use my fac airguns ,a airranger .22cal @37fpe for ambush shooting a kalbrigun cricket bullpup .22 cal @27 fpe, Sub 12fpe pcp,s are more than capable of taking out squirrels ,i am thinking of getting the new Kral NP02 airgun in .177 cal as my squirrel gun its a bargain at around £350-00 . atb brian
    11. No problems Mike i am working days all weekend off monday so if you pm me your full name, bank name sort & account numbers i will pay into your bank i prefer bank transfers anyway Mike i use them for all my deals. atb brian
    12. Hi Hawkeye ,if still available i will have 1- A season with the Warrener vols-1&2 2-The foxes worst night mare 3-Modern foxing with the warrener atb brian
    13. Wanted a hw 35 Barrel in.22 cal please pm me atb brian
    14. Yes David ,Ashley/splatty is where my scope is coming from at £343-99p I should have it very soon the first ten orders get it at the above price . atb brian
    15. Hello, Mr Miller long time no speak, i hope you are well, I have ordered the WG760 nv addon for nearly half the price of clives product, just out of interest to see what they are like atb brian
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