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  1. Hi , are the primos trigger sticks still for sale if so can you post. atb brian
  2. Hi Sidesy /Gary I f I remember correctly, I am Brian747 on the BBs,

    we vary rarely see you on the BBs these days ,are you ok

    and still chasing sheep like a real Welshman!!!!:lol:

    only joking, life has changed for me , a heart double bypass

    a year ago  but now fit again and back shooting sub 12fpe airguns only but having a great time

    atb brian

  3. poacher - Foreign  Office

  4. Mods please remove my advert I do not come on here to be insulted atb brian
  5. thanks for the insult Poacher, not every senior citizen owns a mobile or camera, I am known on here to one of the mods Steven B Wales , I am pretty sure he will vouch I am not dodgy or dishonest, I will add you to my ignore list
  6. Where my shoots are in Essex , my landowners leave the decisions about rabbit number management, to myself, which means I farm them, where numbers are large they are shot on a regular basis. but otherwise shot when needed. atb brian
  7. where I live its CM22 6RP WHICH IS TAKELEY IN HERTS THANK YOU!!!
  8. I live in Takeley Herts nr stanstead airport atb brian
  9. unfortunately I do not have a camera or mobile phone that takes pics, I am well known on here moderator Steven B Wales knows I deal straight and do not sell rubbish , first to say yes and pay via bank transfer gets it!!! atb brian
  10. Hi Guys having a clearout of NV for sale a NS-viper Dark Opps in great condition all in supplied case £200-00 posted, a great ratting combo please pm me atb brian
  11. Forsale A NIte -Site -NS_Viper surplus to my needs its all there in full working condition in the supplied case £180-00 +post please pm me atb brian NOW SOLD
  12. Wanted a Pard-007-12mm model, please pm me atb brian
  13. Hi Al, I will have these please. atb brian
  14. Wanted for a friend a Nite Site Eagle, please pm me. atb brian Please remove this ad mistakenly put in twice atb brian
  15. Wanted a Nite Site- Eagle please pm me what you have. atb brian
  16. Hi JBK .I am interested in your kind offer, I am very experienced in all types of shooting, and have done a great deal of NV shooting and currently own a nite site wolf & Ns-viper and 0ne or two nv addons, I live near to Gt Dunmow and have a few shoots in the surrounding area and am very reliable, I do the job in a humane & ethical manner. atb brian
  17. Hi JBK if the rat shooting offer is still open ,I live nr Gt Dunmow  Essex

    and would be happy to help , very experienced and reliable with good Night Vision gear
    and how to use it properly.

    atb brian

  18. Hi BN , I will have the 007 please

    atb brian

  19. Hi Big Napper , 1 will have this please atb brian
  20. Wanted MTC mamba/ mamba-lite3x12x44 scope, please pm me, atb brian
  21. happyshooter


    I use the cheap chocolate spread from the local supermarket spread it on pieces of wood, /brick with a knife, rats have to lick it off which then gives you a good target, it helps if you do this for a few days for the rats to get used to this new tasty food and that it appears a safe feeding area. rat shooting is great fun I use night vision because rats are nocturnal / night feeders, good luck!!!! atb brian ps I am originaly from Suffolk----Stowmarket
  22. Hi Baz, I do not do paypal but prefer a bank transfer

    so if that's ok, please  pm me your full name . bank name.

    account & sort codes and I will pay £29-00 into into your account thursday

    atb brian

  23. If you will post, I will have this please atb brian
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