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  1. Just what I need for all those pesky tanks on my permission
  2. I started paying £40 a week when I was 16 which included most things except mobile/internet. Then when I was 18 it was £60 a week for board, plus a share of the bills and all my own food etc. Moved out as soon as I was 20, thankfully knowing that it costs a fortune to live! Just wish my parents had saved some of the money for me!
  3. Looking good! Is it just Wednesdays you go out there? If so your dogs are safe, for now anyway!
  4. Great vid, hopefully I'll be able to try this after I next go out
  5. Greetings from sunny Okehampton (well it is at the moment) Don't really know what to say, I'm hoping to find a few local people to shoot with, I must admit it has been a few years since I've been out with the gun - but hopefully this will change!
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