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  1. Go and shoot at Alan's shoots - Hitclays- he'll look after you and help with your shooting. Oh and the banter is awesome :-)
  2. Scully, I couldn't agree more - at last some sense, thank you.
  3. Where have the pictures of the damage gone?
  4. I bought the HW75 a few months ago and have to say that although it was expensive it's worth every penny and highly accurate - she's a keeper :-)
  5. If I'm in the UK, I WILL be there mate :-)
  6. Completely free (unless you over run your broadband allowance), I use it all the time whilst working in the UAE to keep in touch with family and friends :-)
  7. Hey Will, Excellent shooting mate, sorry we didn't meet up, I didn't even get to the event as I was convalescing after my stay in hospital. If you're out here again next year I'll come and watch you win!!! Kind rgds, Rick
  8. Won't be making this one Al, any ideas when the next one'll be? Cheers
  9. Hey Will, That's goos news that you're here safely :-) I'm actually in hospital at the moment but hoping to be discharged tomorrow - let me know if I can be of assistance to you and anyone else :-) Take care, Rick
  10. Hey Will, I've been living and working out here for the last two and a bit years - if you need any assistance during your stay mate then I'll be happy to help out. PM me for contact details if you wish ;-) Kind rgds, Rick
  11. The last job that Phil did for me was to shorten the stock on my Browning Ultra XS Prestige with adjustable comb - the job he did on it bearing in mind the additional work involved (adjustable comb) was not only done for a very good price but I could not tell the difference between the before and after shortening as far we the finish goes - I'm extremely happy with the work that he does as well as the way he treats his customers, a true gent IMHO. I'm working away in the UAE at the moment but if I was at home I'd post up some pics of the work he's done so that you can judge for yourself :-)
  12. I don't agree, Phil Webster has done some awesome work on the wood of my guns in the past, great guy and very reasonable on his prices - well worth giving him a visit in my opinion
  13. What if your in a very undulating rural area and the police officer can't make radio / mobile phone contact with his base / station?He has no alternative but to take your gun/s. It really is simple ladies and gents ...
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