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  1. Plenty snipe today and a seen one woodcock, need that sw wind tae bring them in! ,they will be here soon though on the next moon ,keep on with the reports lads
  2. well done looks like a great day i also like the look of the really light coloured pheasant on the bottom row unusual
  3. No chance, that's all well and good if its a good light breeze and decoying well but even the best of pigeon shooters our there would struggle with that ratio if it is down to the weather conditions !, an average ratio is 2 shots to one so if you fire 225 carts that's around 117/118 that's being more realistic don't you think
  4. keep the reports up as its a good indication for everyone concerned
  5. good stuff,i had the gun on one this sat and it just dipped outa sight ahhh well thats shooting
  6. Seen two on the shoot on sat ,would have expected to see more as there was a full moon not that long ago ?, any of you guys seen any at the weekend
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