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  1. Hi, not 100% yes but highly likely it will be Fantastic gesture from the keeper as we’ve been invited on a shoot tomorrow where we can meet them and see them “in action”, just waiting for final confirmation. Fingers crossed. Am guessing as soon as we see them, it’ll be a resounding yes! Appreciate all the responses, to answer a few points raised; I believe they have strong bloodlines with the elder being registered, so hopefully they’ve got it in them to do some picking up. I’m not after a FT champ or anything, just be nice for in the hide and the odd days beating/picking up. I don’t believe they have done any picking up before as he had another dog for that but don’t see it as a deal breaker, hopefully we should be alright, will be fun training, may just try with the younger one. Doesn’t sound like house training will be a problem with time and patience, same as picking up I guess. From what I’ve heard they are very nicely trained so hopefully stand us in good stead. Just need to hope they learn to see us/me as their new master as much as their current one. Mixture of nerves and excitement tonight, gradually turning more and more to excitement!
  2. I bought one of these after seeing your initial post, and am equally impressed for the price. Only complaint I have is it seems sensitive to low batteries where the infa red stops working at night. New batteries, it’s fine, but once the display shows 1/2 battery life it starts playing up, daytime filming remains ok though. Still lasts a good week or two before this happens. So good depending on how much you use it. If you’re struggling with the sd card, you can always use the cable which came with the camera and plug straight into the computer without removing the card. Does mean you have to take the camera(s) to the computer but might be easier than fiddling with them tiny cards
  3. We have the opportunity to re-home two springers, a mother and daughter aged about 7.5 and 2.5. They are a gamekeepers dogs and are well trained already as flushing dogs. Weve always said we’d like to get a dog one day, and now these have come up we need to decide if they’re right for us. Always thought we’d have a Labrador (though not set in stone) and just the one, so two springers is a bit of a curve ball to consider shall we say! Do like the thought of it though Two main things to consider at the moment are they are not house trained (they’d still be kept outside but would like them house trained) nor have either done any picking up, which is what I’d primarlily want in a gundog. What are people’s thoughts with house training and re-training for picking up given their ages and existing training? From what I’ve read house training both should be ok, as ever with patience? Could both be taught to pick up too, given they’re flushing dogs currently? I’m thinking yes but welcome thoughts and opinions from those more experienced, just want to make sure we’re as informed as we can be. Thanks
  4. 400_racer

    New mortgage

    Thanks for the input guys, will go meet a few and continue to read up
  5. 400_racer

    New mortgage

    How do people recommend selecting a financial adviser to ensure (as far as is possible) you end up with a 'goodun'? Obviously you can ask around friends/family, but just wondered if there are other things that can be checked or looked into before picking someone.
  6. Just to bump this thread and remind people that this concultation closes tonight at 11.45 and to get your responses in to Offensive.Weapons.Consultation@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk Details here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/offensive-and-dangerous-weapons-new-legislation You may not own one of the affected rifles but if allowed to pass, it could be one of your firearms they come for next, not forgetting the knife proposals too
  7. A bluray player doesn't have to be expensive either if you go for a basic player, I paid 40 quid for my Samsung one last year from pcworld which I thought was fair. This didn't include a hdmi lead, which you will need.
  8. What was the accepted reference point for measuring velocities back in those days if not at the muzzle, out of interest?
  9. I may have misunderstood, but i thought the benefit of this is that it 'masks' poor mounting? i.e. it doesnt matter if you dont keep your head properly on the stock as long as you can see the dot If that is the case, i cant see it helping develop good gun mount ,as the purpose of it is that proper gun mount is no longer needed. Maybe someone who has one can put me right if ive misunderstood
  10. I believe the reason these trucks will have drivers is because the systems are still in development, so the driver is required to steer and take over the pedal when needed. Their ultimate goal is for only the lead truck to have a driver, all the others play follow the leader autonomously, giving benefits in fuel economy (reducing drag as trucks can be closer together) and increase safety (majority of accidents are human error). The guy who ran the original tests in the US said on the radio this morning that if another car needs to split the lorries (to get to the hard should, exit etc), the lorry behind recognises this and increases the gap to the lorry in front to allow for the car in the middle. I dont know what range the wifi communications between trucks allows, but it doesnt sound like they have to stay together to work
  11. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows of a game dealer in the Leamington/Warwick or wider Warwickshire area? In trying to find a home for shot pigeon I've tried several local butchers and restaurants, but all have said no for one of two reasons. Either they're a chain and have to use designated suppliers, or that it is too messy and time consuming to deal with birds in the feather. I can only eat so many myself or give so many away, and would rather any surplus go to a good home. If anyone has any contacts or game dealers in the area i'd welcome any leads. In the meantime i'll keep trying to find other outlets Thanks!
  12. Scilla bifolia perhaps?
  13. Interesting interview on Radio 4 this morning with Stephan Mayer, an MP in Angela Merkel's government where he almost said exactly this. Stating Germany export over 500,000 cars a year to the UK, and it would be silly of them to jeopardise this by punishing the UK in Brexit terms/agreements. He also wouldnt be drawn on any exit fees due, saying calculating any fee would only be possible once negations had started. Pretty much the exact opposite to what Junker wants i.e. fee upfront then start negations. Heres the iplayer link, was on at 08.10: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08fgd4b
  14. You can't really level that at JLR though, I've worked for them at Gaydon since 2008 when it really was close to demise, right now it's never been stronger selling more cars than we ever have (biggest auto manufacturer in the UK in 2016) and the brands are central to that growth
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