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  1. 400_racer

    New mortgage

    Thanks for the input guys, will go meet a few and continue to read up
  2. 400_racer

    New mortgage

    How do people recommend selecting a financial adviser to ensure (as far as is possible) you end up with a 'goodun'? Obviously you can ask around friends/family, but just wondered if there are other things that can be checked or looked into before picking someone.
  3. Just to bump this thread and remind people that this concultation closes tonight at 11.45 and to get your responses in to Offensive.Weapons.Consultation@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk Details here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/offensive-and-dangerous-weapons-new-legislation You may not own one of the affected rifles but if allowed to pass, it could be one of your firearms they come for next, not forgetting the knife proposals too
  4. 400_racer

    Smart T.V.

    A bluray player doesn't have to be expensive either if you go for a basic player, I paid 40 quid for my Samsung one last year from pcworld which I thought was fair. This didn't include a hdmi lead, which you will need.
  5. 400_racer

    Rottweil 36grams no. 6

    What was the accepted reference point for measuring velocities back in those days if not at the muzzle, out of interest?
  6. 400_racer

    Right I Went and Bought one for curiosity

    I may have misunderstood, but i thought the benefit of this is that it 'masks' poor mounting? i.e. it doesnt matter if you dont keep your head properly on the stock as long as you can see the dot If that is the case, i cant see it helping develop good gun mount ,as the purpose of it is that proper gun mount is no longer needed. Maybe someone who has one can put me right if ive misunderstood
  7. 400_racer

    Driverless lorries.

    I believe the reason these trucks will have drivers is because the systems are still in development, so the driver is required to steer and take over the pedal when needed. Their ultimate goal is for only the lead truck to have a driver, all the others play follow the leader autonomously, giving benefits in fuel economy (reducing drag as trucks can be closer together) and increase safety (majority of accidents are human error). The guy who ran the original tests in the US said on the radio this morning that if another car needs to split the lorries (to get to the hard should, exit etc), the lorry behind recognises this and increases the gap to the lorry in front to allow for the car in the middle. I dont know what range the wifi communications between trucks allows, but it doesnt sound like they have to stay together to work
  8. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows of a game dealer in the Leamington/Warwick or wider Warwickshire area? In trying to find a home for shot pigeon I've tried several local butchers and restaurants, but all have said no for one of two reasons. Either they're a chain and have to use designated suppliers, or that it is too messy and time consuming to deal with birds in the feather. I can only eat so many myself or give so many away, and would rather any surplus go to a good home. If anyone has any contacts or game dealers in the area i'd welcome any leads. In the meantime i'll keep trying to find other outlets Thanks!
  9. 400_racer

    Woodland plant I.D.

    Scilla bifolia perhaps?
  10. 400_racer

    1st rat to jump from the sinking ship ?

    Interesting interview on Radio 4 this morning with Stephan Mayer, an MP in Angela Merkel's government where he almost said exactly this. Stating Germany export over 500,000 cars a year to the UK, and it would be silly of them to jeopardise this by punishing the UK in Brexit terms/agreements. He also wouldnt be drawn on any exit fees due, saying calculating any fee would only be possible once negations had started. Pretty much the exact opposite to what Junker wants i.e. fee upfront then start negations. Heres the iplayer link, was on at 08.10: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08fgd4b
  11. 400_racer

    pigeon magnet

    Agreed, and same here
  12. 400_racer

    This explains why Trump got so many votes

    You can't really level that at JLR though, I've worked for them at Gaydon since 2008 when it really was close to demise, right now it's never been stronger selling more cars than we ever have (biggest auto manufacturer in the UK in 2016) and the brands are central to that growth
  13. 400_racer


    It makes you sick doesnt it. Shop around and get the best price you can and ask them again, they matched it straight away in my case. My renewal with RAC this year was something like £150, but i can get introductory discount rate with AA through work, which came to £90 (same level of cover). Phoned RAC with this and low and behold they could do my renewal for £88. No questions asked either..
  14. 400_racer

    300tdi no oil pressure

    Can the journals be measured with the crank in situ or does it need removing? I think he went with standard sized shells Ah yes have read about this, the rear shell slides round or back and expose the oil way allowing free flow i think, however, everything i've read seemed to suggest it was a 200tdi problem not 300tdi? Not sure how the two engines differ in cam design but worth checking either way
  15. 400_racer

    300tdi no oil pressure

    Hi All, Hoping some of you knowledgable chaps might be able to help diagnose oil pressure issues on my poor brothers disco1 before he completely pulls all his hair out with it. He'd previously had problems with overheating and it boiling over, did several things but the last time it happened it did a good job and really cooked it, so decided to get a replacement engine. This new engine is now in and running but has no oil pressure once warm. A guage has been fitted which shows approx 25psi cold but soon drops as temps rise to show precisely 0psi at tickover, and registers a little higher when rev'd but still very low. This mirrors the oil light on the dash which comes on at tickover when warm but goes out when rev'd. So far he's checked/changed: - oil pickup is clear, and no cracks leaks in the pickup pipe and seal - oil is getting to the filter/filter housing and the turbo - turbo is new as the one from the old cooked engine was knackered - pressure release valve and spring replaced with new (old spring was about 20mm shorter than spec, though even the new one was a little short) - oil pump plates have been replaced with new and fitted to old engine cover and are now in spec (new engine cover and pump were well out of spec and showed signs of wear) - main and big end bearings replaced with new (shells on new engine were well worm) - oil cooler thermostat replaced with one from old engine (so not replaced with new but not sure if this system could affect pressures) Any other ideas on what we could try or where it could be loosing that much oil/pressure? Thinking maybe camshaft bearings? Does anyone know where the oil goes when it re-enters the engine via the filter housing? If the oil thermostat is stuck open and oil returns straight back to the sump then that could be contributary. Unfortunately the oil pathway diamgram shown in the manual doesnt include the cooler system We're probably missing something obvious (hopefully ) and you'll all be taking the pee if so just want him to get it fixed, but starting to think its just knackered Thanks in advance,