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  1. Or there is a small club in Blofield Heath, I'll pass on the details if your interested
  2. I brought both hunter balmorals and Aigles from Welly Warehouse to compare. Aigles, everytime. The hunters are very poorly made and poor quality. Whereas the aigles are still handmade and great quality. I wear my aigles in winter with thin socks and my feet are very warm!
  3. Will there be any rabbits Alan?
  4. I got mine done by Plugzz at the Norfolk Country and Game Fair http://www.plugzz.co.uk/
  5. Is the reindeer good? I've driven past a few times but just assumed it was just average and not worth a special visit, especially when fat cat is just down the road? :blink:
  6. Somehow my name isnt already down for this.... Alan please add me! Me too! Only used it once so far!
  7. Hi mate just had call from one of the guys you shot and won a trophy with at the norfolk flush.if your shooting this sunday can you bring it as he wants to see it

  8. Is anyone a member of Mid Norfolk? I understand members can shoot Thursday and Friday evenings?
  9. Saw this in the paper, might explain the heavy handed tactics.
  10. Charged for what? Thats good news shop will open again, a gun shop closer to me finally
  11. Im not sure but... ..surely the steel shot barely touches the barrel as all steel are plastic wad so the wad will hold the pellets in its case until the end of the barrel? So the only thing touching the barrel is the plastic wad, not the steel shot? Or is it something to do with higher pressures?
  12. Great turnout! Thanks to Alan for organising the day and to Terry for organising the charity fundraising. And.... I won a trophy :D ... kind of by default though
  13. Alan, I have a mate that would like to join us. Can he take one of the free spaces? He's shot before but doesnt have a gun (so will use mine)?
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