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  1. Got a Leupold 6x42 if any good? Came off my 223.
  2. Get it chucked in back of ya truck & we’ll have a shot!😂😂👍
  3. Yes if that’s what you want to do mate👍
  4. I’ll put measurements up later when I finish work!
  5. I’m selling a flambeau & a Plano hard cases £20.00 each collected from Doncaster.
  6. pstenson123


    Gone to varmintexpress pending collection, he was the first to pm me. Thanks
  7. pstenson123


    I am aware it is legal to post but I’m not running about posting!! There free for collection only...
  8. pstenson123


    These are pick up only, These are pick up only
  9. pstenson123


    I have 88x69grn Lapua hollow point bullet heads & 26x55grn fmj in 223 free to anyone who can pick up, I’m in Doncaster, THESE ARE PICK UP ONLY...
  10. Payment made andy, thanks?
  11. Can’t waitto finish the fox box on top of 12 ft container Dennis!!!?
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