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  1. Is it £95 for the two or each? Thanks
  2. I bought it second hand buddy, low shot count when I bought it & ive put no more than 60 rnds through it! It groups from touching to 5p size shooting 100grn Sierra game kings, home loads at 100 yds what a fellow P/w member made for his.ive not tried any lighter rounds in the gun..20” barrel & is the rifle only! Pics added on G/W.
  3. This is my gun & I am a P/W member, any questions please message me..
  4. Hi all I’m looking at purchasing a RCBS Chargemaster if anyone has one or the best place to buy new! Thanks , Paul..
  5. Got a Leupold 6x42 if any good? Came off my 223.
  6. Get it chucked in back of ya truck & we’ll have a shot!😂😂👍
  7. Yes if that’s what you want to do mate👍
  8. I’ll put measurements up later when I finish work!
  9. I’m selling a flambeau & a Plano hard cases £20.00 each collected from Doncaster.
  10. pstenson123


    Gone to varmintexpress pending collection, he was the first to pm me. Thanks
  11. pstenson123


    I am aware it is legal to post but I’m not running about posting!! There free for collection only...
  12. pstenson123


    These are pick up only, These are pick up only
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