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    i raced sidecars for seven years in the 80s and retired from it in 1990 after winning the brands hatch championship and se england championship for three years running still love watching all bike racing now spend most time working whan i get time off nothing better than shooting of fishing with my son steve

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  1. Get in there while you can 10k might sting now but in a few years that will all be a distant memory it will add money to your property and give you peace of mind although you say she doesn’t like the farmer and wouldn’t sell if anything awful happens to her over the next couple of years I don’t think her family would give a toss who buys it and you could miss out Offers like this don’t hang around long
  2. nearly 10 years for me 24/11/2011 in that time i have had many conversations and met a few members purchased all my guns from members on here and after 10 years still cant shoot strait 🤣🤣
  3. nobbyathome


    those were the days eh when we English could pillage and plunder the rest of the planet. we can’t even stop the scrotes from coming over the channel on rubber ducks now
  4. electric boilers will be the way to go as the government are committed to cut the carbon footprint and gas boilers will be stopped over time the problem at the moment is price electric are far more expensive compared to gas in a couple of years time with development and production they should compete very well with gas i have just replaced my boiler and i had the same dilema i opted for a gas valiant due to price /spares in the future /reliability
  5. put them on the sales section and give them away to members on here that want one i asked last year for a cheap air rifle for my grandson and was gifted one last year by hyflyer on the forum it has made my grandsons year to play plinking in the garden much better than destroying them if they do not work someone might want a project
  6. ha ha i wouldnt give it a go personally but it would be amusing to see the security guards faces if you didnt turn up on the 5th go another thing going around sainsburys at the moment is they are keeping the till girls/chappies /trans etc (dont want to be in trouble with the pc brigade ) all together as in not all tills open and to keep an eye on all of them although socially distant the end tills are not manned/ladied/ and in maidstone and sevenoaks a guy has walked in hit an end till with a screwdriver and lo and behold they have both opened and he has just helped himself to the cash he
  7. wife works for sainsburys the policy in her store is if security catches them all well and good if they are not on the door and a member of staff saw them pinch it report it and they save the camera footage and wait for him/her to do it again after the 5th time capture them and take to court with video evidence aparently if they do it on the second time they have a good chance of nothing happening at court but after 5 goes its habitual thieving so they always get a conviction whatever the excuse
  8. You will need to be hands on with a caterham as well if you can’t tinker don’t bother with one great fun but that’s it not a serious car just a good toy to have fun with
  9. No1 spend less time at work I just don’t stop and it had started to ruin home life No2 lose a bit of weight and get out with the dog more walking in the countryside. No3 get a lot more shooting in and get my own permission somewhere local
  10. I would be in heaven with al those antlers Christian gg certainly gets some quality photos
  11. as always gg fantastic pictures thanks for posting
  12. mallory park was a great track until they put the silly bus stop in it always close racing there and snetterton was good as well the back strait gave the bike time to really get a speed on i got dragged all the way up the start and finish strait once came round the bomb hole and turned left for the strait and the safty oil bottle had filled up and spewed over my platform i slid off the back and held on with one hand on the grip and as was dragged along all up the strait when we turned right i was thrown in the field i didnt dare let go as we were up the front and if i would have i would hav
  13. I believe don overull had a shop in datford and raced two and three wheels a bit before my time but sponsored a few solo riders that I used to watch
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