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    i raced sidecars for seven years in the 80s and retired from it in 1990 after winning the brands hatch championship and se england championship for three years running still love watching all bike racing now spend most time working whan i get time off nothing better than shooting of fishing with my son steve

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  1. Well ferritfan I quite like the idea although it goes on on other parts of the forum it might work on a separate platform ie guns for sale private /guns for sale trade /other sales / items for swap send zap a pm and sound your idea out
  2. my best job was as a butcher i was 15 just got thrown out of school my dad dragged me to the local job centre and the interview went like this mmmmm we have a job as a trainee butcher i said i have always wanted to do that lying through my teeth as i didnt want a clump off of my dad i turned up in a tiny family butchers in bromley and stayed 3 years i absolutely loved it it turned me from a ragamuffin to a decent young man the owner was really firm with me but i learned the trade the proper way my wage was £7 PER WEEK £6 73 after tax ha ha i stayed a butcher for 10 years but the money was no good i am now a controller in a central london courier company
  3. i like mine stacked 3 or 4 high in between the layers raspberrys banana and strawberrys topped with a dusting of icing sugar dripping with maple syrup and a few blueberrys chucked on top cant wait to get home tonight and pig out
  4. happy pancake day how do you have yours?
  5. she is a uk citizen and as i see it she could be allowed back into the uk but would face charges of bieng a member of a banned sect ie isis and would proberbly go to prison for a bit and her child going into care or her parents looking after it my opinion is she should not be allowed back in or her child she might have only been 15 when she left to join isis but she made her bed she should lay on it i cant see it tho we are to soft on these people
  6. I can see that he is a bit of a jack the lad flashy guy with a speedboat trying to show off to girls how rich/smart and good fun to be with . they both get a bit drunk use the boat and speed all the way up the Thames she takes over and flips the boat these things shouldn't happen but in our youth sometimes they do accidents are all made up of these factors He should have taken his punishment in court like 99% of us would have done if he had turned up he might not have been found guilty or he might have and got a lenient sentence but he chose to run As I see it he is a coward a lowlife scumbag that has not only contributed to a girls death he has put her family through hell maybe her family could accept her death if he turned up and said sorry it was an accident and genuinely meant it But he didn't for doing a runner and making the family suffer I hope he serves all his sentence and more
  7. there is nothing wrong with a boring lab i think you will find if you get one with character and spirit you will soon forget about getting another springer
  8. couldn’t stand the man I like thousands of people got scammed in the 80s in the lansarote beach club timeshare fraud and the crooks got him as a publicist for there cause and as always he took the money And did it I am glad he had a rough time in prison just wish I could have wrung his neck in there no rip from me
  9. as always pc a very good write up on your day thank you for keeping posting it does help people like me with limited experience to gain an insight on how to do it properly
  10. she has got the same hold on corbin that fat sarah has on you simon ha ha
  11. well done moor man i am glad you sent your post i havent had the chance to shoot deer but reading your days hard slog makes me want to have a go rob
  12. A trap is your best bet tt you can just stick it in the garden in a corner and when you have one they just stand still frozen and finish it off from above the cage job done
  13. i had the same problem team tractor to many people on my estate feeding the foxes i got a fox trap in my garden baited it and got 5 of them in 3 weeks i had purchased a moderated mossberg 410 from the forum and shot them from above the trap so the shot goes through their head and into the ground i had asked basc if it was legal and as long as the shot does not go outside your property and the neighbours do not complain about the noise its legal i shot them early in the morning so no one was even awake i did tell my neighbours on both sides and they told me they didnt hear anything so they must be heavy sleepers it is not sporting its more like an execution but it got the job done no more fox poo everywhere no more my dog throwing up and ill after digging up and eating what the fox had buried give it a try if you get a used trap on evil bay you can nearly always sell it for what you paid and if you get a 410 the same really either keep it for fun ofr sell it on .rob
  14. my mrs got sent a packet of incontinence pants when she turned 50 gotta say i nearly needed them i was wetting myself laughing keep getting the funeral plans saga over 50 insurance etc dont worry about it simon just pass it on to another old codger you know
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