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    i raced sidecars for seven years in the 80s and retired from it in 1990 after winning the brands hatch championship and se england championship for three years running still love watching all bike racing now spend most time working whan i get time off nothing better than shooting of fishing with my son steve

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  1. well I wish I had the spare money for it I love the new thruxtons the cranks and main componants are made in England shipped out to Thailand and the bikes are made a there in the triumph factories and shipped back to the uk they are a reliable great looking bike good luck with the sale well worth the money
  2. I have all respect for hamilton as a driver but he should stick to sport and not politics my respect for him as a spokesman is lower than a snakes belly good on the drivers that did not take a knee all lives matter black /white /indifferent
  3. not a good choice then ha ha https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1256334/Motor-racing-legend-Stirling-Moss-intensive-care-falling-storeys-lift-shaft.html
  4. Good quality shortbread for me Mmmmm lovely Cheaper ones do not have the buttery aftertaste
  5. Knapps first of all welcome to the pw forum secondly good luck in selling the rabbits . Don’t take it to heart if members dig out one of your posts we all have a view on what we do with the spoils of our sport either sell them or give them away the forum is full of kind people that will really help each other when times are hard or bad once you have been on here for a while and got to know some of the members you will fit right in
  6. +1 watched him sing on tv a few weeks ago bloody awful should keep to writing songs and keeping mouth shut
  7. nobbyathome

    Plant ID

    coronavirus plant
  8. nobbyathome

    Prince harry

    i think major hewitt might have something to say about the parenthood i used to like harry because he was a bit of a livewire but soon changed my mind when he became her bitch at least william acts like a royal i have all the time in the world for him
  9. Dog brick is an interactive puzzle game toy for puppies/ dogs used but in good condition £10 picked up from me in orpington Kent or my work in Holborn London or £14 posted
  10. can you send me a link for martin please tightchoke
  11. speaky not really my business but this advert although ok by the rules does not look good to anyone looking i do not know s f pro but whatever has happened between you two it has now become public so your advert looks dodgy and i would not touch it with a bargepole however you could be legit and you should help yourself and sort it anyone can post pictures if you can not do it ask another member to help you do it
  12. i get the reasoning behind your decision but its wrong someone is paying for the dumpster bins and its not you its a case of flytipping if you ask there permission then that is a different ballgame i doubt if they will fine you lloyd they dont normally bother unless there is tons of stuff dumped there and they can not use it for themselves
  13. Thank you old farrier
  14. A friend asked me what this is growing in his garden I don’t know but someone from the pigeon watch massive will
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