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    i raced sidecars for seven years in the 80s and retired from it in 1990 after winning the brands hatch championship and se england championship for three years running still love watching all bike racing now spend most time working whan i get time off nothing better than shooting of fishing with my son steve

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  1. Great little air rifles for kids and I do agree quite accurate
  2. Well it looks like you will all stay in your own towns and not go anywhere give it another couple of years and all decent sized towns will charge it London started it Birmingham now charge and over 15 towns or city’s are planning to do the same as drivers we are all going to get stiffed
  3. Thanks for the heads up I will not be buying any more of there beer I will also send them an email explaining why
  4. just like to wish everyone a happy christmas and new year i have enjoyed the banter /information /laughs etc that this good forum has brought me there are many good kind deeds done by plenty of us on here during the year a few have had family losses and have been helped by good kind wishes from members its that kind of thing that matters i hope 2022 brings you all happiness and good health rob ps thanks to the mods that rarely get a mention you all do a good job
  5. nobbyathome

    Adele 30

    So talented to be able to write her own songs I know she comes across as as a bit depressive as most of her songs are about heartbreak and relationships But that’s her life and she is living it out on stage she has such a lovely tone to her voice no screeching and wailing like most young singers are today I get the marmite bit you either like her or don’t I am one that likes her
  6. I used a mix 4 parts soft sand 1 cement For laying the slabs I used 4 parts sharp sand 1 part cement with a dash of adative in it
  7. all done now and i love it it took 2 tons of sand 15 bags cement 36 sq metres of slabs and 10 bull nosed slabs in total it cost about £1500 its now much more modern and i am well pleased with it
  8. the next bit was what do do with the garden under the patio i decided to go over the old concrete railway sleepers that i had down in the same stone and make a small rockery garden so the mrs can plant some alpines a little banksy on the wall to brighten everyone up all done !!!!!! so i thought after running the hose on it i had cocked up a bit and water was running towards the house so i had to angle grind and chisle out to put a drain near the house
  9. its gradually getting there nearly there and i am pleased so far as i am a not a craftsmen and just like a bit of diy and i think its all going well so far
  10. i started at the top step laying the bull nosed first and laying the others behind leaving a couple of inces between the step and the house so the rain can run down the back into the driveway and not against the house i also cladded the step under the slabs to create a nice look cutting out the 2 air bricks and fitting them then came the fun part of laying the proper patio
  11. the 36 sq mtrs of slabs arrived with 10 bull nosed slabs for the top step and the bottom ones i took off all the top step hexagon slabs as i didnt want it to high near the door and took out all the loose ones on the patio
  12. so down came the wall and i decided to make it a bit bigger with 2 steps inside so next step was doing a little footings for the wall followed by the other side and started to make a wall then filled both walls with rubble ready to concrete over it
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