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    i raced sidecars for seven years in the 80s and retired from it in 1990 after winning the brands hatch championship and se england championship for three years running still love watching all bike racing now spend most time working whan i get time off nothing better than shooting of fishing with my son steve

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  1. nobbyathome

    Own Up , Did You Watch It ( Or Some Of It ) ?

    Was working all day just came in and watched a bit of it thoroughly enjoyed it hope it works out well for the pair of them
  2. nobbyathome

    Photo ID Rant

    i used mine as photo id when I voted a few weeks ago when I looked at the list when she marked me down I could see I was the only one that had used it she did double check but it was one of the acceptable ids
  3. nobbyathome

    antler piece

    hi hodge911 you could pm Christian Sutton on the forum I have had a lot of antler pieces from him he is a nice guy to deal with
  4. nobbyathome

    Unsmart meters

    Well my main reason on agreeing to have smart meters fitted was not to save money to be honest it was simply a) so I didn't need to be in when someone came round to read the meter b) or so I didn't have to keep doing my own meter readings and sending it to EDF online c) so my bills would be accurate and I wouldn't keep paying to much and then 9 months later paying peanuts for six months and then find out I owed money and then paid loads more and also I don't want to be one of these old grumpy men that never have change and technology at the end of the day if I want to put a light on or plug in a heater etc I will and no meter would stop me but I am annoyed that EDF fit it and it doesn't work and then all they say is it will work sometime in the future complete waste of space
  5. nobbyathome

    Unsmart meters

    So there I was taking this week off from work and planing to do not a lot as I am normally non stop working I get a call from EDF as my tarrif is coming to an end I had a chat then did a price comparison and decided to stay with EDF for another year or so I enquired about smart meters and was told we can come and fit them as we have a cancellation and 2 guys are in the area this afternoon so I agreed all afternoon they were here driving me mad one guy on training and I guy supposedly monitoring what he does god was he boring a real 2018 health and safety moron that lectured me on everything in my house I said I wanted 2 nd generation meters they have fitted 1st generation so if iswap providers in a year's time I have to change meters again after 4 boring hours the meters were done but they didn't connect to there own WiFi and he said they would try to boost the signal from there end but in his experience it never works so I have 2 smart meters that are not very bright so much for progress eh what a waste of a day off
  6. nobbyathome

    Where to go on holiday

    I flew into Kuala Lumpur and stayed in town for two nights then to the Berjaya lankawi for 7 nights in a premier rainforest chalet then to tangjang aru in kote Kinabalu and had 14 nights in the Kinabalu wing sea facing with Kinabalu club The Kinabalu club costs a bit more but gives you private concierge /check in / seperate dining etc well worth it if you use all the freebies that come with it there are a few protected islands you can spend the day lazing around / snorkelling over the coral reef and the boat leaves hourly from the hotel go meet the local headhunters etc so much to do day trips to sepilok orangutan sanctuary ooooow you are making me want to go back and I have been twice already
  7. nobbyathome

    Where to go on holiday

    Go to Lankawi in Malaysia for a week then to Kota Kinabalu in Borneo fantastic wildlife and the Malaysians love the English plenty of trips beaches etc you will not be disappointed. Rob
  8. nobbyathome

    "they're all in Britain"

    no it doesn't old un they are told to apply for uni to get a career and parents are urged to eg them on to do it it turns out that most kids at uni are still thick no job prospects and 50 grand in debt we were the lucky ones and didn't know it poor kids nowdays don't stand a chance
  9. nobbyathome

    Work related stress.

    Sprackles what you have to do is step back and take stock of your options I like you am now 60 and have 5to 10 years left in me for work if you are being paid 8k more than the others get your head down and suffer it for another few years or try to find other employment elsewhere that pay the same or more at our age unfortunately pay rises do not come every year unemployment does if we are not careful as for the union best of luck with that in my opinion they are about as good as a hole in a condom in general they do not help the working man anymore
  10. nobbyathome

    Increase in violent crime.

    I am not racist in any shape or form but my belief is that the police should be able to stop and search anyone regardless of colour and even without reason nowdays yes we will have a lot of youngsters bleating they are getting picked on but that's the only way to stop it also heavy prison sentence for carrying large knives the innocent might get a bit upset for wasting there time but that's tough saving lives is more important
  11. nobbyathome

    Sad loss

    so sorry to read this what a lovely dog take my advice and get another one quick I lost mine and waited to long as I was so upset I didn't want to go through the grief again but now I have abbie she is the best thing I have another dog will not replace willow but it will be another adventure and give you and a new lab good happy times . rip willow
  12. nobbyathome

    Packing in the Fags.

    I agree with scilly to give up smoking you have got to want to all this e cigs or I will cut down day by day etc is not the way to go if you really want to give up just stop it's all how strong you are in the mind and trust me stopping is the best thing I ever did
  13. nobbyathome

    pigs in the trough

    well the way i see it is most mps do it because they want to make a difference on all our lives in the country to make it better but after a while they just look after themselves so yes its just a job
  14. nobbyathome

    pigs in the trough

    nor would I that's why I don't care if they get cheap dinners they are welcome to whatever they can get just the same as anybody working when i have gone for a job i have always tried to get the best deal for me moneywise and benefit wise i cant see what the difference is between an ordinary person trying to do well for himself and a mp and before anyone speaks up and sais its because the taxpayer pays there wages remember we all elected them
  15. nobbyathome

    Honest opinion on the kids and the internet

    I do not think you are out of order but at the age of 8 most kids have mobile phones now or if they do not have them most of there mates have I would let him keep the mobile but get the internet taken off as for indoors you or the ex should be supervising the usage of it try to nip it in the bud now before its to late