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    i raced sidecars for seven years in the 80s and retired from it in 1990 after winning the brands hatch championship and se england championship for three years running still love watching all bike racing now spend most time working whan i get time off nothing better than shooting of fishing with my son steve

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  1. For the first time I Didn’t vote today I have worked far to many hours and didn’t get home until after 2130 by that time I couldn’t be bothered to change and go up to do it so whatever happens as with the Brexit referendum I just gotta go with the flow
  2. Brexit party for most people I think but what then farage will get in cause a lot of grief and then do his usual walk away from it leaving it in tatters and we have to pick up his pieces
  3. as always fantastic pictures g g thank you for posting them to all us on pw
  4. i have got to say in all honesty it wouldnt bother me to be filmed i have nothing to hide and we are all on cctv all the time so the only problem its just this time you know about it as for the guy that got fined he did tell them to f off so he kinda deserved it
  5. it was not in central london it was in romford he deserves a £90 fine for living there
  6. she is from limerick ? here is a limerick for you walshie found a bees nest in the barn i told him to do them no harm but as quick as a trick he bashed the nest with a stick and they stung his old girl on the arm (not quite true i couldnt get temple to rhyme?
  7. I will take no 2 as well Christian . Rob
  8. can i take no 1 and three please christian
  9. I have watched it from the beginning It has always made me laugh and it has had some brilliant characters over a few years
  10. The ones that get me are the you have had an accident ones normally I say I have they get all excited and put me through to a supervisor they ask was it your fault and I say no I got hit in the back of the car and have sustained a few injuries they get really into it by now and say I should be getting a payout they then ask how did it happen and I normally say a police car came rushing up behind me and couldn’t stop shoving my car into a ditch then they ask the reg no of the car and I say I don’t know I only nicked it half an hour ago then the line goes dead silly but it makes me giggle every time
  11. I would have said bamboo as well it can travel a long way underground from the main plant and pop up randomly if it is don’t cut it dig it all up just a small bit of root will take and grow
  12. I have a small Swiss one that I have in my motorcycle jacket top pocket and have been carrying it around for about 25 years when I am off the bike I don’t carry one
  13. nobbyathome


    Coffee you big girls blouses it’s gotta be tea for me not tea bags either just dust in them proper tea leaves in a proper teapot filter through a strainer and into a good old china cup or mug mmmmm
  14. I work in a large central London courier company the company and the drivers / riders have invested hundreds of thousand pounds going electric vehicles wherever possible but many of our guys and we have over100 can not afford them and are financed up to there eyes with the vans they already have . London drivers are hit with congestion charge and the new ulez charge if your vehicle is not euro 6 for diesel and euro 4 for petrol as a true example my son and his partner both paid 26 k each for new transit vans two years ago and they don’t pass the test so have to pay nearly 125 per week each to do there trade in London an absolute joke All our drivers are self employed and stuck in protest traffic has cost them a fortune over the last few days how can they pay there rent/ mortgage if they are stuck in traffic because lowlife soap dodgers have blocked the major roads they have cost everyone millions in lost trade they should all get arrested and fined heavily as far as I am concerned . I do agree that everyone has a right to protest in this country but they are hurting ordinary working people do your protests legally
  15. As always greengrass a brilliant photo thanks for posting
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