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    i raced sidecars for seven years in the 80s and retired from it in 1990 after winning the brands hatch championship and se england championship for three years running still love watching all bike racing now spend most time working whan i get time off nothing better than shooting of fishing with my son steve

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  1. nobbyathome

    Loake Radley Navy Suede Brogue 8.5F (9.5 ?)

    You have a pm
  2. nobbyathome

    DIY red

    well done moor man i am glad you sent your post i havent had the chance to shoot deer but reading your days hard slog makes me want to have a go rob
  3. nobbyathome

    Foxes getting brave

    A trap is your best bet tt you can just stick it in the garden in a corner and when you have one they just stand still frozen and finish it off from above the cage job done
  4. nobbyathome

    Foxes getting brave

    i had the same problem team tractor to many people on my estate feeding the foxes i got a fox trap in my garden baited it and got 5 of them in 3 weeks i had purchased a moderated mossberg 410 from the forum and shot them from above the trap so the shot goes through their head and into the ground i had asked basc if it was legal and as long as the shot does not go outside your property and the neighbours do not complain about the noise its legal i shot them early in the morning so no one was even awake i did tell my neighbours on both sides and they told me they didnt hear anything so they must be heavy sleepers it is not sporting its more like an execution but it got the job done no more fox poo everywhere no more my dog throwing up and ill after digging up and eating what the fox had buried give it a try if you get a used trap on evil bay you can nearly always sell it for what you paid and if you get a 410 the same really either keep it for fun ofr sell it on .rob
  5. nobbyathome

    Im not dead yet........

    my mrs got sent a packet of incontinence pants when she turned 50 gotta say i nearly needed them i was wetting myself laughing keep getting the funeral plans saga over 50 insurance etc dont worry about it simon just pass it on to another old codger you know
  6. nobbyathome

    Plant ID

    the only other one i think it could be is happy times i will swap the 3 books for these ones i missed that one by pigeon controller sorry my photo is out of focus by greengrass and i love skinny girls by ditchman oh sorry i dont think these books exist
  7. nobbyathome

    Plant ID

    what about the i have left my tools on the roof by ditchman is that still in print?
  8. nobbyathome

    Plant ID

    i think it might be a royal jubilee if i am right i would like to swap the books for the following books if only i iwas closer by the author mr mostof pigeonwatch love ditchman by fat sarah and i wish i had any permission by me
  9. nobbyathome

    New to the fourm

    welcome to the forum there are a lot of wise and interesting people on here have fun
  10. nobbyathome

    Bayliss and Harding

    I like Kelly brook and she has a cracking body but as she has been ridden more times than lester piggotts horse I will stick to looking at her
  11. nobbyathome

    Employee woes..

    if it is just about the pay rise you have got to think about the facts ie you only have a year and you are retiring is it worth losing the job on the same salary that you are on i do not know the facts of your employment and how you are set moneywise for your retirement personally i would try to haggle with hr and get what you want but if the option s are leave then i would stay just to take there money if redundancy is offered just check out how much you would get and make a balanced desision
  12. nobbyathome

    moped scum, gloves off?

    I am a 61 year old and have been riding motorcars since I was 15 and raced for 8 years so I consider myself pretty qualified as a motorcyclist I ride every day in central London and have seen first hand some of the thefts these scumbag moped kids are getting away with and everyone is scared to intervene as a lot of them are carrying knives it's about time the police knocked them off and justice can be done when they get arrested I have no care for there health or even care if one of them gets killed doing there crimes it's about time someone did something about it I know quite a few Co workers that have had there bikes taken off of them at traffic lights by these thieves it's a frightening crime to have a knife shoved in your face to steal your moped Good on the met
  13. nobbyathome

    London protests

    Quite simply vince it doesn’t these idiots are just stopping ordinary people going about there daily lives I drive for a living in central London and the only thing they have done this week is make me sit in traffic with the engine running earning no money it makes a mockery of what they want as I have been doing nearly twice as many hours this week to try to make it up I would love to chuck them all in the Thames tell them to protest in India China or the USA and see how they get on there
  14. nobbyathome

    Spice Girls Tour

    None of them can really sing they were just in the right place at the right time with a good producer made a few catchy tunes but not good singers in my opinion
  15. nobbyathome

    Persimmon Boss 75 million bonus

    I agree with everything you have said no one regardless what work they do deserve to earn that amount of money per year when most people are working 6/7 days a week to try to get by but i just wish it was me I am 61 and working more hours per week now than I have ever done getting paid just enough to get by but that’s my job and my life in his case he signed a contract and if it is legal then he should get paid it