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    i raced sidecars for seven years in the 80s and retired from it in 1990 after winning the brands hatch championship and se england championship for three years running still love watching all bike racing now spend most time working whan i get time off nothing better than shooting of fishing with my son steve

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  1. My first legal motorcycle it cost me £30 I only had it for six weeks and seized it up then bought a brand new Yamaha fs1e brings back such good memories good luck with the sale
  2. there is one in wadhurst in kent i was going to book a course for me the next available was in december but it is not on the web site now?
  3. I think it would suit your bald head and you should post a picture of you wearing it
  4. if i worked for the company and other people were getting paid meals and i didnt i would take them to a tribunal for discrimination if the snowflakes can do it why cant i if i didnt work for them with that attitude to be told what you can eat i would not work for them there are plenty of jobs out there
  5. nobbyathome

    Cheese race

    I have been to see the race in Gloucestershire I have got to say it was one of the funniest things I have witnessed half of the competitors need sectioning
  6. M4drx you would have had a better reaction to your post if you would have pmd the seller I do understand haggling for a better price but do it between you and the seller privately and not on an open forum Petay best of luck on the sale
  7. never been to ragley hall but been to hatfield house twice a good day out and as said in the previous post bacs members free i took the family spent quite a lot of money but had a good day out it all depends what you call an expensive day really you can make it as cheap as you like if you think ahead the guns were more expensive than i thought and not much haggling on price so didnt get another one i bought some clothing and bagged a good deal i would definatly go again
  8. I really can’t see the problem with posting it for sale people wear stab vests for many jobs best of luck for the sale it will help someone
  9. I don’t know the rules of the forum on it mike but if I haggle a price I always do it by pm that way it’s just between yourself and the seller and no one else’s business
  10. well at least his wife is happy all this time she thought he was banging holly
  11. well in that case we are all stuffed
  12. i work for a courier company that had 30 passenger cars in central london and we run this beside our bikes and vans as an extra service we sold all our cars and minicab phonelines to another central london company as uber had made it very hard to recruit drivers with all the outlay for the cars to keep them legal and pay the drivers a living wage it got got to tight and we ended up losing money on them uber for the normal person is a very cheap and generally reliable company but and this is a big but they are not regulated as we were we knew all our drivers personally we checked the insurance and legality of them and had contact all day by radio and phone as we knew them so well it would be impossible for someone to pretend to be them with the uber drivers they register and just turn on the app and go there are a lot of people that log on other peoples apps i know of i person that has 3 of his family using the same app so there shared taxi runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week that for me is a disaster waiting to happen sooner or later someone will be killed in a accident only for the family to find out he was in a uninsured illegal cab until uber can sort problems like this out they should stay banned
  13. i remember that one as well it was walker at redmire pool and i am sure i saw it at london zoo when i was a child i think the record carp is nearly 70 lb now shows how things have changed but its not surprising when you think how much food anglers are putting in lakes nowdays my steve has always wanted to fish redmire just to take in all its history ( he grew up loving bob james and chris yates ) i can only dream of catching a fish like this one
  14. I normally drill from the inside with a much smaller diameter sds drill then from the outside with the proper size one if you drill from the inside with the large drill bit you might break a bit of the outside brick and it doesn’t look good as to your question preferably through the brick and not the mortar but it is easier to go through the mortar so it’s really your choice
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