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    i raced sidecars for seven years in the 80s and retired from it in 1990 after winning the brands hatch championship and se england championship for three years running still love watching all bike racing now spend most time working whan i get time off nothing better than shooting of fishing with my son steve

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  1. sorry for your loss chris most of us on the forum have been through it so we know how you feel my best advice is get another dog soon it will never replace wes but it is a new life for you the kids to make rob
  2. steve goes every year to france and has had some whoppers also the ebro in spain for catfish but its the english fish he really loves catching i am well pleased for him
  3. My son Steve caught the general in dartford lakes tonight he has waited over two years to catch him just over 58 lbs
  4. well 6.3 is a lovely figure by the time i buy a nice property give my kids 1 mil each to live near me sort out my inlaws 6.3 would change all our lives for the good but 170 wow think that would change anyone
  5. even a couple of million would get you out of your income bracket regarding your friends but 170 million i would suffer it i dont like them that much my family come first and i would share it out to even distant cousins it would soon go
  6. he might be suffering from an allergic reaction from cheesy feet on the serious side if he did have rabies he would be dead by now apparently they only live for about 3 days after showing it . the st pancras way hospital is now closed the only hospital that would have had one is the hospital for tropical medicine in capper street wc1 but they close at 1600 !!!
  7. Picture of a hummingbird in Costa Rica I took it with my camera and haven’t put it on my laptop yet so just took a snap of the viewing screen on the camera with my phone
  8. Any price is worth it to save your life everyone knows how bad rabies can be but have you googled how many people have survived full blown rabies ? It’s frightning
  9. No the moral of the story is get a rabies jab before you go 1 hard lesson learned although saying that I had jabs before I went but the doctor or didn’t suggest rabies
  10. I am surprised that none of the central London hospitals do not have any stock of rabies jabs London is a melting pot of hundreds of thousands of people that are there from all over the world they should have some in my opinion same as most viruses that are around the globe I have got to say I love our nhs and all my family have had good treatment over the years when they have been ill I just don’t understand why it is up to a private clinic to keep one in stock
  11. funnily enough i was regretting that but speaking to the doctor in the clinic he said its a good job that i didnt as they would have given me the jab in the arm and not the innuno one and thats the one that saves lives he said he was a rabies doctor that had worked in napal for 5 years and most third world countries do not give the immuno one due to the expense of it still look at the bright side i am covered now for the future
  12. well where do i start i have had a brilliant holiday to costa rica it is well worth going if any of you are wondering been twice loved it twice and would go again anyway i digress well it was my last afternoon lounging around the pool a racoon walks up goes under my sunbed pops his head up at the bottom and decided to bite me, his tooth going through my toe and out the other side. funnily enough it didnt hurt it just stung so i shooed him off with a quick kick and up to the room to wash it and put a plaster on i informed the hotel and they told me to go strait to the doctor and have a rabies jab as most of the racoons in the area suffer it badly i didnt want to do that as i knew they would pull my pants down and hit my barclaycard hard or rip off the insurance and decided to go to the doctor in the morning when i got home this is where the fun starts with the nhs i could not get an appointment to see my doctor and they said they would call me during the day the did call in the afternoon saying the medical nurse and the doctor have both told me to go to a&e now not in an hour now so of course i started to worry and up to bromley hospital i went about an hour later i was seen and told to go to a travel clinic and have innoculations for rabies i told them once again the story and a travel clinic only does preventative jabs and as i have been bit its a bit to late for that i need a strong after bite one they then got this poor young nurse to sit next to me on a computor going through all the local travel clinics needless to say i started to have a bit of a rant 45 mins later she agreed i needed more than a clinic could give me so i said what about the uch in central london for those of you that do not know london the uch is one of the biggest major trauma hospital in central london she googled it and said yes your right go there i asked her to phone them to make sure they had one she spoke to 5 different people telling them my story and two of then spoke to me to confirm what my doctor had said eventually just cutting the phone off !!! so i walked out and as it was raining thought i would call the uch again i spoke to about 4 people again going through what hapened and she told me to phone 111 and put the phone down *** i called 111 and was told by the operator why are you phoning me go to your local hospital grrrrr you couldnt make it up she eventually said go to woolwich if bromley do not have one i phoned the charlotte at woolwich and guess what they did not have one so i phoned darenth valley and they said our pharmacy is closed call again tomorrow at nine i said what if i walked into your reception foaming at the mouth with rabies and she said we would assess you keep you in overnight and administer drugs in the morning by now i was fuming and went up to london i got to the uch and was seen and told there is no central london hospital that has a rabies jab only the public health at colindale nw9 and they are 24 hours if i go up there i can get a viral and take it to any nhs hospital and they would inject it i phoned colindale to make sure and all i got was hello security!! i explained it all again and was told its 24 hours for doctors but public come in at 0900 tomorrow as i was walking out ranting on how bad the nhs had got a passing doctor said try 29 fleet street its private but they keep some so fleet street i go they saw me strait away bearing in mind this was now 1900 and gave me a jab they charged me £85 to see the doctor and £65 for the jab the following morning they phoned me and said i need a lot more and have been in touch with the public health lab in nw9 they needed to give me an rabies immuno jab in the wound and it will be ready at 11 in nw9 but could only fit me in at 1300 so i had to send my own courier to get it i have it done when he was talking to me the doctor said that the public health will cover all the injections i would only have to pay for there time and i said thats a resuld at £65 a time and i need 5 plus the immuno one he laughed and sai this innuno one is £1200 !!!!!!!!! i had it done and thet one stung!!! i have had another couple since and have one left i would like to thank the doctors at fleet street but am miffed why a private doctor has stock and the nhs hospitals dont rant over
  13. Tom Ford I have a few and they are all good different smells for different days
  14. It’s a disgrace hardly any seats sold And athletes running in stupid heat look at the marathon 68 starters and only 40 odd finishing in top quality athletics it’s unheard of should never have been given the chance to hold it and don’t get me started on the World Cup there
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