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    i raced sidecars for seven years in the 80s and retired from it in 1990 after winning the brands hatch championship and se england championship for three years running still love watching all bike racing now spend most time working whan i get time off nothing better than shooting of fishing with my son steve

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  1. nobbyathome

    Police find illegal 'gun factory'

    I I don’t believe it is a conspiracy story it’s a good thing that the police raided it and took out an illegal band of crooks we the licenced law abiding people get tarred with the same brush as them when someone gets shot in London I hope they get a long time inside
  2. nobbyathome

    Hi all

    hi rob welcome to the forum where abouts in kent are you from
  3. nobbyathome

    Man bags/wallets

    agree with dougy whats up with you girlie wannabies a man has pockets if there is not enough pockets get trousers with more of them manbags my ****
  4. nobbyathome

    the red arrows

    i am not a plane nerd but saturday and sunday there was an air show at biggin hill most of the planes at the show flew over my house on route to the runway the sight and sounds were brilliant and the red arrows were gobsmacking in formation
  5. nobbyathome

    Stopping drinking

    ppp all you need is willpower and the desire to give it up all the daydreaming in the world or trying some other drink etc is covering over the problem dont kid yourself if you want to stop you will if you faff around there is no point all you are doing is kidding yourself you can still be sociable with a soft drink in your hand
  6. nobbyathome

    Another Fox attack on a child.

    it must be the attitude of petts wood and orpington area foxes steve 6 months ago i had one walk in my kitchen in orpington and bare its teeth at me i run at it and shooed it out put a fox trap out the day after and within a week i had caught and despatched 3 of them and people up my road still feed them grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  7. nobbyathome

    Boris and Burkas ????

    good on boris its about time someone said what they think and sticks to it he should not appologise
  8. nobbyathome

    Filling holes in a brick wall

    If you are going to the reclamation yard zapp take the rest of the brick out to the cement line and take the piece of brick with you to try to match it up whenputting back in take out any bricks that are cut for the vent and just relay new bricks I know all the bricklayers on the forum will say get one in to Do a proper job but you are only replacing a few it's not that difficult just have a go you will be pleased with yourself if it turns out looking good
  9. nobbyathome

    blackthorne shank

    Thank you guys for the replies all sorted now derbyduck has got what I needed
  10. nobbyathome

    blackthorne shank

    i am looking for a nice seasoned blackthorne stick /shank quite stout and strait must be 35 mm or more thick at the top and over 130 cm long an the guy i normally get shanks off has only got thin shanks left thank you .rob
  11. nobbyathome

    Hobbies besides shooting?

    river and sea fishing but don’t get much time now due to working all the time my life balance is awful 😡😡😡 I used to race sidecars when I was younger now that is a brilliant hobby/ sport / cure for constipation
  12. nobbyathome

    Golden Wedding Anniversary

    congratulations russ i hope you and the mrs have a lovely day 50 years is really something to celebrate rob
  13. nobbyathome

    Vegan in the family

    British shooting this has been a very interesting topic and after reading all the posts I must say there are quite a few selfish members on pw with many varied ideas on what to do regardless of what you decide to do with the vegan and your sister I personally wish you and your Mrs to be all the best for the future I hope you will both be happy and healthy Rob
  14. nobbyathome

    Vegan in the family

    well of course he can but he asked our opinion and this is mine
  15. nobbyathome

    Vegan in the family

    sorry about the vegan devil in the family however i do think you are bieng pig headed at the end of the day he has his views you have yours but it is a family wedding there will be many bigger problems over your lifetime other than getting a few vegan meals in for your guest get over it and move on its your sisters partner for gawd sake let enjoy your day