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    i raced sidecars for seven years in the 80s and retired from it in 1990 after winning the brands hatch championship and se england championship for three years running still love watching all bike racing now spend most time working whan i get time off nothing better than shooting of fishing with my son steve

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  1. with that statement are you for real ???? maybe in that case when a farmer gets half his dairy herd infected he should just keep them as pets in a field on there own ? it had tb it needed to be put down shame they didnt do the same for the owner she is the one that was cruel keeping it for all that time knowing it had a death sentence she wanted publicity all she did was cause the poor thing a longer suffering
  2. it was right to cull it it was wrong to take so long they should have taken it away as soon as they got the results of the 2nd test farmers sometimes have there lives ruined by having to cull livestock that tests positive for tb all the fuss the protesters made caused the animal more stress than it needed
  3. raw oysters are absolutely awful its like a mouth full of salty snot i will however concede on having them cooked in a meat and oyster pie and quite liking them
  4. Never met him but always come across as a genuine nice guy on the forum you will be missed Hawkeye rip
  5. does putting up a pink table with scaffolding blocking public roads sound legal ? does stopping people working seem legal i work in the courier industry in central london and so far all they have managed to do is make my drivers poor sitting in a traffic jam going nowhere with the engine running causing more pollution you couldnt make it up i do see there poing but lets face it england are doing there bit for the enviroment bet they dont do protests in russia or china or india eh?
  6. welcome to pw enjoy the banter and feel free to add your experiences to everyone to read
  7. i dont wear tracksuits but i do wear trainers sometimes i also wear barbour quite a lot to me its just clothing that i like to wear the fact that it has got a logo on it is not important to me but most of it has
  8. s i have no affiliation with beretta apart from having a couple of there guns i just quite liked the jacket thats all when you look at most clothing its all branded you wear adidas trainers everyone knows they are adidas you wear nike anyone looking at them knows they are nike most shirts have advertising logos most jumpers the same its not wanting to advertise beretta its just a jacket with a logo
  9. I spotted it strait off as well first thing I said to my Mrs that’s a good bit of advertising for beretta second thing I said was I want one 😂😂
  10. i did much the same bottletop bill it was not unusual for one of us to have a gat gun or a catapult with us as kids happy days indeed i went to stay with my cousin in camberley when i was about 10 and we went over the back to the army ranges and climbed over the live range (as you do when you are stupid) i came across a complete band of live bullets and wore them round my neck and shoulder like a mexican bandit when i took them home my dad said you can keep them but they stay indoors (i dont know if he was going to get rid of them) of course as soon as he went out i went round all my mates houses wearing it the police stopped me after a few hours and took them off of me with a rollocking could you imagine what they would do now 😄🤣
  11. has just passed away at the age of 58 such a shame i always found him funny he will be missed rip sean
  12. i would rather have your space to shoot in !!! its not the same in a 50ftx35 foot suburban garden still good fun tho i would like my grandson to have as much fun with air guns catapults camping fishing etc as i did when i was young youngsters in england just dont get the chance to experience the outside life most of them sit on the laptop or in front of the tv all day and there parents are all snowflakes
  13. I had my 6 year old grandson dressed up in camo plinking in the garden over the weekend the gun is a 177 Webley ranger it took a bit of time to put up all the targets but what fun we had cant wait until he is old enough for the real pigeons
  14. dont bother unless you want peanuts for your car as above you will get an online quote that is not enough but pulls you in and when they check your vehicle they will offer you less as they know most people using webuyanycar are desperate to offload the car/van if it is in good saleable condition autotrader is your best bet or offer it on p/w for one of us
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