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    i raced sidecars for seven years in the 80s and retired from it in 1990 after winning the brands hatch championship and se england championship for three years running still love watching all bike racing now spend most time working whan i get time off nothing better than shooting of fishing with my son steve

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  1. well in that case we are all stuffed
  2. i work for a courier company that had 30 passenger cars in central london and we run this beside our bikes and vans as an extra service we sold all our cars and minicab phonelines to another central london company as uber had made it very hard to recruit drivers with all the outlay for the cars to keep them legal and pay the drivers a living wage it got got to tight and we ended up losing money on them uber for the normal person is a very cheap and generally reliable company but and this is a big but they are not regulated as we were we knew all our drivers personally we checked the insurance and legality of them and had contact all day by radio and phone as we knew them so well it would be impossible for someone to pretend to be them with the uber drivers they register and just turn on the app and go there are a lot of people that log on other peoples apps i know of i person that has 3 of his family using the same app so there shared taxi runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week that for me is a disaster waiting to happen sooner or later someone will be killed in a accident only for the family to find out he was in a uninsured illegal cab until uber can sort problems like this out they should stay banned
  3. i remember that one as well it was walker at redmire pool and i am sure i saw it at london zoo when i was a child i think the record carp is nearly 70 lb now shows how things have changed but its not surprising when you think how much food anglers are putting in lakes nowdays my steve has always wanted to fish redmire just to take in all its history ( he grew up loving bob james and chris yates ) i can only dream of catching a fish like this one
  4. I normally drill from the inside with a much smaller diameter sds drill then from the outside with the proper size one if you drill from the inside with the large drill bit you might break a bit of the outside brick and it doesn’t look good as to your question preferably through the brick and not the mortar but it is easier to go through the mortar so it’s really your choice
  5. I will take the other two Christian please thank you . Rob
  6. a nice bag of tree rats well done
  7. i work i n central london and most of the riders are reckless and dangerous sooner or later someone is going to get killed either one one or by one in my honest opinion if they are on the road they should be insured and taxed
  8. sorry for your loss chris most of us on the forum have been through it so we know how you feel my best advice is get another dog soon it will never replace wes but it is a new life for you the kids to make rob
  9. steve goes every year to france and has had some whoppers also the ebro in spain for catfish but its the english fish he really loves catching i am well pleased for him
  10. My son Steve caught the general in dartford lakes tonight he has waited over two years to catch him just over 58 lbs
  11. well 6.3 is a lovely figure by the time i buy a nice property give my kids 1 mil each to live near me sort out my inlaws 6.3 would change all our lives for the good but 170 wow think that would change anyone
  12. even a couple of million would get you out of your income bracket regarding your friends but 170 million i would suffer it i dont like them that much my family come first and i would share it out to even distant cousins it would soon go
  13. he might be suffering from an allergic reaction from cheesy feet on the serious side if he did have rabies he would be dead by now apparently they only live for about 3 days after showing it . the st pancras way hospital is now closed the only hospital that would have had one is the hospital for tropical medicine in capper street wc1 but they close at 1600 !!!
  14. Picture of a hummingbird in Costa Rica I took it with my camera and haven’t put it on my laptop yet so just took a snap of the viewing screen on the camera with my phone
  15. Any price is worth it to save your life everyone knows how bad rabies can be but have you googled how many people have survived full blown rabies ? It’s frightning
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