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    i raced sidecars for seven years in the 80s and retired from it in 1990 after winning the brands hatch championship and se england championship for three years running still love watching all bike racing now spend most time working whan i get time off nothing better than shooting of fishing with my son steve

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  1. I don’t use them so it doesn’t affect me but in my opinion not able to sell on the forum is a silly after all this is a shooting forum mods you might want to reconsider this rule
  2. Happy birthday Mel hope you have had a good one .rob
  3. good afternoon christian i trust you are well it is nice to see you posting again .rob
  4. Well thinking ahead as most rain falls in the north of the country and floods are bad instead of wasting all that money on hs2 just to make some rich bod get to Birmingham 15 mins earlier than he used to get there they should have run a pipe to bring the water down south alleviating both problems might sound a bit far fetched but if it was big enough it would help
  5. I have got to say kalamara41 you have posted some fantastic guns for sale on the forum what a lovely collection good luck with all of your sales
  6. what the one with many colours ? different musical simon
  7. andrew lloyd webber said making that musical will be a piece of cake
  8. go to a local carpet shop/warehouse ( or go round the back to the bins ) and ask for the cardboard roll in the middle of the roll a bit of bubblewrap to stop it moving and post it inside that it will be heavy but safe
  9. good luck with the sale dobbin66
  10. the rules of the forum is you must state a price before you call people idiots look at yourself i do agree good luck with the sale but he should post adverts correctly
  11. i will exchange my mother in law
  12. nobbyathome

    Mo Farah

    i have delivered a lot of parcels to him and although he is famous has always spoken to me in a good manor i have had many long chats with him he really is a nice guy with a lovely family why he chose to come out with it now i dont know but i am glad he has good luck to him
  13. Good luck with the sale that is a bargain great guns it will not be for sale for long
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