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  1. Welcome back to the fold 7daysinaweek look forward to your future posts glad you And your family are ok . I lost a couple of my uncles but they were old and poorly and probably would have gone anyway enough of the covid talk onwards and upwards eh get that banger out and enjoy . Rob
  2. i think if your friend answers the cert in a truthfull way there should not be any problems as he is bieng honest with his feo if his feo has any worries he will contact the doctor or you if you are going to be a reference point he will speak to you and question you on how well you know him stress and sleeping pills prescribed should be in theory better for him than to be diagnosed with depression just my opinion not a professional one
  3. fantastic shooting thank you for posting the video đź‘Ť
  4. well when you work it out ticket sales were a major part of the clubs income due to covid over the last year no ticket sales have come in so all money has come from tv if they sell worldwide pay per view tv at just ÂŁ1 a time they could easily get 100 million people watching it per game at that rate they do not need ticket sales at the grounds fans used to be the be all and end all of football clubs but not now for the club owners and players all it is about is how much can i earn none of them have any loyalty to the club
  5. tottenham have had 12 managers since 2000 no wonder the trophy cabinet is bare roll on next week to the final hopefully this will make the players play i wonder who the next manager will be dipsy/ tinky winkie / la la or po hopefully under the management of the teletubbies we might win somethng
  6. i have got to agree with you jdog the one thing that has always gripped me with tottenham is the unpredictabillity of the results with all the attacking flair they have always had but will they let more in the other end is the nailbiting bit for a spurs fan but under him they are stale glad he is gone i liked him his first stint at chelsea but after that he has just been negative and boring and all about jose and not the club he represents
  7. i personally think the club owners in it are greedy money grabbing scum it is not fair to all the smaller clubs that are not invited to join for a start and the way spurs have been playing this season they would not qualify for europe next year anyway so try to get in this way is wrong i can go with friendlies between all the clubs for financial gain but to try to box it off between them is total **** i have supported spurs all my life but today it makes me wonder why (not the mourinho bit the new league part)
  8. big rumours at the moment jose mourinho has been sacked from tottenham as he is against the new super league i am a spurs fan but never been a fan of him so if it is true no loss to me
  9. she may be but i have been told her wish was for both to be in the abbey but he refused saying he was not worthy it should only be for monarchs plans have been made for quite a few years now but they could change
  10. prince phillip will be buried at windsor castle and the queen when she goes will be buried in westminster abbey
  11. prince phillip has just died rip old fella you are one of a kind and will be remembered with love and affection
  12. nobbyathome


    I don’t work for delivery lloyd90 I work for a proper courier company I know deliveroo riders are going on strike and most couriers would like to join a union and get workers rights etc but to be honest do they ? There are not many of them that want to work full time it is surprising when you talk to a lot of them tell them all the benefits of bieng Paye with holiday pay pension plan etc the first thing they ask is how much tax do I have to pay and second is well what happens when I don’t want to come to work and you tell them the tax rate is 20% etc and you will be sacked if you just come a
  13. nobbyathome


    I work for a large courier company in central London and we have over 150 self employed couriers that deliver for us all of them are have to have courier insurance to work . with our computer system as soon as there insurance or mot runs out they are automatically blocked for doing any work to be honest our fleet department do a great job they keep on top of it well . Not all companies are as stringent as ours we charge customers a bit more than they would like to pay but in return the riders / drivers get paid well and make a living .As always You get what you pay for If you pay people
  14. if you pm me your address i will get them in the post
  15. I bought 2 x 20 mm tap aerators and they are to small for my taps they only cost me about ÂŁ6 and not worth the grief of sending them back to Timbuktu if anyone wants them free I will post them to you . Rob
  16. i will take that please stimmo22
  17. enjoy them dunks such a simple food but one of my favorites i slap everything on them
  18. i used to like harry because he had a lot of character but like most young men he is led by his pecker and as long as the money grabbing actress is tugging it she will rule the roost hopefully in a few years time she will dump him and he might get back on track
  19. I have had 3 of them the first one did 230thousand miles second 170 tho and this one has done 34 they are a really good reliable bike shaft drive two cylinder 700 cc never seen what it does flat out it’s not that kind of bike but will hold 80 mph all day with no problem and it’s comfortable does about 50 to the gallon as I said boring but really good donkey
  20. I have been riding my bike to work and back everyday from orpington to London and back and delivering a few parcels along the way the only time I haven’t was 2 days I couldn’t get out because of snow I ride a Honda nt700 deauville as fun it is boring but as a tool to use for work I can’t knock it it starts and goes everyday and has never let me down can’t ask for much more really
  21. i an having a thick moment and as i havent been out this year so far i have not got round to apply for the new general licence gl40 gl40/gl42 do i need to apply to natural england or is there no need to apply to anyone and just abide to the licence conditions ?
  22. Three weeks ago my son Steve broke his leg in a silly accident and it was quite a bad open break 3 plates later and told he will be off work for about 6 month really put me in the doldrums today his Mrs had a baby girl 7 lb 10 oz delivered by c section the baby is healthy and well so I am a grandad for the second time it’s going to be hard for them over the next few months but a little girl is just perfect
  23. R.I.P. Sir Tom we are all only here because of your generations brave actions in the war may you sleep peacefully
  24. When I did my one Nathan I was driving out in the countryside and went past a sawmill in a town called cocking so I went in and had a look and was amazed just how big the timbers are and said I would like a 4x4 oak post and 4x2 oak plank and they just cut it there and then from this massive trunk so I used that it is obviously no where as good as your staircase but I like it I am still waiting for the post to split or crack like oak normally does but it hasnt and I did it a good few years ago
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