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  1. Everything now sold except the wheels and tyres. Any interest before I eBay them?
  2. I’ve just seen this post. I was on this day too. I thought there were plenty of birds in the drives as would be expected at this time of year. Some of the drives were stacked out with birds and showed several hundred over the guns easily. Considering the time of year I didn’t feel it was too late to finish as there was lots of daylight left after the last drive finished, it was September, I’d guess sunset was around 7pm so to finish at 5 ish probably gave more time for the ground to settle than finishing at 330 in early Jan. I also feel that there was plenty of shooting on the day and as a team we generally didn’t shoot very well (it was pretty breezy so the birds were shifting). I would estimate we shot about 5/1 which is quite a high average for traditionally shown partridges. I’ve shot at the shoot a few times over several years and always felt they always do their upmost to put a good day on for guns. Not connected to it in any way but I do think it’s one of the good ones. I’ll be back. I don’t want to start an argument with the OP but wanted to give a different perspective of the same day.
  3. These guys are fantastic. Posting to and from is no problem either.
  4. Anyone interested in any of these? Thanks!
  5. Ha always the way. I took them off alloys to put onto Steels. Took me ages to find a set! Think my garage only charged me £30 to swap them over. They aren’t noisy you are right. No worries anyway have a think
  6. There you are. Hopefully that helps.
  7. As a result of moving my Xtrail on I have a few bits for sale. Collection from Leicester preferred so buy can see that the descriptions are genuine. i do travel about a bit so maybe able deliver or meet. Roof rack and feet/mounts. Will need a new bolt or two but all there and work great - £25 Boot protector - £10 Dog guard and all mounts and fixings - £30 Steel wheels with Cooper Discovery tyres. Loads of tread. Awesome off road, really made a difference. - £250 Air filter - £5 Crank shaft sensor. These are a common fault. Was brought to test but wasn’t needed in the end. £90 at dealers - £30 happy to do a deal if someone wants everything!
  8. I use x-o they are cheap for a Trade only platform and have decent service if you need it too.
  9. Thank you very much. And noted. I’ve checked and mines fine thankfully. I’ll check that and if it doesn’t work I’ll take you up on your kind offer thanks.
  10. Thanks it does and I have an FAC slot too. Does anyone have ideas about why one barrel would cycle and the other not?
  11. Right bit of an update. It came with 2 barrels. A 24” one that I brought it for as I wanted short barrels and a 28” one. Only tried it with the 24” so far. As id done everything suggest above I thought I’d change the barrels just to see. Sure enough with the 28” barrels it cycles fine?!??
  12. Yes I’ve done that thanks Tried 32/34g with no luck 😔 Doesn’t eject the empty. Not sure if it tries to open the chamber. Difficult to see when you’re shooting. I’ll try and see Yes they are. Thanks. Forgot to say I’d checked that.
  13. Hi all. I’ve brought a 12 bore 1100 thats new to me. Goes bang nicely but It won’t cycle for anything. Tried a new O ring. Different cartridges and cleaning/oiling the action. I’ve read the posts on here previously And can’t seem to find anything New/specific. Can anyone give me any other tips or anything to retry? Fits like a glove so I’d love to get it working as intended. Thanks.
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