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  1. I use x-o they are cheap for a Trade only platform and have decent service if you need it too.
  2. Thank you very much. And noted. I’ve checked and mines fine thankfully. I’ll check that and if it doesn’t work I’ll take you up on your kind offer thanks.
  3. Thanks it does and I have an FAC slot too. Does anyone have ideas about why one barrel would cycle and the other not?
  4. Right bit of an update. It came with 2 barrels. A 24” one that I brought it for as I wanted short barrels and a 28” one. Only tried it with the 24” so far. As id done everything suggest above I thought I’d change the barrels just to see. Sure enough with the 28” barrels it cycles fine?!??
  5. Yes I’ve done that thanks Tried 32/34g with no luck 😔 Doesn’t eject the empty. Not sure if it tries to open the chamber. Difficult to see when you’re shooting. I’ll try and see Yes they are. Thanks. Forgot to say I’d checked that.
  6. Hi all. I’ve brought a 12 bore 1100 thats new to me. Goes bang nicely but It won’t cycle for anything. Tried a new O ring. Different cartridges and cleaning/oiling the action. I’ve read the posts on here previously And can’t seem to find anything New/specific. Can anyone give me any other tips or anything to retry? Fits like a glove so I’d love to get it working as intended. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. Hadn’t thought of that. It’s unisex for adults. Halfords say - Frame / Components: Frame: Lightweight folding aluminium Gears: 8-speed Shimano Acera Brakes: V-Brakes Wheels: Double wall 20” alloy rims with Kenda tyres Folded Dimensions: L93cm W40cm H74cm
  8. Not the usual thing to advertise on here I appreciate, but thought I’d see if anyone was after a bargain before I try it on eBay! Brand new, never ridden electric bike. Still has the plastic seat cover Bag on etc. Not been used and I’ve realised it’s not going to be either. exactly the same as the link https://www.halfords.com/bikes/electric-bikes/carrera-crosscity-folding-electric-bike-750632.html also comes with some accessories that are extras and aren’t included in the above price of £1000. Asking £650. Collected Leicester.
  9. Hi all. Have just got a 12 bore version with a multi choke barrel but only one choke. Has anyone got any? Either a set or one that’s something a bit “open”. 1/2 or below. Even a skeet one? Or, can anyone tell me what type they are and where I could get something? Thanks. Luke
  10. Just changed the tyres over on my Xtrail. Probably for the last time as she’s getting on a bit! Two of the ones that came off are still in great condition. Thought they maybe of use for someone! 2 x Goodyear Tyres 5mm+ tread left. Even wear. They are road tyres not Off road ones. Can send the exact details to anyone who’s interested. know the 215/65/16 fit a few other similar cars too. £20 collected from Leicester or could maybe deliver locally. Listed elsewhere too.
  11. That’s interesting. Just brought one too. Where did you get the additional one from?
  12. Considering buying a semi auto for pigeon shooting and maybe some clays. I’d like something with short barrels and open or multi chokes. Not bothered about if it’s wood/synthetic finish. I’ll be shooting 28g loads mostly maybe some 32g’s. Don’t want to spend a fortune. Am looking at Beretta 302’s loads about for sub £300. Has/Does anyone had/have one? Anything else I should consider? Also if anyone around Leicestershire has anything they are thinking of selling that they want me to consider drop me a message. Thanks in advance!
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