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  1. True, and they are paying members BASC so they are members and insured for when things get back to normal later in the year/season. Fantastic gesture!
  2. Yes I was meaning ones as described below that you hook into the trees branches. I’ll look for that post. Thanks. Thanks for the replies! Just need to get some decoys now.
  3. I am looking for a few full body decoys to play around with and turn into lofting decoys. a. Has anyone done this and have any tips? b. If anyone is selling and around Leicester please let me know. Can collect when everything has calmed down if they can’t be posted. Thanks
  4. Remaining ties £9 posted. Slip £12 posted. Breeks £12 posted.
  5. Items already brought have been shipped today. Thanks!
  6. Forgot to put a picture of the slip up earlier. Here it is. Very well padded.
  7. Green seeland woodcock tie now sold too
  8. Fleece and new breeks sold. Ties, gunslip and moleskin breeks left. Thanks
  9. Had a clear out this weekend and got a few bits for sale. Thought I would try here before they go on Ebay. First up is 4 shooting ties. First is Yellow with ducks and shotguns, second is black with hunting dogs on it, third is red with ducks and finally a seeland tie with woodcock on it. All are used but in good condition, no damage but may have a small mark somewhere if looked at really closely but perfectly fine for a nice day shooting. £10 each collected or £12 posted Next is a pair of brand new breeks with a waterproof lining. They are marked as a 36 but when measured they are really a 34. SOLD Pair of used moleskin breeks, 34 waist size, £12 collected or £15 posted. Used but no damage. A brown musto fleece, size medium, has quite a bit of wear but great for beating etc and has plenty of life left in it SOLD Black slip, 50 inches long with side pocket. Would benefit from a wipe down but isn't filthy, all zips work and in good condition. £12 collected or £15 posted. Items collected from near J21A of the M1 in Leicestershire. Thanks for looking
  10. Thanks. Can’t find him. Is that his user name?
  11. Looking for a piece of antler for the top of a walking stick. Has anyone got a single bit they aren’t going to use? Everything I can find is in bulk lots which I don’t need.
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