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  1. Thanks. Unless you want to swap?
  2. On the off chance anyone on here has one to sell before I buy a new one... I am looking for a half choke to fit my caesar guerini Essex 20 bore. Thanks!
  3. Thanks all. So consensus is that the old perazzi will be ok with the steel? Even without steel proofing. What’s that about the 3s counting as HP steel, I’ve not heard that before? So would I need to only shoot 4s? My preference is to shoot the 12 bore but don’t want to knacker such a nice and sentimental gun.
  4. Hello all. Am looking to draw on your collective knowledge. Have booked on a couple of driven duck days for the first time this year. Not sure which gun cartridge combo to use out of two and would appreciate your input/thoughts please. Aware of the buy new gun or cartridges option but if we can ignore that for the time being please. The day will be shooting normal/average driven ducks. Option one - Perazzi Grand Italia 12 bore from the 80s. One fixed choke at half and another multi choke with half in it. There’s no fleur de leys Mark on the barrels though. I have got some Express 32g 3s and 4s plastic wad. Option 2 - Cesar Geurini 20 bore. Steel proofed. I have Express Plastic wad 24g 4s in 20 bore. Imagine I’d need to tighten the chokes To get a decent pattern with these. Struggling to find any other steel 20 bore cartridges. Other non toxic is mega money. Can I shoot steel through the 12 bore? Will the 24g 4s be enough cartridge to work ethically? Anything else? Thanks.
  5. A few of us are interested in booking a simulated game day. Does anyone have any recommendations of good places to go please? Thanks
  6. Have changed powders so have 1/3 of a tub of this left over. 157g ish out of 454g. £10 collected Leicester
  7. True, and they are paying members BASC so they are members and insured for when things get back to normal later in the year/season. Fantastic gesture!
  8. Yes I was meaning ones as described below that you hook into the trees branches. I’ll look for that post. Thanks. Thanks for the replies! Just need to get some decoys now.
  9. I am looking for a few full body decoys to play around with and turn into lofting decoys. a. Has anyone done this and have any tips? b. If anyone is selling and around Leicester please let me know. Can collect when everything has calmed down if they can’t be posted. Thanks
  10. Remaining ties £9 posted. Slip £12 posted. Breeks £12 posted.
  11. Items already brought have been shipped today. Thanks!
  12. Forgot to put a picture of the slip up earlier. Here it is. Very well padded.
  13. Green seeland woodcock tie now sold too
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