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  1. lukepulford

    Hide Pole Bag

    Decathlon do one. I've brought it. Not used it much yet but seems well constructed.
  2. lukepulford

    Artificial grass

    We've got it. I'm really impressed. Had it for 6/9 months now. Ours is a much bigger area so ground prep was much more important. If I were you I'd still do it properly though. Fine for dogs too. I brought from these https://www.artificialgrass-direct.com/ and was impressed with price, selection and service. Got fitted by some local landscapers who did a really through job with the base and fixings etc.
  3. lukepulford

    Shooting shirt for newbie/young shot

    On its way to a new home!
  4. lukepulford

    Shooting shirt for newbie/young shot

    Red check, double cuff shooting shirt. 15.5 collar, fitted fit id say. Good condition no damage or signs of wear I can see Hopefully of use to a young shot or someone for their first driven day or beaters day. PM me your address and it's yours. Luke
  5. lukepulford

    Flapper, Midlands.

    Hello all. Looking for a flapper or similar to add some movement to the pattern. Does anyone near Leicester have one they aren't using that they would sell? thanks Luke
  6. lukepulford

    Ground with tower near Weston Supermare

    Public. Very friendly. Nice layout too.
  7. lukepulford

    Ground with tower near Weston Supermare

    Thanks all for coming back to me. Especially for the Mendip recommendation. Went there today and shot the tower. Very impressed. Nice set up.
  8. Hoping someone from the south west can help. We are travelling down the M5 on Friday on the way to a shoot. Looking for a ground between Weston Supermare and Tiverton with a tower where we can all meet and practice some decent driven targets. Can anyone recommend anything? thanks
  9. lukepulford

    Credit card or not

    Easier if it's a credit card from my experience. Get Halifax Clarity or Nationwide Select card. Best ones for Europe. But also make sure you buy your hire car excess insurance from a 3rd party not the hire company. Much better value. Just realised it's Wednesday you are going. That's going to be tight!
  10. lukepulford

    Tip 'guidance'

    Went on a shoot recently that said anyone looking for guidance could go for around £2 per bird shot to your own gun if you have had a good day. Terrible shoot but quite good tipping advice I though.
  11. lukepulford

    Xtrail boot liner

    PM sent
  12. lukepulford

    Xtrail boot liner

    Have found another Xtrail boot liner. Will fit a T30 model. Is used but works as it should, not been cut etc. Has a central non-slip area. Free collected from Leicester.
  13. lukepulford

    Utah Elk Hunting

    Wow. Inspiring! One day.
  14. lukepulford

    Discovery TD5 wheel and grabber AT2

    Was on the car less than a week. Grabber AT2 235/70/R16 tyre too. £50 or swap for a slab of fibre wad cartridges. Located in Leicester but travel to Nuneaton for work daily. Can send photos just PM me. Thanks
  15. lukepulford

    Kelmarsh Fair

    Is anyone planning on going? I'm volunteering on the Leicestershire Wildfowlers Association stand in the BASC tent. I am there all weekend so if anyone's interested in knowing more about what we do and the benefits of membership (including the decoying and roost shooting opportunities) please come and say hi!