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  1. Thanks. Can’t find him. Is that his user name?
  2. Looking for a piece of antler for the top of a walking stick. Has anyone got a single bit they aren’t going to use? Everything I can find is in bulk lots which I don’t need.
  3. Thought I had. Good spot. It’s T3
  4. Thanks folks. Good ideas and input as usual 👍
  5. Thank you. Put a message up on the chance anyone has a SH one they want to sell as I’m in no rush. Thanks for he links though.
  6. Looking for a spare .223 magazine for my .223. Does anyone have one? Thanks.
  7. The fibreglass pole that runs out the end in the ground and through the wing spreader has snapped on one of my bouncers. All the other bits are fine. Can you get a replacement does anyone know? Thanks.
  8. I think I used a vinegar solution once to cure it. Check elsewhere first but that’s what came straight to mind.
  9. Looking for a o/u or s/s. Not a folder. Something with an adult stock. live in Leicester so ideally near by so I can see and try. Please send me what you have by PM. Thanks. Luke.
  10. Set of used roof bars that will fit T30 xtrails. Clearing out the garage and found I have two sets so selling one. Collection from Leicester ideally. £35.00
  11. Has anyone got any they want to sell?
  12. Decathlon do one. I've brought it. Not used it much yet but seems well constructed.
  13. We've got it. I'm really impressed. Had it for 6/9 months now. Ours is a much bigger area so ground prep was much more important. If I were you I'd still do it properly though. Fine for dogs too. I brought from these https://www.artificialgrass-direct.com/ and was impressed with price, selection and service. Got fitted by some local landscapers who did a really through job with the base and fixings etc.
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