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  1. Sorry, I thought I'd marked this as sold. SOLD Thanks for your interest.
  2. Hi, It the Gureini a DTI model  that is everytging is adjustable? and whay year is it?



    1. Well, feel free to drop me a message when you've talked yourself around.
    2. Brattonsound 7 gun cabinet with internal storage shelf, vaulted door and double bitted lock. If my memory serves me correctly its the Sentinel Plus SS7+. Pics attached. External measurements: Approx 27cm deep x 40cm wide x 152cm tall Collection from Pickering, North Yorkshire. £120.00
    3. Sorry for the delay, I didn't get a notification that there was a question. LOP is 14.5 inches
    4. Also interested in taking one of these... what price are you asking?
    5. I can only recall using these binos on a a slack handful of occasions so, they are as good as new. No marks or scratches, still with original carry box, cleaning cloth, neck strap, manual and packaging. Simple reason for sale, I have too many pairs of binos and, these never see the light of day. £45.00 posted/insured. Pictures here: https://goo.gl/photos/vHu5ipwagCwmuexK9
    6. This one maybe? http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/342574-some-more-priests/?do=findComment&comment=3122185
    7. I used the Rimfire Magic kits. On my .22 only needed the light spring. On the HMR, I also used one of the shims. Best couple of tenners that I've so far spent on shooting kit. Transforms the rifle.
    8. Sounds like snobbery. I recall the comments of a group of shooters who had struggled on the stand that I was waiting to shoot. As I loaded my cammo coloured Maxus with extended/ported choke there were some jibes of, cannon, bazooka, flak gun, etc ... until I smashed the targets that they'd failed to hit with their classier sporters. As they shuffled away, with their heads down, I heard one of 'em say, 'he can shoot it right enough though'.
    9. I'd like to think that I'll be able to fit in a day or two here n there bud.
    10. I have a two year old 3.2L manual coming up on 30K miles. It's been a beut. With BFG's it goes anywhere I've wanted to go, and gets me back. Pulls like a train and, for a pick-up it's a pretty decent drive. It's not, perfect, it could do with a longer gear for motorway cruising when unloaded/not towing, and it has the turning circle of an oil tanker. You can't turn off the daytime running lights and, the 'home safe' lighting, lights you up like an Xmas tree if you forget and turn the ignition off just as charlie wanders into - and then, quickly out of - view. I'd have another though, in a heartbeat. Interested to see how they price the facelift version with all the new bells and whistles (including I believe a longer gearing/overdrive for cruising which would fix one of my personal issues with the truck). If they don't bump up the price too much over the current models, it could be a no brainer.
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