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  1. Hi is it an ejector steel proof and please could I have a rough postcode to see how fair thanks
  2. Hi I e seen them for 500 all day long 

  3. It is too cheap ?? I need what I can get for it I wouldn’t really be selling Just had an accident at work and three months off unpaid not ideal
  4. Beretta semi auto 12g for sale al391 Urika 3” chamber 30” barrels 6chokes Teague light mod and 5 original chokes Skeet, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, full hard case lovely gun never misses a beat only downside is some of the blacking is of the barrel due to me cleaning with wrong stuff 🙈but doesn’t effect use so still cracking in hide foreshore etc great guns £350 reading,Berkshire
  5. Brileys extended 12g light full choke mobile hardly used Was used in my beretta £25 posted
  6. This is my gun for sale thanks £350 Ono
  7. Hi are you only selling as a set thanks
  8. Yep 100% what I have done for sure and now she’s making me pay for it 😂
  9. No I haven’t tried picking up with her yet wanted to make sure she just one thing first before jumping to the next Yes I know sorry it’s basically since the season ended well what we had of it to now maybe because we haven’t done a lot since season ended maybe I was just walking her rather than training her but thanks for reply’s will look up some YouTube’s videos and see how it goes from there thanks
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