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  1. Afternoon just looking for some advice on what people think I’ve got a 5 month old cocker currently on skinners duck and rice puppy do another page at what age would people move onto junior thanks
  2. My m8 has one he bought a cheap small fishing bag that it would fit in then made a lightweight ply box to go inside it works a treat
  3. Thanks for this yes owner lives in on land with stables electric running water with paddocks etc to rear so hopefully all good with that part just the size of the pen really I need help with and amount of food so a pen for 500-600 poults what sort of size you talking 50x50m 100x100m
  4. Thanks walker yes bigger the better just I need to quote the owner on land for the pens and not sure on size needed so would like views so I can get an address idea
  5. New rough shoot starting up and would like people’s views please 1. Size release pen for 500-600 poults MxM squares if possible 2. Rearing from days old roughly how much pellet and wheat from taking delivery to end of season would you estimate needed and lastly any place to get cheap supply’s for pens supply’s post netting drinkers etc thanks any advice helpful
  6. Thanks everyone ya understand what your all saying about the size and drives on top of each other’s all I can say to him is about this so either less birds or if he wants to go for it then that’s up to him but will be a big big trail
  7. Thanks ya the middle wood is perfect it only reason I said two pens is because he wants to do little 50 birds days and put around 800 birds down with partridge obliviously if this was a run syndicate I would dare start with that many but that’s what he want to do I don’t want to say no to he or ruin what he has planned to do as this is on my door step and get the pros of pest control etc on top of this
  8. Hi thanks for this there not masses of wood which is mostly the problem a centre square wood perfect for the pen loads of bramles and thick bush two sides to stop wind break small trees for roosting along which bigger one a long belt wood rounds of this and a another wood need the top plenty of fields he wants to put 9-10 covers in scattered around with two pens as said before he’s paying for it all and really eager to go ahead but how many birds would you say would be ok for 155 acres
  9. Thanks not sure but went on allaboutdogfood and was surprised about the nutrients in some of them or do you ignore that and go with what you know heard of thanks just over thinking it prop but want to look after her best I can
  10. Thanks I know raw seems to the way for most but will stick with dry food
  11. Stupid question but would this go on a firearms
  12. Just deposited for a cocker pup pick her up End of feb I tend to keep her on what food she is being feed until she settles I read up on an article from a Gundog kennel that’s feeds wheat and gluten free so what do others use recommend as so many and differ in price mainly branding I know so fair was thinking csj fit’n’fast as I have a stockist close to me
  13. Where abouts is location please
  14. Well we have done a season with just feeders and resulting not many birds but this could be down to what’s around us compared to yours but end of the day the owner wants to put a pen in covers etc and so on all I’m doing is building pen feeding and generally bits so if that’s what he wants to do then so be it will just have to see how it goes
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