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  1. Sorry if You don’t mind asking is this the owner of AA DECOYS ( as website is up still but I can’t add to cart) sorry about your friend either way
  2. Thanks for the reply on the shoot now (150acres so not massive I have two pens I built which we put 500 across both pens (this year 800) the closest pen is quite a way from the other shoot as my one now is mostly fields with mix bird and two small belt like woods then the other shoot is over the road but there is the owners house and some paddocks between both the new shoot has three nice size woods fields with bird mix and a small valley runs through it ( before I was born it used to be a shoot putting down 4000 birds across 3 pens my dad used to shot there so knows the land wel
  3. I’ve don’t know a lot about having ex layers and how to keep Them as such hence the post but if I need to build pens for them I might as well just wait till next year when we go the poult pen Because I have the 16ftx16ft partridge pen I paid not being used wondered what I could do with it but way to small what sort of pens do people build for them then as they have covers on
  4. Thanks everyone by the sound of it I will leave ex layers
  5. Yes plan to have two pens with poults but not till next year but I have the land to use from this season coming hence why I asked about Ex layers as the funds aren’t Available until start of next year for it all so just trying to find a way to few birds on there for when we walk about that’s all
  6. So my little shoot I look after is extending but not putting birds on the new side till next year. was looking at putting some ex layers on it for this season three nice woods and few fields in between with bird mix in them how much do ex layers cost roughly what time are they normally for sale etc and how would you go about putting them on there just release with feeders scattered or in a partridge pen I can erect over there it’s 16ft x 16ft how many would I get in there and when to release any help much appreciated thanks
  7. Is 37” the lowest it will go or is there room to make it tighter by making holes thanks
  8. Afternoon just looking for some advice on what people think I’ve got a 5 month old cocker currently on skinners duck and rice puppy do another page at what age would people move onto junior thanks
  9. My m8 has one he bought a cheap small fishing bag that it would fit in then made a lightweight ply box to go inside it works a treat
  10. Thanks for this yes owner lives in on land with stables electric running water with paddocks etc to rear so hopefully all good with that part just the size of the pen really I need help with and amount of food so a pen for 500-600 poults what sort of size you talking 50x50m 100x100m
  11. Thanks walker yes bigger the better just I need to quote the owner on land for the pens and not sure on size needed so would like views so I can get an address idea
  12. New rough shoot starting up and would like people’s views please 1. Size release pen for 500-600 poults MxM squares if possible 2. Rearing from days old roughly how much pellet and wheat from taking delivery to end of season would you estimate needed and lastly any place to get cheap supply’s for pens supply’s post netting drinkers etc thanks any advice helpful
  13. Thanks everyone ya understand what your all saying about the size and drives on top of each other’s all I can say to him is about this so either less birds or if he wants to go for it then that’s up to him but will be a big big trail
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