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  1. Covering their derrieres.......
  2. A great session and no better way to test a cartridge in your gun!! far better that sitting at home counting pellets etc !!
  3. And that`s it in a nutshell,we`re going to be scapegoats for Police failings.
  4. Yep,worth quite a bit ! Have a look at Stationroadsteam.com,they have a few running restorations for sale....
  5. As someone who was taught Latin in a state grammar school i agree with you ,it gives a head start with many languages.
  6. Agreed,last week three of us had a 20b shoot as a new 725 20b had been purchased by a friend. He broke every target shown ,several of the tougher ones being from the previous 100 reg comp....he had skeet & 1/4 choke in it and used a mix of Hull Pro`s and Eley CT 24g fibre....
  7. P attern plate is good but simply going and shooting at things is best and forget the figures !!!
  8. Nothing fails from having it`s oil changed too often ......
  9. There`s Crabtree near Kirby Lonsdale too,usually good but not sure of opening days/times. Depends where you`re based really.Hth
  10. Belsay Shooting Ground ,Thurs,Sat,Sunday. Always an excellent set of targets for 100 practice and sensible ££.
  11. Seem to recall that some of the Italian Mini Mags etc were higher pressure than anything loaded in the UK back in the 80`s. Perhaps reproofed for something such?
  12. matone

    Brady slip

    The leather muzzle caps on Brady slips were especially shaped for s/s barrels or o/u barrels .Its not a lom style being referred to.
  13. Grand bloke and a tragic loss.......
  14. Yes ,it`s a good car for the country but I think i`ll be looking elsewhere as i require better on road performance personally.
  15. Looked at a lovely ,low mileage 1.6 XV today,could not fault the car until I drove it on the road.....underpowered isn`t the word for that engine,was really amazed at the lack of performance and very disappointed not to want it.
  16. Good to read a report of someone actually having some shooting!!! excellent.
  17. i`d ignore that bit of `wisdom`. Millions of shotguns have been produced and I`d guess they all came with a bead on........
  18. Before the immigrants eradicated them ,there were approx 60 million American buffalo so there have always been huge numbers of bovines back in time ! Not to mention what has been wiped out around the world in total .Its an invalid argument to say cattle are an issue .
  19. Never underestimate the Highland Midge !! Only thing I`ve found deters them is cigar smoke ,that and a midge proof smock top with headnet.Hth.
  20. Yes,we were never welcome at that table but did have money to pay for the meal!!! Always!
  21. What summertime should be about! Excellent.
  22. Really don`t understand the empty case nonsense there,nowhere else seems to have any issues with disposing of them !
  23. Very good advice ! The intervals some are describing make a mockery of `full service history` in adverts for used vehicles ......
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