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  1. Sorry for being late to the discussion.Been stuck on Household DIY all week ,only heard about it on Youtube,while I was having my Breakfast this morning.Has it been on the TV ?( unlikely on the BBC ).
  2. I find it hard to believe that that the BASC did not know a Shooting Ban was on the cards when it was first mentioned in March. Chris Packham did not bring a legal challenge overnight and the way the law drags its Heels some protest should have been organised on a UK basis. The NFU ,BASC and other Organisations like Pest Controllers should unite. What do you think?,have we been let down?.
  3. For those People not aware. It is illegal from today to shoot Pigeons,Crows,Magpies,Corvids,MagpiesJays And lots more. Chris Packham crowd funded Lawyers to bring a case against the Govt. stating the General Licence for pest control is illegal, so the Govt has introduced a ban. This will impact Farmers,Brewers ,Dairy Farmers,Game Keepers,Rifle sales,Pest Controllers,Sports and put food prices up and increase the mortality of Songbirds. We must protest .
  4. I have a BSA Ultra .177 which is a great Rifle for Hunting.Having Springers as well ,I thought the Ultra was faulty because it was so quiet and kept walking up to the target to see it I’d hit anything. My only minus is the high cost of additional magazines, but as it is unlikely I’d take 40 shots in a session of Hunting Pigeons it’s not a problem. If you started off with a well made but mid priced Rifle you could trade up to a Daystate or Air Arms At a later stage.
  5. Well I think I have decided to get an Air Arms Underlever Rifle In .177 But which one of the three is the best made and best for Hunting? Also I read that by using some Pellets in the HC version the 12lb Legal Limit can be exceeded because the ft/lbs can go up to 16. Is this true ? Or just a myth?. All advice appreciated.
  6. Can anyone recommend a Rangefinder that doesn’t cost hundreds and is it really worth getting one?.
  7. Just a couple of DIY ideas. Use Biro Pens to carry Pellets instead of Rattling Pellet Tins.The cheap Biros you get from Poundland work well and you can keep about 26 .177 and about 25 Pellets in each Pen.Unscrew the end, remove ink refil andput your Pellets in ,Head end toward the screw in cap, put a bit of Kitchen Roll in the end or foam to prevent rattle. Easy to slip into a Pocket Keep Milk Carton Caps or Water Bottle Caps,Glue them onto a Wooden Clothes Peg at the point where you open and close the peg,not the grip end. These are great for Targets and checking Scope Aim as they will go on twigs, fence wire etc and are cheap to make too.
  8. Hi Shooters I have been given a brand new Gammo 610 .22 Springer. Not a lot of reviews on YouTube so just wondered if they are any good for Hunting.A nice Light Rifle with Iron Sights that I fitted with a Nikko Mountmaster 3x9x50 AO Scope. Havent had a real shoot with it yet ,so any info appreciated. Thanks for reading this.
  9. Hi Shooters I have a dilemma.I want to buy an underlever .177 Rifle for Hunting and after watching dozens of YouTube Videos I am torn between an Air Arms TX200 or a HW 97KT Both are superb Rifles ,I know they are heavy ,but it will keep me fit!. Can any owners of the two Rifles offer pros and cons or advice? I have a BSA Ultra SE and a BSA Lightning XL Tactical And Although the Lightning is fine it’s a bit twangy or maybe it’s just the proximity to my Ear when firing. Is the HW97 the best Underlever for Hunting ?,any thoughts? Another question, how can I keep my Rifles legal as I have heard that Pellet choice can push the ft/lbs over the limit. Thank you for reading my post.
  10. Further to my request for info on Decoys.Can anyone advise on Camo Netting to construct a Hide.I have seen a Hide Kit on Ebay ,has anyone tried one?.Also is there a specific colour or type of Netting that is better.The Farm where I shoot is pretty open ,but my thinking is to build a Hide close in to the perimeter Hedge rows. I am also targeting Sitty Trees ,but a popular one is covered in a type of Holly ,so clear shots at Pigeons and Squirrels is not easy for an Air Rifle.
  11. Thank you Everyone for your practical help and advice ,much appreciated.😄👍
  12. I have just started Pigeon Shooting at a Friends Farm,but try as I might ,I just can’t get close enough with my Air Rifle to get a clean shot. This is mainly because the Fields are very open with little cover and they can see me from a long way off.I am thinking of using a Hide and Decoys to bring them within range,but would like info on which Decoy is best,Painted or Flocked,and how many should I get? Any help would be welcomed.
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