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  1. Thread update, I decided to get a Q7 after viewing everything discussed. Ended up with a 07 4.2 with 21 inch wheels. Despite some comments this is by far the most comfortable ride I’ve ever had (used to own a merc cl500 and that was amazing). So happy with it so anyone in a similar boat to me definitely worth getting if you don’t plan on off-roading
  2. Thanks for your input Hamster, I agree the instances of Q7’s being stuck on wet flat grass are more related to the tyres fitted instead of the capability of the 4x4 system. Audi did make quite a name for themselves in the past for their four wheel drive capability . final question Hamster have you had any dealings with the merc GL ? Pretty sure I’m edging towards the Q7 but the merc gets good reviews by owners on autotrader and the online reviews I’ve seen. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info mungler, it would be personal but I’ve always preferred to own rather than lease. Just my preference. Gordon r - the Toureg is a good shout but only do 5 seats according to autotrader. I need a 7 seater. I did test drive the Q7 and didn’t notice it being a particular rough ride especially coming from my 320d with m sport suspension and 255/30/19 run flats which isn’t forgiving so that’s not too much of a concern. It will only be used for school and work. No off roading. Just need something with 7 seats and plenty of space inside. after yesterday’s news about the car dealerships opening next month I’ll get to look at a few of the other suggestions and hopefully get something before August when the baby’s due so still time to look into it. thanks for all the contributions 😂 that’s the one my heart wants and with the info about parts from vince green I’m very tempted. Only thing is my budget just about gets me into them within the criteria of 10 y/o and less than 100k. I’ve found about 3 that would suit
  4. Thanks everyone for the replies, Vince green that’s a great shout about the parts from Germany and something I’ll definitely be looking into. Is there any company or channel you go down to order. The Kia is a good shout also as a lad at work has one and he speaks highly of it but it just doesn’t float my boat personally. Hdav the Volvo is also a good shout. My main list were xc90/X5/Q7/GL. I test drove a Q7 and it was nice. Nothing special on the short drive but the 7 seats and the space behind for a pram and soon a dog was great. also looked at the disco 4 but my mechanic mate who usually does the work said he’d disown me if I bought one. He’s not a fan. im open to any decent motor but my head says the Q7 but my heart says the merc. The last was such an amazing car I need to at least test drive one before taking the plunge. Thanks for all the suggestions
  5. Hi all, we’re looking at getting a new motor as my missus is pregnant and soon there will be 5 of us and 3 in child car seats. We’re looking at these 2 as they are 7 seaters and I’m after a 4x4. Are there any current or past owners to offer real world experience and ownership rather than a car review on YouTube. We’re looking at around 2010-12 models around 10k ish with less than 100k on the clock. There’s plenty of Q7’s in that bracket but only a few merc’s. I previously owned a merc cl500 so the reliability and price of parts (suspension leg was £1500 on the cl) is something I’d like to be cautious of. finally anyone who wants a bmw 320d m sport convertible there will be on for sale soon 😂 thanks in advance, stay safe and atb 425
  6. After putting it up for sale I’ve decided to keep the bike now. Looking at her last night has given me the bug again to get back into riding so no longer for sale.
  7. I had one of them. Had a crack in the rear swing arm ☹️ £1500 from yeti for replacement 😮 broke it for parts and sold them to put towards this. Lovely bike but the carbon frames do have issues
  8. Hi all and thanks for looking, up for sale is my Lappierre zesty 927 carbon 2014 (medium frame size)top of the range bike. New these bikes were £6000. The bike was serviced in may but only picked up today 16/10/2019. Receipt to prove. The bike has just been serviced at leisure lakes bury at a cost of £160 for the platinum service which includes full strip down to frame, all bearings checked/cleaned and greased and new gear cables fitted, new brake fluid and new pads, also front fork service. I had the rear shock sent of to be serviced and kashima Coated at a additional cost of £165. I also had a full frame check as it’s carbon fibre carried out (see in the notes) frame is perfect. Spec as follows- Fox 34’s 150mm travel kashima Coated front fork Fox rp2 boost valve rear shock (just been serviced and kashima coated) Rock show reverb stealth dropper seat Shimani sram X9 gears Formula R1 brakes ( amazingly powerful) when made they were the lightest and most powerful 2 pot brakes going. Brand new KMC X10SL Gold chain. New bearings and studs fitted to pedals. Brand new magic Mary tyre 27.5 fitted to front, also front and rear inner tubes are new. Front and rear brake pads newI’m sure I’ve forgotten something so any questions feel free to ask. The bike has not been ridden since the service so you can buy with complete confidence the bike is in A1 condition. I was getting it ready to get back into riding but other priorities mean I just won’t have the time. Service and rear shock and other bits cost £405 with receipt to prove. Please look at the mechanics notes in the pictures to see his notes on the work done and after his test ride of it for complete peace of mind. Collection in Oldham. Cash on collection. Thanks mike £1500 ono I can’t upload pictures as apparently there too big apparently but can text or email 07471501395
  9. Hi all, up for sale is my 2001 Yamaha R6 in blue. The bike is in really good condition, also 6 months ago had a full service, new battery, new brake pads front and rear and new fork seals and fluid for the forks. The bike also has a Pre wired in port for the trickle charger which is included in the sale. The bike is overall in good condition, the only marks are on the right side where the previous owner dropped it in his garage. There’s a very small mark on the right lower fairing and a slight dent in the blue flame exhaust can. Both aren’t that noticeable but I want to describe as honest as possible. The bike has about 6 months mot but I will check and update the ad with the exact date. I’ve owned the bike 7 months and it has performed perfectly. Both tyres are good. New house forces reluctant sale. Any questions or for more pictures feel free to get in touch as I can’t upload pictures as it says there too big. I’m asking £1900 Ono. Mike 07471501395
  10. Hi all and thanks for looking, up for sale is my 2000 Mercedes CL 500 V8 spares or repairs. The car has 82,000 miles on it and has just failed its MOT the work required is two new rear brake pipes and a CV boot from the rear drive shaft to the diff and possibly a new drive shaft as dirt and water has gotten into the CV joint. It’s just had a new near side leg fitted and a new tyre. I’ve spent a bit on the car but I I need something more economical and I have a motorbike im riding more now so time for it to go. The brake pipes are t the easiest as they go over the petrol tank and I haven’t got the time to attempt them myself. The drive shaft is 100 plus vat for a second hand one. The car car has every option fitted to a top Of the range Mercedes as you would expect including heated and air-conditioned massaging seats, Alcantarra roof lining air-conditioning, parking sensors, full black leather interior in immaculate conditions. These are stunning care and it’s a Shame I don’t have the time or resources to put the car right these are in appreciating classic I can send pictures but can’t upload them to here for some reason any questions feel free to ask. I’m asking £1800 Ono. Car in Oldham thanks mike. 07471501395
  11. I’ve just been informed it’s a letter of administration we need
  12. Thanks for the advice guys. I’ve just had an updated off my sister who we don’t really speak to. The solicitor has confirmed for £60 plus vat they will renounce themselves but then we need to apply for the money somehow, I asked if it’s probate and she said as it’s a low amount of money we don’t need probate but she’s looked into it and the process that we need involves filling in about 30 pages of forms and send them off to hmrc then somewhere else. She said you can pay to have this done but isn’t sure what the name of the process is called if applying ourselves and I can’t really look into it without knowing what the process is called. We could do it ourselves but she’s had a look at them and said it’s a minefield and would rather get someone professionally to do it
  13. Hi all, long story but I’ll try to keep it as short as possible. My dad passed away 6 years ago, and didn’t have much money, he did one of those deals where you sell your house and live in it till you pass away then they take possession. After he died my two older sisters dealt with everything as I was a mess, they went to a free drop in solicitor and he advised them not to apply for probate as they would be liable for any losses as well as gains. He had a credit card with a few grand on it I think and maybe one or two other debts. No car and no other asset’s so they followed the advice. We received about £150 per month for about a year off one of his pension’s between the three of us but nothing else. Out of the blue my middle sister (who neither me or my older sister speak to) got a letter from a solicitor explaining that when the house sold there was a small percentage due to us ( just short of £5300). The solicitor dealing with it says they are the named executor and for them to ‘renounce’ themselves they would charge us £1500. Also they informed us if it was under 5k they could of just paid it straight to us. My eldest sister doesn’t want to apply for probate encase she gets chased for any debts as she did after he died even though we sent death certificates to everyone we heard from and after receiving the death certificates she still received calls being chased for the money. I’m just trying to explore the options to avoid paying the £1500 to the solicitor, also they told us last November about the money so 10 months later they’ve still not done anything and seem to be twiddling their thumbs. Is there anything we can do or do we just have to wait another 10 months for them to tell us they won’t renounce themselves and sting us for the £1500 anyway. Any helpful advice or comments appreciated form the limited information I’ve provided. Thank s 425
  14. Hi all, up for sale is my CamelBak skyline LR10 3LTR lowrider back pack and xl fox ranger gel gloves with pump and multi tool. Bought this all brand new for riding this summer but priorities have changed so I won’t get time to use them. Tags removed but none have been out the house as you will see from the new condition. In total I spent about £125 and I’m asking £70 ovno. Any questions feel free to ask and thanks for looking mike 07471501395 I can’t upload pictures because there too big apparently ☹️ but can send to anyone interested via phone or email. Can post at additional cost first class or collection from Oldham
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