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  1. Earlier in the year I signed up to two syndicate places at the Great Fulford Shoot near Cheriton Bishop. My partners dad now has dementia and I'm not going to be able to make several days this season so at a reduced cost I am offering 2 pegs on Dec 12th, Dec 27th and Jan 3rd. These days are all for 200 birds shooting 8 guns and cost me £850 per peg. I would prefer to sell both pegs together at a cost of £600 per peg, no offers please. The shoots website is here http://www.greatfulfordshoot.co.uk/ If this is of interest to you please send me a message
  2. Sorry mate but shooting plaswads on shoots I attend is very limited. I'll give you £50 but thats it
  3. I'm thinking about getting one so please report back with your findings. Thanks
  4. stavvy

    9mm garden gun

    Ive got one Colin. Not sure where the Cotswold bash is but I'm near bristol if thats any good?
  5. Good luck Ed, We have just finished a new build of 6 flats near the forest of dean. This is out of our area so we tried to employ local subbies, we went through 9 carpenters, their work was just awful. I think a lot of the skilled, time served trades have left the industry. We seemed to attract the - I've got a full set of Makita tools I'll advertise myself as a chippy brigade. A great opportunity for someone
  6. Might help to post a few photos ratty
  7. The OP mentioned taking steel shot for duck. Am I right in thinking that you cant shoot steel through anything tighter than a1/2 choke?
  8. Where are you and what version is it please?
  9. I've watched several utube tutorials on their use and it looks fairly straight forward to me...
  10. Ive been done twice. Lost £1200 of tools the first time and £6500 the second. No signs of forced entry. The first time i was hit, even though I was sure I locked the van I came to the conclusion that i must have left it open. Ever since then ive locked, deadlocked and alarmed the van. The second time was about a year later. Definately locked the van but they emptied it. Petrol saw, chop saw, laser, tripod, drills, impact wrench, the whole lot gone. It was only after the 2nd hit I was told about the Ford tibbe key. I now empty my van of tools every night without fail
  11. Firearms.licensing@avonandsomerset.police.uk 01179 455175
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