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  1. walshie

    Vegan in the family

    So cutting through this bickering, British Shooting should do exactly as he sees fit. Hope you enjoy your big day.
  2. walshie

    Shotgun cert full ?.

    Send it off. They'll transfer the handwritten ones to the shotguns owned section, freeing up the space where you write.
  3. walshie

    Vegan in the family

    Can a man even be a feminist?
  4. walshie

    Gun dealers comision

    I was going to say 10-20% would be about right. They most certainly don't make £150 on a new one.
  5. walshie

    SAK Mod recommendations- thank you!

    Most (but not all) guns change POI with and without a mod. As long as it's still grouping OK. just zero it in with the mod on. It's something to do with the barrel harmonics changing with the extra weight and length.
  6. walshie

    Vegan in the family

  7. walshie

    Vegan in the family

    The difference is the vegans would all be inhaling the chickeny goodness of your bucket wishing they could have some. I doubt a bit of grilled eggplant would tempt anyone.
  8. walshie

    Vegan in the family

    If you were going to a vegan wedding, do you think they'd lay on a pork chop to suit you? Of course not. You would have to tolerate nut brioche and lentils like all the other pasty faced opinionated loveys. Nothing wrong with inviting them, but don't change your plans for them. They can bring sandwiches. Treat them with the same condescending contempt they reserve for you.
  9. walshie


    All this talk of extra expense. If it's the wrong thread the dealer should change it. If it's the right thread, as said, it's probably the paint bunging it up. (I've had this happen. Took 10 seconds to sort.
  10. walshie

    world cup

    I'm not a football fan, but some of it amused me. Pickford is always shouting at his teammates for not doing this or that. Why don't his teammates shout at him for letting in goals?
  11. walshie

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Having May in charge of negotiating Brexit is like putting me in charge of the next vegetarian dinner party. It's always going to have at least bacon in it.
  12. walshie

    BREXIT - merged threads

    A Brexiteer rather than a dedicated remainer would be a start. Someone with a spine would be nice too.
  13. walshie

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Some Tory is saying we need a second referendum as asking the British people is the only way forward. If only we had thought of that 2 years ago. If we did have one (and I really believe it would be the same result) we would be back exactly where we are now with a staunch remainer trying to negotiate us leaving. I said to my mrs last week that May would be out of a job by the end of last week. Hopefully this week.
  14. walshie

    Flies grr.

    Maybe it's the weather or maybe I'm lucky but last year we had an infestation at the top of the stairs and another in the conservatory. This year - none.
  15. walshie

    Flies grr.

    Was he swatting you for leaving the windows open?