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  1. Great video. Very interesting.
  2. Sorry to hear that. Condolences to family and friends.
  3. I wasn't being rude. I just meant with the shape of the ears showing, the heads not being square etc. Maybe a bit of poetic licence in moving the dogs apart a bit. Anyone who knows ridgebacks, will "get" the iconic look of a pair laying together. They aren't my dogs, so I can't do that, but you're right. I should maybe find a better picture. I think I'll stick with the dogs above the crossbar and the sign hanging under it though. Maybe not. Things are different when you see them in black and white. Or black in this case. Possibly not, which is why I was knocking the idea about before going ahead.
  4. Yes. That's the kind of thing. Maybe with a little more detail, but that's sort of what I was hoping for. 👍
  5. Nice one. Don't put yourself out though. I'm in no rush. Thanks.
  6. If only I knew how to edit the pictures and what linkscape and SVG are, I'd be laughing.
  7. I'm thinking about making a simple name sign on a post for our house, similar to this: I've got someone in mind to make the double sided house name that hangs down, but here is the not-so-simple part: On the top part of the cross bar, I want the silhouette of a photo I have. This one. (My dog's Grandmother and Mother) I would need someone to turn the photo into a silhouette, scale it according to the size of the post bar, cut it out of sheet metal, then weld it to a flat piece of metal so I can mount it on the top side of the bar. Does anyone know of someone capable of doing all this or would I need to go to 2 companies, one for the artwork and scaling and one for the fabrication? Any suggestions much appreciated.
  8. walshie

    Urban foxes

    There is no specific legislation to say trapped foxes can't be released. I suppose it could be argued that relocating them causes distress or suffering, but I doubt that could ever be proven, as "distress or suffering" is subjective and in this case, definitely not deliberate. I've shot many foxes myself that have had medical treatment from operations to broken bones, so someone has paid for the treatment and released them. Whether it's an animal welfare group or the RSPCA (even though they say they don't do it) they are killing them with supposed kindness. Released foxes don't last long. With regards to shooting them in your garden, I shot at least 50 in my back garden in the last year I lived in London, either in a cage trap or from the bedroom window.
  9. walshie

    Urban foxes

    Cage trap then a 22rf to the noggin.
  10. I'd be thinking more along the lines of a cap for the centre of the steering wheel or even a tank badge for a motorbike.
  11. Sounds like the alternator is overcharging the battery. Maybe the alternator itself, the regulator or the rectifier. Regardless of what it is, if it keeps breaking down it's not fir for purpose. I'd give the dealer one last chance to fix it, but with the proviso if he doesn't, you'll be returning the truck for a full refund.
  12. walshie

    Today's weather

    Forecasters got it wrong here as per usual. They said 23 degrees, cloudy and showers. Actual weather 30 degrees, no clouds at all and no showers. Very humid though.
  13. walshie

    Sneaky clegs

    I was going to say I;ve never been bitten by a tick, but look what happened to you when you said it.
  14. walshie

    Sneaky clegs

    I got bitten on the calf yesterday but I was just outside my back door so quickly went in, washed it and put antihsitamine cream on the area. Today it is slightly pink but not raised or itchy. Don't know if I swatted the cleg off before it had a chance to really get stuck in or the immediate lifesaving medical treatment helped.. 👨‍⚕️
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