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  1. Headlights make you look further away than you really are on a bike, or so my Police instructor told me. Still a poor excuse though.
  2. I'm sure the original heron is dead of old age by now.
  3. Yay!! What's funny about the name marianum?
  4. Hard to tell from the photo. Is it milk thistle?
  5. walshie


    Never been a fan of Starbucks and even less of a fan of the prices and the people lining up for their coconut lattes. Instant for us is Kenco and bean to cup is Taylors strength 4. For a quick cup while I'm out and about, McDonalds coffee has got a lot better in recent years.
  6. Hypocrisy is cancelled out by their monumental self-importance and virtue-signalling, so all's good.
  7. walshie


    Sadly Allan died last June.
  8. walshie


    Allan Fingers was a very knowledgeable man. I miss being able to chat to him.
  9. walshie


    Very sad. Seeing that spire fall is something I'll never forget.
  10. walshie

    Tiger Woods

    My son got 7/1 odds on him. Quids in. I'm not tired of hearing about him winning one of the Majors. If I was, I wouldn't read the golf section in the news.
  11. walshie

    Vitamin B

    Skin so soft doesn't work for me. DEET does (well jungle formula) but it's horrible stuff as you say. I try to avoid it if poss. Hopefully this vit B will do the trick.
  12. walshie

    Vitamin B

    Well, had a few weeks on this now. Don;t feel any different and I've got used to luminous pee. Haven't been bitten yet, so fingers crossed, but then it's been cold. This time next week I'll be in Savannah GA and in the 80s, so that will be a much better test. Can't wait.
  13. Yes, thank you. I can read English. As I'm sure you can see, it states that once the work has begun, the barrel shall be deemed out of proof. I didn't say otherwise. Having an out of proof gun is not illegal. Selling it is. The OP clearly said he wasn't going to sell the gun.
  14. No he can't as it's not a legal requirement if you're keeping it. He might try though. Oops. Just read the above but I stand by what I said. Last gun I had chopped and screwcut wasn't reproofed I wasn't even asked if I wanted it to be.
  15. 2 dogs and 2 barren vixens Wednesday night. Total = 184
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