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  1. Racist or not racist.

    Is the Aussie an Aborigine?
  2. Racist or not racist.

    Surely it has something to do with racism if the police can find the manpower to investigate some attacks and not others.
  3. Kite

    Not a great pic as only had my phone, but this kite dive bombed my dog a few times trying to nick his bone or pick some meat off it. The dog just looked bemused.
  4. Racist or not racist.

    My son and his mate got attacked by about 20 asians with bits of wood a good few years ago. That wasn't racist either apparently. That was a Saturday night and by Monday they had closed the investigation - if you can call it that.
  5. I see that of course, but I'm sure I'd brake if the car looked like it wasn't going to. What's the point of a safety driver if he doesn't make the thing safe? Maybe he should change his job title to "accident witness". I'm sure airline pilots wouldn't let the plane smash into a mountain whether or not it was on auto pilot.
  6. What the hell was the human "safety driver" doing?
  7. six nations

    That's exactly what my mate said to me as the camera zoomed in on Farrell Snr wearing a green hat.
  8. Scope mounted lamp - glare off mod..?

    As above, mount it as far back as possible.
  9. six nations

    Thoroughly deserved Grand Slam Ireland and what a great day for you to win it.
  10. Auto renewals.

    3 cars. Well la-di-da.
  11. Auto renewals.

    They shouldn't try to get you a better quote when you phone. They should give you the best they can do in the first place. I had this discussion with my (old) house insurance people last month. The quote they sent me was £100 more than last year. By the time they had juggled figures and "loyalty discounts" is was £150 more! Then she had the cheek to say, "How does that sound?" Click, brrrrrrrrrr.
  12. Auto renewals.

    My latest renewal said as I had been with them for a while I might find cover cheaper elsewhere.
  13. Teacher bashing!!

    Keyboard walt. lol. Clearly. No, I know you don't have the power to make decisions. Just gets up my nose when people like you gloat about having days off when other people have to work. Edited to add: You do know what a walt is don't you?
  14. what mag scope to use

    6x42 for me.
  15. Teacher bashing!!

    Gloating about having days off for feeble reasons isn't high on my list of wants thank you.