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  1. Variation mistake

    It's irrelevant what he thinks of you. You can ask for what you want/need and he can carry on doing his job as a public servant.
  2. End of probationary period

    As above you will need cleared land to shoot on otherwise you will be stuck with target only until you do. Most (but not all) FACs are "closed" to begin with. If it is, you'll just have to put up with it for a while till you gain more experience. There's no quick and easy way round this, and to be honest I think it's a good idea as there is a lot of difference between targets and live quarry. I'd also recommend starting on smaller stuff than deer to build your fieldcraft and experience. Going straight from targets to deer is a big step. Rabbits are always a good starting point. Take it step by step. Don't try to run before you can walk.
  3. Decoy

    Might have been a sculpture, but it just seemed a really odd place to leave it. It was very remote. No work going on recently that I could see. Cheers. I've been practicing my stalking. It didn't even look round.
  4. Shot range

    People overthink everything these days. As long as you know how far a given gun shoots, does it really matter why? Especially when most of the answers are speculation.
  5. Decoy

    It was a bit too nice to be an archery target and it had no holes in it. Could have been a trojan pig I guess, full of midgets. Walker...Oh dear.
  6. Decoy

    I needed to get out this afternoon, so the wife and I took the dogs to some woods near here. Suddenly both dogs stopped and cocked their heads. That is normally just before they give chase to something, so we put their leads on. About 100-150 yards away in a clearing there was a boar standing staring back at us and it was big. We followed the path which led past the boar but a fair way away still. The boar wasn't turning to face us. We stopped and watched it for a couple of minutes and it didn't move. The dogs were alert but not pulling to get to it. My nosiness go the better of me so with the cunning of a jungle cat , I crept nearer to it. The nearer I got to it, the more I wondered if it was real. It was made of wood! It's back came up to my thigh and it was nicely painted and looked so real. I know boar hunters scatter bait around to attract them, but do they use decoys? If not, it's a bit random to put a wooden boar in a forest with no nearby houses.
  7. New Leupold’s at silly prices

    Any thing and everything is faked these days.
  8. He should just put a sign up saying "No shell suits." That would weed out the Poles without directly mentioning them.
  9. Shot range

    Ignored as irrelevant. Apart from being plain rude, how do you know it's irrelevant if you don't know the answer yourself?
  10. 223 ballistics

    Perfect! Thank you.
  11. 223 ballistics

    About 1 1/2". I just found an online one that might work. The internet can do that? Thanks anyway guys.
  12. My 223 is zeroed at 200 yards and it is point and shoot up to that distance. I don't have a ballistics calculator so I wonder if some kind soul could possibly give me a rough idea how high it would be shooting at 50 yards and 100 yards? I realise there are a lot of variables, but I would just like an idea to be getting on with. 53gr v-max (BC .290) @ 3250 fps. 20" barrel. Thanks in advance.
  13. carillion

    Spot on!
  14. Shot range

    Is it because on leaving the barrel the shot are all together like a slug therefore the 20b might have the same muzzle velocity, but a lot more muzzle energy?
  15. TESLA

    I was nearly run over by one of those in St. Davids a few weeks back. Didn't hear it coming. Literally.