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  1. walshie

    Metropolitan police sgc

    It isn't a specific time of year, just how many people got their SGC this time 5 years ago.
  2. walshie

    Metropolitan police sgc

    Nothing wrong with being impatient mate. We all were when we were waiting for our first ticket. As far as timescales you, you can be lucky or unlucky if your application coincides with a lot of renewals.
  3. walshie

    How far

    The bullet would only go as far as the safely pre-considered backstop.
  4. walshie

    I'm going vegan

    That's interesting. Hopefully it will be squashed underfoot here soon. My outrage is somewhat quelled.
  5. walshie

    Metropolitan police sgc

    What is this "letting it slip to 7 weeks"you talk about? Do the Met guarantee a timeline? You've had your ticket a couple of weeks and are already urging others to write to the PCC if their ticket isn't with them in the same timeframe as yours. Consider yourself fortunate you had such a speedy experience. I used to live in London and my first SGC was granted by the Met. I waited about 3 months for the visit and another month after that for the ticket to drop on my mat. If someone has been waiting a ridiculous amount of time, a call or email to the FET is in order. Rabble-rousing just because you are impatient is not. You'll come to find having a decent rapport with your FET will get a lot more done than attempting to go over their heads if you have an issue.
  6. The strange pink custard at school brought back some memories. That, or a sort of light brown custard. Both tasted slightly perfumy to me. Home made apple and blackberry crumble with normal colour custard was and still is my favourite.
  7. walshie

    Metropolitan police sgc

    I agree for serious matters. IMO waiting 7 weeks isn't a serious matter.
  8. walshie

    I'm going vegan

    Let the weirdos eat what they want. Just don't expect me to change my carnivorous ways. If we weren't meant to eat meat, why does it taste so nice? And what's this tofu "bacon" and quorn "chicken" and now vivera "steak" all about? Trying to make it sound more appealing by referencing decent food is surely false advertising. It should be called thinly sliced rubbery stuff or slightly thicker rubbery stuff. The dictionary definitions of bacon, chicken and steak are all meat-based.
  9. walshie

    Metropolitan police sgc

    Hasn't been passed to the local firearms office? Where did you send your application then? They'll be processing renewals before grants like all forces do. I certainly wouldn't get het up about 7 weeks. Even after the interview if all goes well, you'll have another wait then too. I'd take the advice above about complaining to the PCC with a pinch of salt.
  10. walshie

    What Species Do You Enjoy Eating The Most ?

    I've not eaten all 6 species, but I have eaten munties, roe, fallow and red. Obviously there could be some differences in how they were prepared, but in order of "gaminess" I found red to be the gamiest, then fallow, then roe, then muntjac, like there is a correlation between size and gaminess. My least favourite is roe. It's not the taste, I'm just not keen on the texture, which especially the loins, is so soft it's almost like eating pate. Muntjac whether male or female have had little gaminess and a very nice texture, almost like lamb. At least that's my personal experience.
  11. walshie

    Annual Booster

    Yeah, up to date boosters are a must for kennels. That's the only reason we get them done.
  12. walshie

    VAT on imported goods

  13. walshie

    VAT on imported goods

    I recently bought a picatinny rail from the U.S and got hammered for V.A.T and £8 for the Royal Mail to "handle" the charge. Liberty. If someone in Ireland (Republic of) ordered an item from the U.S. would they have to pay some sort of import tax on it? Asking for a friend.