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  1. 4 dog foxes last night. 223 and lamp. Total = 507
  2. So you knew you were prohibited from owning them, but did so anyway? Not being funny, but that doesn't sound like a responsible potential gun owner.
  3. walshie


    Have you had a stroke?
  4. walshie

    Fox club

    We've had a couple from there over the years that definitely were. Had signs of vet treatment etc. I'd say most weren't though as the place is really conducive to huge numbers.with lots of housing round the perimeter, lots of housing on the inner part of the land and loads of WW2 bomb holes which seem to have been made home. That and the fact no-one else has permission there.
  5. She probably really liked it and doesn't want to admit it.
  6. 9 last night. Amazingly 6 dogs and 3 vixens fell to the 223 and lamp. What a night. Total = 493.
  7. walshie

    Fox club

    We went out last night and were astounded by how many foxes were about. The weather was good, no moon and a decent breeze. We had 4 foxes in the bag within the first 30 minutes! A bit of a quiet spell for an hour then another 5 presented themselves. Must have seen at least twice that amount, but 9 in 4 hours is an all time record for the pair of us. 6 dogs and 3 vixens.
  8. walshie

    PPI job losses

    Ditto. We have a high voltage pole in our field and get £8 a year for it. Methinks it might be worth re-negotiation.
  9. 2 last night. Big dog and a vixen. 223 and lamp. Total = 468
  10. I'd love to be able to make something like this, but I know I never will. Just watching it is hypnotic.
  11. Cool. i'll drop you a pm in the morning. 👍
  12. I'll come and take a look if you like. I assume you aren't in Kent?
  13. Are you asking about anyone who already shoots there or do you need a job done? I'm not far from there.
  14. No-one would know you'd done it yourself.....unless you posted it on a public forum. There's no gas involved in changing it. Just a nut at one end and a clip at the other.
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