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  1. Apologies if this is a bit obvious, but after our boiler was serviced last year the hot water was a lot cooler than it had been before the service. On closer investigation the engineer had turned down the water temperature but we couldn't see it as it's an external boiler and those controls are inside the cabinet. A quick turn of the dial and we were back to normal. Probably doesn't apply to you, but worth checking.
  2. Of course. And barbecue summers.
  3. They said we'd have snow on 6th. We didn't. Then 10th. We didn't They said today would be sunny and dry. It's been pouring down and windy all day. They can't predict a day in advance so 2 weeks? No chance.
  4. walshie


    Can't answer the factory ammo question, but you don't need a variation. 7.62 covers all variants.
  5. Fair enough, I can see that, but my take on that is that it is an interpretation of another law, rather than a law in itself. If releasing foxes was illegal, there would be a law saying specifically that. They bother to write a law for grey squirrels, so I'm sure they would for foxes if it was the case.
  6. I agree with everything else you said but it's not illegal to relocate foxes as they are a native species to the UK. Frowned upon? Yes. Ill advised? Yes. Illegal. No. It's kind of like Chinese Whispers where everyone thinks they've heard it or read it, but no-one (myself included) has ever managed to find the relevant legislation to back up the claim.
  7. walshie

    top gear

    I used to love Top Gear, then it got way past its sell-by date. There's only so many times a person can say "Power!" or "Gentleman's sausage" and still raise a laugh. I watched one episode with Chis Evans and never again, then one episode with Flintoff and never again. They just don't have the chemistry. I tried a couple of episodes of the Grand Tour and it just seemed like the old Top Gear but they were trying way too hard. (in my opinion.) Which is a shame, but everything has a lifespan.
  8. I'm not a fan of his, but I thought he owned it.
  9. The bloke who was prosecuted was prosecuted because he was an idiot who took about 5 shots to kill it. It was an animal suffering issue, not because he killed a squirrel. 👍 Just seen someone put the actual article up. Shooting it several times, not killing it then drowning it. Deserved to be prosecuted.
  10. There's no legal requirement to keep any of those securely (except black powder). All my reloading stuff is on a shelf. Until recently you had to keep expanding bullets locked away as they were S5 items. Now they are S1 there is no need. Only completed rounds need locking away.
  11. Just a mere slip of a lad.
  12. Living in the sticks has its advantages. Fully comp on a brand new Hilux is £220. Fully comp on a 1000cc Aprilia £68.
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