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  1. Electrocute yourself, flood the house, blow it up, get grease on your teeshirt.
  2. Second dibs for £35 if shotgun tim doesn't take it please.
  3. walshie

    Fruit tree ID

    The fruits are only about 1" long at the moment.
  4. When you receive it from the RFD. You can't notify them of a gun you haven't got.
  5. walshie

    Fruit tree ID

    This has grown in amongst willow trees and we're not sure what it is. Damson maybe? Thanks.
  6. Haven't got her home yet. Few weeks to wait till then. Going to see her again next week. I'll try to get a pic then.
  7. She comes from Dorset, but we're going with one of the four names above.....
  8. We've just bought a Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch puppy. We don't pick her up for a few weeks yet as she's very young. In the tradition of naming Ridgebacks with African names, we've narrowed it down to 4, but are having trouble deciding which one, so I put it to PW to help us decide. (Not that it really matters as mrs w will call her what she wants anyway.) Here's the choices and their meanings. Kaya: Restful (Zulu) Zula: Brilliant (Zulu) Kali: Fierce (Swahili) Zuri: Beautiful (Swahili) Thanks.
  9. He'll be licking his wounds for a few days yet.
  10. Not to check if a valve was damaged. He should be able to do that with a compression check and at worst, remove the head.
  11. The GLs aren't any different to what they used to be. Shooting a bird based on what it might have eaten or may intend to eat in the future is not good reason. The pigeons are fine, the crow and the jackdaw not so much. Just my opinion as ever.
  12. He tried every direction. On paper it is smaller than the tent. In real life, the tent curves so much it is a lot smaller at camp bed height. He had the choice of sleeping with his feet out or laying on the groundsheet on the lumpy ground. (I assume it was lumpy. It was hard to tell through my inflatable mattress.) He went with option B.
  13. We went to the Le Mans 24 hour race again this year. Last year we had a new addition to our group who enjoyed the whole experience and his first time camping. This year he said he was taking a camp bed instead of his inflatable bed as he "kept rolling off" the inflatable last year, even though it was only because he didn't pump it up enough. I asked him if he was sure it would fit as he only has a small 2 man tent. I suggested trying it in his back garden to be sure. On the way, he admitted he hadn't. but "it's the same length as the tent, so it'll fit." He was so sure of this he didn't take any sort of backup in the form of a rollmat or anything. This is why preparation is better than assuming...
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