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  1. Good stuff. It's great to see what's going on when you aren't there. Looking forward to seeing plenty more pics. 👍
  2. And Bill Werbeniuk with his fags and beer.
  3. He is and no I haven't unfortunately.
  4. Stuart Bingham to win.
  5. You can tell it's not quite the same quality as the Tikka, but it's not the same price either. Both are as accurate as each other.
  6. I do. My Tikka T3 came screwcut. My son does. His Howa 1500 came screw cut also.
  7. It works great on ice. Drive down the hill as fast as you can, then just push the button when you need to stop and all will be well. Foolproof.
  8. If the valve is completely shut, the pipe will be cold for several feet before it. Anyway, hope you get it sorted.
  9. It's very unlikely that a pipe would get blocked to the extent that hot water couldn't pass through it. I'd be looking at the radiator valve as the culprit.
  10. You can bet the insurance companies check all the small print if it will give them a way out of making a payout. I told my bike insurer my bike is garaged overnight. I'm covered for theft anywhere, including my garage, but if it's stolen from my property but not in the garage, the excess doubles.
  11. walshie


    Apparently 14% of the population find coriander tastes like soap due to some gene or another. Seems I'm one of them.
  12. walshie


    I know. It's hard to explain but I think I found the answer anyway. Ta.
  13. walshie


    Deleted as I find the answer myself thanks.
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