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  1. That makes sense now. If it wasn't for the bad English, I'd assume it was real and just sent to the wrong email address.
  2. What does PC World have to do with a pub?
  3. Back in the day when you could go up to the cockpit of a plane, we took our son up to see the captain and he had been in my class at school. Another was in London when my mrs was walking the dog. She got talking to a guy who remarked on her accent and asked where in Ireland she was from as he was also Irish. When she mentioned the tiny village in Limerick she is from, he was amazed and said he used to spend many an hour just watching a blacksmith in that town. When my mrs asked what the blacksmith's name was, it was her Dad.
  4. The last one of those calls I got was from a girl who sounded like she was 12. I asked her to confirm my reg and date of the accident and she hung up too. How very dare she?
  5. walshie


    That's the opposite of my dentist who is seeing people if there is an issue, but not doing any checkups.
  6. walshie

    oil tanker

    Right near the SBS base in Poole too.
  7. Licences are free. Why not get one?
  8. Yes. 2.5mm cable as long as its only for a normal socket and not a cooker or shower.
  9. Romantic with a factual twist in as far as a ship called Titanic sank. Other than that, not very factual.
  10. It might be worth doing the basic competence course if you aren't familiar with how to use one. I didn't as i have radio experience from other sources.
  11. Yes. You'll need to get a Ship Portable Radio Licence which will register the radio rather than a Ship's Radio Licence that registers it to a specific vessel.
  12. Not quite correct nowadays. I recently registered with Ofcom and I don't have a certificate. I did it online and they gave me my boat ID and MMSI number there and then.
  13. Well done. Apart from the date in U.S format, the picture would have fooled me.
  14. Great. That's what I needed to know. Thanks.
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