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  1. walshie

    TomTom Sat Nav help

    Top man!
  2. walshie

    TomTom Sat Nav help

    Free is one of my favourite words. 👍 Along with puppy and moist.
  3. walshie

    TomTom Sat Nav help

    $193 for a fortnight. So no!
  4. walshie

    TomTom Sat Nav help

    I've got a basic Tomtom that does the UK and Europe. We're going to the U.S later this year and I'd like to run U.S maps on it. There's a slot for an SD card, but you can't buy maps on SD cards of parts of the U.S any more. You have to download the maps of the whole country. I've got 2gb free on the device, but nowhere on the Tomtom site does it say how big the U.S map is. Does anyone know if I would need to get an SD card, and if so, what size? Obviously I don't want to start downloading it to find it won't fit. Cheers.
  5. walshie

    Are you brave enough?

    I wouldn't even fancy taking the photo.
  6. walshie

    Keeping guns safe in vehicles.

    You keep everyone else locked in your car?
  7. walshie

    Back To Weekly refuse Collections!

    We get recycling collected every week and general waste fortnightly.
  8. walshie

    Sign this

    331, 225 including me. Just wish they'd spelled tolerated correctly.
  9. walshie

    Is this to good to be true?

    Get a pair of Baikals instead.
  10. walshie

    Is this to good to be true?

    He's obviously so sure of it he had to borrow £200k instead of investing his own money. Edited to add: This is a hoax and never happened. Google it.
  11. walshie

    Yet another scam!

    Strangely enough my wife has just this second had a similar call and told the caller to go away. Or words to that effect.
  12. walshie

    Gun Safe-Which bolts??

    Bigger isn't always better. You could use 10mm or 12mm if you wanted. I find 8mm more than strong enough and my FEO is happy with it. 8mm rod is substantial stuff.
  13. walshie

    Gun Safe-Which bolts??

    I've got cabinets bolted to brick and to block and I've used studding and resin on all of them. I drilled 10mm holes, blew out the dust, squeezed in the resin, then pushed 8mm studding (threaded rod) in. Beauty is you can cut them to whatever length you want with a hacksaw. Leave overnight and add a nut and washer. 👍
  14. walshie

    Gun Safe-Which bolts??

    I prefer studding and chemical resin. It doesn't put the stress on the blocks that rawlbolts do and you can drill a much smaller diameter hole.
  15. walshie

    It must be a record.

    If I could just add my two penneth. I understand forum rules and of course the site owner has the final say in how his forum is run. I know only too well how hard it is to find a happy medium between being a dictatorship that crushes the life out of members and letting them run amok. Of course new members can say what they like within the rules and they aren't "lesser" members because they are new, same as older members aren't "senior." There will always be differences of opinion, but ultimately most of us are grown men and should take whatever is said on the chin. On a purely personal note, I find it irksome when someone (no names mentioned) takes offence about "bitchy little threads" then writes a long post berating members for daring to have an opinion, and lecturing them on what they can and can't say. Ironic really as that's exactly what they are moaning about themselves.