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  1. walshie

    What plant

    Devil's trumpet? If it is, it's quite invasive. It's also hallucinogenic and poisonous.
  2. walshie

    Owen Jones

    Not one photo of the "3 or 4" alleged assailants, no description, and it would seem no cctv footage either. Maybe all 6 of the alleged victims were blind.
  3. I have a Hausken MD45 on my 22 hornet. Works very well.
  4. walshie

    Owen Jones

    Could have been far-right, homophobic, unprovoked or just because he's unpleasant. Either way he still uses it as an opportunity to further his own agenda.
  5. The seller has to charge VAT if he has claimed the VAT back himself.
  6. Have you seen some of them trying to operate a pen and paper? Properly trained, suitable armed cops, yes. General Police officers - no way.
  7. I'd think the shooters get exposed to more lead from the bullet leaving the gun in a confined space than the bullet hitting the sand.
  8. I've got a few methods of sharpening. A grinder, a Sharpenset, a couple of Japanese stones and a Lansky. Most of my knives are razor sharp, as are 'er indoors' kitchen knives. Most of those are Sabatier and take an edge pretty well and easily. There is one knife that will not sharpen though. It's a fairly unused (because it's so blunt) kitchen knife. It's about the size of a carver, made by Le Crueset. I know they aren't particularly expensive, but are they made of some awful steel that won't sharpen or am I missing something? I spent ages with the Lansky on it last night going through all 5 stones and a strop. It felt sharp(ish) to the touch but struggled cutting a cucumber. I noticed the blade is thicker than the other knives, but surely an edge is an edge?
  9. Nothing wrong with having a tattoo of Will Smith.
  10. walshie

    Greta Thunberg

    On the one hand I feel sorry for an autistic child being used by her parents as a pawn. On the other hand she looks like a devil child and gives me the creeps.
  11. How would they police it? Would they be able to tell the difference between you talking on handsfree, talking to a passenger or singing along with the radio? I'm taking ventriloquist lessons just in case.
  12. May and Nowell on the wing and Joseph or Daly at full back (but Brown would have been my first choice).
  13. 10/22s don't lock the bolt back after the last shot, they just go "click". He must have counted the shots wrong. Assuming it was empty is a schoolboy error. I always rack mine after I've dropped the mag.
  14. I don't see any difference between a semi-auto with the bolt closed and a o/u or s/s with the barrels closed.
  15. Are you sure anyone is actually sending you any emails?
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