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  1. I don't think either of them are as good as they think they are. Fury probably the best of a dreadful heavyweight era at the moment. I'll be glad when this "trilogy" nonsense is over. There's only so many times people want to watch the same thing.
  2. Yeah, those cyclists riding past can be really noisy. Good luck to your better half today.
  3. Can you get food poisoning from ice cream? 2 days ago my wife and I had eaten exactly the same food, except I had an ice cream. Within an hour of that I had terrible stomach cramps and cold sweats. A few minutes later I was as sick as I've ever been and the normal unpleasantness on the loo. After that I sat by the window with my head outside as my head was hot but my body was cold until about 9pm when I went to bed as I felt so rough. I had a bit of indigestion and stomach cramps in the night but by the morning I felt a lot better and 24 hours after I first got sick I was as right as rain. I hope it's not ice cream as I love it.
  4. Since Wednesday I've driven 400 miles into and around North Wales and back. I haven't seen one petrol station closed or any queues.
  5. Did they suss you after your 12th visit this morning?
  6. I need a jerrycan of petrol for the boat but I can't go and get it in case my photo ends up on Twitter.
  7. Bowline, clove hitch, trucker's hitch.
  8. Depending if the money they spend is pension money or money they have saved over the years that they earned.
  9. We've got a pair of motorola t80 here. Been going strong for 5 or 6 years so far.
  10. Im blessed with a wife who looks like she has. 😀
  11. walshie


    I've seen more than the usual number of insects this year. I've been bitten by midges, mozzies, gnats, horseflies, whether I've been here or when we were away places. I hate insects at the best of times but the icing on the cake was the other day when I got a tickle in my ear. I rammed my finger in to scratch it (as you do) and it was OK for a few seconds, then the itch started again and I was sure I could hear footsteps in there, or at least movement. More finger ramming couldn't locate the source so I got my mrs to investigate. She told me I was mad and an insect wouldn't "live in my ear" and it was "just my ears popping". Tilting my head to one side and banging the other side of my head made an insect that looked like a flying ant fall out. "Oh yes. It was an insect." she said, helpfully. Ugh. On the other hand I haven't seen one wasp all Summer. I wonder if the 2 are related?
  12. I'd go for Early Grey moth. A blowlamp should get rid of it.
  13. As long as she's home in time to make dinner.
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