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  1. Help needed

    Are they called shakeproof washers?
  2. Shooting sticks

    Agreed. I'd say 75% of my shots are within 120 yards, but do take longer shots under the right circumstances. Tripod it is then.
  3. Shooting sticks

    I guess most shots would be 100-200 yards. I'm swaying towards a tripod at the moment, but I'm very fickle.
  4. Shooting sticks

    Deer mainly, with the occasional reynard thrown in.
  5. Shooting sticks

    I've been looking into getting some shooting sticks, but what to go for? One shooter I know uses quad sticks to good effect and I've even been offered an old set of wooden quads that another guy no longer uses. They seem pretty stable, but putting them up is like putting up a clothes dryer. Someone else (a professional shooter) has suggested 2 garden canes and a bit of rubber, but then he's cheap. I can't make my mind up between bipod, tripod or quad. Any suggestions?
  6. Second hand scopes

    I've bought a Docter and 3 S&Bs. No problems. I haven't bought a new scope for years.
  7. Another old codger

    Bad press for who? Silly old codgers who keep illegal arms? It's not bad press for me and my legally held stuff.
  8. Yet another national amnesty

    Why would you hand in a deactivated gun? They cost more than real ones. He could have sold it to me to avoid his "lifetime behind bars." Sensationalist nonsense.
  9. Prescription wormers.

    Drontal plus for our dogs every 3 months.
  10. We will remember them..

    Well done that lad.
  11. Could a fox bother full grown sheep?

    There's one or two round here. I live in Wales.

    Not if they've been fired, no. They're nothing but brass.
  13. Could a fox bother full grown sheep?

    First time I ever saw it. Maybe another big cat on the loose.
  14. Could a fox bother full grown sheep?

    Best polish up the 22 hornet just in case.
  15. We have 60 sheep spread out over two fields with the gate open between the two. This morning they were spread evenly with roughly half the sheep in each field. I went out earlier and they were all in the one field and huddled closely together like they had been rounded up. After half an hour or so they wandered off to where they had been earlier. There were no dogs out so I can only assume a fox? Would sheep be bothered by a fox?