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    Welcome back Doc. 👍
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    Yep. Needs to be portable for camping, keeping beer cool at a BBQ and chucking fish in on the boat.
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    Good to hear. The ones I'm looking at area similar price to each other so I wondered if there were any pros or cons.
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    We need a decent size coolbox. Igloo or Coleman?
  5. I drilled a 10mm hole, half filled it with resin and pushed in 8mm studding with a washer and nut. Next day, couple of turns of the nut and it's immovable.
  6. We had a bit of bad luck over the last week. In the gales on Monday, our polytunnel got launched so high it missed one field completely., landing in a mangled wreck of twisted metal in the next field along, about 100 yards away. Yesterday our cold water pressure vessel got a split in the air bladder. Good news (so we thought) is that the polytunnel company sell individual spares and the pressure vessel has a replaceable bladder. We had 8 broken bits on the polytunnel and buying replacements was nearly twice the cost of a new polytunnel. To buy all the parts separately to make a compl
  7. He's a fully qualified arborist and climber and yes, my son is doing his bit for free. 👍
  8. He actually works with my son and is doing it at a weekend. Mates rates possibly. I'd give it a go myself if I wasn't fat, lazy and scared of heights. Climbing 60ft with a chainsaw? What could possibly go wrong?
  9. At our old house we had 6 leylandii of about 15 ft taken down and taken away at a cost of £1000 ish. When we moved in here we had 16 leylandii of 50-60ft in the garden but never got round to doing anything about them as we thought the cost would be a joke. Got a bloke round yesterday to quote for climbing them and taking them all down to 20ft as we want to keep a screen from the wind. We're going to burn the branches and he said he'd log up the trunks for us. I expected the worst as he surveyed the work but he said "If I can't do that in a day I'm doing something wrong. £180 all in
  10. In theory, yes. In practice it would mean insurance companies asking the police every time someone tried to get insurance. They'd soon get fed up. DVLA wouldn't have a record of speed awareness courses.
  11. Just wait till the holier-than-thou Peter Perfects get in from work. They'll be calling "your friend" irresponsible, a menace to society, a child-killer and demanding his tickets are revoked forthwith. Not to mention lying about how they have never broken a speed limit in their lives themselves. At least they did to me when I was caught going 3mph slower than your friend.
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    Discovery +

    I've seen Discovery + advertised a few times and it seems to have some good content. I don't have a smart TV, so is there a way I can get this channel on my TV? Use small words please - like you're talking to a child. Thanks,
  13. What was a "Fishing Race" program in the 70s where someone caught a piranha. Just saying.
  14. You could add bleak and orfe to that list.
  15. I knew our regular guy was off and I was due a delivery today. Supposedly between 13.30 and 14.30. I was dreading it as every time the regular guy is off, the stand in mucks it up and he didn't disappoint. 13.55 I got a text saying it had been delivered and signed for - just not here. I phoned DPD and they couldn't care less and wouldn't call the driver. Instead of delivering to a house name in one town, he managed to deliver to a house number in a random street in a different town. Not only that, he left it with their neighbour. The bloke who received it off his neighbour told his
  16. walshie

    My fat wife.

    My mrs would be thin if she was 7'8".
  17. I bought a set of cartridges off Inkredible about 2 weeks ago. First time I've used them. Great service/price and they worked right out of the box.
  18. Mine doesn't cycle 28gr reliably, but 30gr no problem.
  19. The points are valid for 3 years and have to stay on your licence for 4. Insurance companies normally ask if you've had any convictions in the last 5 years so it doesn't matter if the points are still on your licence or not.
  20. I think it depends on the actual driver. Our DPD driver is a gem. He was off for 2 days a while back and the first day his replacement tried to deliver, we got "carded" by email. No actual card, just a photo of our conservatory. We arranged redelivery stating to leave the parcel under the carport round the back of the house and he left it in the conservatory at the front of the house. At no time did he knock and neither of us heard him. We think he must have been a ninja.
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