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  1. My son already had a Class 2 lorry licence he got through the Army. His boss offered to pay for him to do his Class 1. (Not sure what Class 1 or 2 is called now.) Day 1: Arrive at driving centre 09.00. Check licence and driving lorry out of yard by 09.10. Driving all day till 15.00 with a break for lunch. Day 2: Same as day 1 but spent an hour reversing between cones and learning to hitch/unhitch. Day 3: 40 minutes driving round town followed by test. Passed and home by lunchtime. I thought it would be a much longer process, but well done all the same.
  2. No. You don't need anyone's permission.
  3. The absolute best way to get up their noses is to tell them their English isn't very good and you can't understand them. They pride themselves on being master criminals with flawless accents.
  4. She's a vile woman but it wouldn't make any difference if my sentence was reduced or not. I wouldn't carry the can alone while all those sex cases watched on
  5. I'd sing like a canary if I was her.
  6. The best wood is free wood. Second best is cheap wood.
  7. Seems like very odd advice from the vet. Most in-house dog squabbles are food related and if they had been similar size dogs, the damage wouldn't have been so horrible. I fail to see that a dog attacking another dog over food makes it dangerous to humans. I don't think the question can be answered without knowing the full facts and previous history.
  8. You'd think so. Western Power don't.
  9. I'm surprised they managed that long. When the XR lot "went on hunger strike" in London, they all just went home when they got a bit peckish.
  10. Friday at midnight the top of a tree broke off and crashed onto the low voltage power lines to our house. Despite a live cable flapping around the garden we weren't considered high priority as it was only our house affected and didn't get power back till Sunday night about 23.00. Luckily we have woodburners so we were warm but we have a borehole so after a few hours of no electric, we had no water for anything. We had to take a full chest freezer to the nearest neighbour and plug it into their barn. A crew of tree surgeons arrived after dark last night and finally got the problem sorted. Great lads. Climbing a wet 40ft tree in the dark with a chainsaw in minus 1 temperatures is a job I wouldn't fancy. To the tree surgeons: Well done boys. Stirling work. To Western Power: You stink.
  11. Spit, like in diver's masks. I thought the heated rear screen button cleared the mirrors too.
  12. I used to be with the Met. They are pretty good at opening tickets once the subject has the appropriate experience. I doubt he'd get one going straight from targets. Probably after a couple of years of live shooting they'd reconsider. I don't believe they'd ask for a mentor for a rimfire, just a closed ticket.
  13. walshie

    Azeem Rafiq

    No. Family are off limits in banter so not a good example.
  14. walshie

    Azeem Rafiq

    Whatever happened to " sticks and stones"? Grown men crying over words is pathetic.
  15. Any knife could be construed as a threat to another human. Where do you draw the line short of handing in your cutlery drawer?
  16. If we don't know the breed, how do we know it was a grim animal?
  17. This ^^. Best of both worlds.
  18. Yes they can turn up and no you don't have to let them in if it's not convenient, but why aggravate them if you don't have to? Unless I knew who they were, they'd be kept waiting at the front door till I'd checked they were genuine.
  19. I've never heard anything good about gogroopie. No wonder they have 92% bad reviews on trust pilot. Don't bother asking them to rectify a problem. Get PayPal or your card company onto it.
  20. walshie


    They can't. I did my due diligence before putting it up.
  21. walshie


    After a lot of back breaking work mixing concrete to install a flagpole, this is the view from my office window. Yes I know the windows could do with a clean.
  22. Mrs w's SGC runs out in December. Last Saturday (16th) she posted her paperwork off and Tuesday (19th) the FEO phoned her referee and then phoned her asking a couple of questions about cabinet, drinking habits etc. At the end of the phone call he said he'd already sent her new SGC off for signing. There's so many threads slagging off firearms teams, I thought I'd post a differing experience. Well done DP Police.
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