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  1. How do I pay you for the cap ?

  2. This newish Benelli is giving me problems after the first shot - it either doesn’t fully eject the fired shell or else it leaves it in the breach, both situations are quickly rectified but it’s not acceptable and I can’t figure why it’s happening. Strangely the first shells I used were 24grms, I fired off 50 at clay Targets and had about 5 malfunctions. Thought I’d try 28grms and I’ve bought two slabs but they produce more ‘jams’ then the lighter cartridges ?? Any suggestions gratefully received please !!
  3. Look right now no one has said NO SHOOTING FOR PEST CONTROL or CROP PROTECTION if the CV Police approaches anyone out pigeon decoying, I mean it will be blooming obvious what they are doing, if not a brief explanation why they are out should suffice. Yes it’s a fair point, let’s hope someone in authority can verify the situation PDQ.
  4. .....and do you seriously believe that someone will answer their call ?
  5. Agree wholeheartedly but fear not because at some point someone in authority like DEFRA or the bloody BASC will clarify the situation.
  6. Why should pigeon decoying, by an individual, be an issue ? A person pigeon decoying will pretty much be isolated, keeping a good distance from anyone the whole time they are out in the field AND getting a daily dose of exercise. If a vehicle has to be left on the roadside or in a gate hole, place a card on the dash ‘OWNER CARRYING OUT CROP PROTECTION’. Perhaps if your perm is close to any human habitation, any facility which has remained open, a construction site or similar, then probably it’s best to keep away, nothing to be gained from drawing unnecessary attention to yourself and avoid any land, field or area with a footpath running through it. Just make sure your farmer/landowner is okay with you continuing your crop protection. It could be argued that crop protection is an essential service and if it’s deemed not to be then it’s certainly a worthwhile service which benefits indirectly ( and unknowingly ) many many people. Good Hunting everybody.
  7. It’s a great pity that someone like Mr Pac-Man, with the obvious love of the natural world, and in particular bird life, cannot see the advantages there would be if information could be shared between the bird watcher and the bird shooter. in my experience, most bird shooters are also bird watchers and care just as much about conservation as the those who only bird watch.
  8. We here in the UK cannot begin to comprehend the mindset of of the average American who has such easy access to guns and on paper it’s great but for sure it is that access which can be used by anyone whomsoever, that has allowed the likes of Nicholas Cruz to obtain the means to kill, maim and create havoc. Americans will never ever be able to prevent similar atrocities as long as they have the second ammendment and guns and ammo are readily available for the opportunist nutter.
  9. Re- Big bags game or pigeon. It must be remembered that All this latest controversay is merely just another load of baloney that is peddled by the ****ty ‘anti-shooting’ media to to the general public, with the intent of hammering a few more nails in the coffin of shot gun shooting as we know it. If you start with pigeon bags, most folk on here I think are satisfied with a good day 20-30 pigeons and for sure everyone dreams of a hundred bird bird day ? Same with game bird days and I for one would be happy to shoot 20 (or more) driven pheasants in the day, if there were ten guns that might translate to a 200 bird day and if so then clearly the birds were there, so what’s the problem ? When a large commercial shoot releases 5000 pheasants they are NOT doing it for any gun to say “ I’m only here for the crack, I’m happy with 5 pheasants on the day”, they are doing it because they want everyone to have plenty of shots and hope the guns will bag 20-30 each or more depending upon the number of birds released. If I was rough shooting in the game season I would be happy to walk with my dog over some part wooded arable or grass land and shoot a handful of items but if I was on a ‘Six Mile Bottom’ driven day I would want to be getting through some cartridges. Now we are obsessed with questioning or justifing the ‘bags’ we shoot and what happens to them afterwards, if shot pigeons are skipped does it really matter ? they are classed as vermin an agricultural pest, if a few are eaten all well and good, have you tried giving away birds in the feather not everyone wants to deal with them, I bet it’s the same with game and some shot birds will not be fit to pass into the food chain, therefore any pheasant shoot should be able to justify disposing of carcasses. Personally I don’t eat pheasant meat or wood pigeon on a regular basis but I really like to shoot them as often as I can.
  10. Well I’ll tell you what ( as per usual ) I’m not finding it so easy making a good pigeon ‘bag’ over oilseed rape so far this winter. Its all very well for the Shooting Press giving us big bag pictures and stories by the likes of the Chosen Few who can get access to some of the more remote areas of privately managed driven game shoots, where there are wonderful ‘oasis like’ game crops strategically placed on the outer perimeters of nicely wooded fir plantations. That’s not real is it ?? They say that in winter when trying to decoy over rape, at best we are mere live versions of pretty poor scarecrows and I very much doubt any of us are out there every damn day, so what’s the bloody point, maybe if we could all be co-ordinated at the key times each year (drilling’s and harvest) we might begin to make an impact on pigeon numbers ? Pigs might fly I hear you saying !!
  11. Dunt know about rape stalks puncturing tyres ? But some years ago I had a cut rape plant stalk thru a Subaru radiator - I learn't mi lesson, I traded the Sub for summat with more ground clearance.
  12. You must be a pretty good shot Wildfowler, anticipating the spot where your killed birds will drop that is skill mate, but what if they fly on a bit as happens in most cases or if they are just pricked ??
  13. Well Freddie boy now its harvest time all you'll need on the stubble is a few old shoes upside down for crows or reet way up with a bit of white insultin tape around the middle for stoggies, an if thurs nowt a dowin, slip into the hedgeback and enjoy a j arthur LOL
  14. Well done good bud, I was with nppc had some good times but was made redundant. Back in work now going to re-join nppc as soon as possible.. Cheerio, Pete.
  15. Of course there is a market for em because every Jim Crow is searching for a magical solution to shooting more pigeons ( and/or just shooting some pigeons ) Look I am no novice either with shot gun or to pigeon decoying and I shoot regularly, always with two, but sometimes three mates similarly disposed as myself and one of us does not (never) use a rotary and our statistics since 2001 are almost identical !! Goodnight - I really need an early bed I'm up with the birds tomorra !!
  16. Yes TownGun you are correctamundo in your theory. BUT there is absolutely no point in fitting a timer to a rotary machine, it would still partly be a repellant because basically whilst you can switch a machine on and off the pigeon traffic is unpredictable. People mess about with flappers and other deterrants, in and close to static deeks, under the misconception that they are decoying aids. Ideally just use a dead bird random feeding pattern with some good floaters and ( if you must ) site your rotary in the next field down-wind of your position. Goodnight.
  17. What area do you live in, just wondered when you say : "all the crows were carrion crows" Here in the UK we have crows ( carrion crow corvus carone and hooded crows ) do you get hoodies ?
  18. Clearly neither of you have a 'proper' rotary, obviously if the one is firing the dead birds off then fasten em on with cable ties !! If the other won't stay in the ground when going fast it must be inferior quality. What a couple of tossers.
  19. For a rotary to be truly effective it needs to run at the fastest possible speed - ALL the time it's out there. (Presumably the machine will be utilising a vehicle wiper motor, so make sure you have it wired to give the highest speed.) The very best battery is a 50 - 70AH car type battery (unfortunately very heavy and not cheap). For best results and longevity Buy a new one and fully re-charge it after use. It will give your rotary up to 16 hours of top speed. If you try and use any lesser AH battery the machine will begin to slow down after 15 - 20minutes AND you won't notice BUT the pigeons will ! While I'm on the subject don't even think about using a speed controller just keep the machine on top speed. Of course some days the birds won't be interested in your rotary (fast or slow) but you will only know that AFTER you have humped it on to the field and set it up !!! N.B. There is a moral to this story. Edit bit .... I forgot to say, use dead birds but remove breast meat.
  20. Pellet holes in plasy decoys? What do you guys do, shoot pigeons when they've landed LOL I always try to use dead birds the natural colors work great and you can have heads up or down, wings closed or spread out - much better than fuddy duddy's.
  21. Consider this : In May 2004 two buddies were shooting from the same hide over peas near Scunnie, they had done it loads of times before and the hide was 'big enough'. Something went wrong, one guy fired once, did'nt brake the gun brought it in stock butt downwards lost his footing fell backards and shot the other guy in the upper thigh, missed his ******** and main artery but the flow of blood was like a hosepipe and the injured guy had to apply a torneque and managed to phone for help before he passed out. The other guy went to pieces and was only able to wait at the roadside for the ambulance while his mate kept bleeding, fortunately the injured guy survived. The pair fell out and the injured guy is still unable to work and still trying to win sufficient insurance claim damages.
  22. Thanks mate. Aye it was the Wensleydale one I heard about it from Kevin the keeper at Jervaux.
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