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  1. clakk

    Strange world

    Thats the weirdo ,strange idea get a fake cert and set your self up examining bottom drops ,just to the left of fruitloop roundabout that lady
  2. clakk

    Strange world

    There,s a reason Hamster of former top gear only eats baked beans abroad i,m sure that nutty pooh examining Doctor could back this up with your current diet
  3. clakk

    Pop up camo hide.

    Do u fish ,just do a Pigeon Controller and drop a cam net over a fishing brolly ,But you must buy the radar guided Big Flat cap or you wont bag up
  4. clakk

    Pop up camo hide.

    We have 1 for our caravan ,yes theyre cammo Bruno but thin as a see through thing and beyond flimsy which is why i opened the time lock on my wallet and bought the hide instead atb
  5. clakk

    Stove fan

    Works well in our local ,a big dining room but a standard size woodburner the fan on top keeps the pub cosy n warm similar to Harry,s but the fan is in the middle
  6. clakk

    How many Foxes are killed in 2018

    During June whilst off air ,1 with .22 l/r using cci segs =492
  7. 3 last saturday with .22=, 2147
  8. clakk

    How many Rabbits are killed in 2018

    in my holiday from the site 19 so new total 1911
  9. clakk

    Pop up camo hide.

    Got the 45 quid ebay single with built in chair and pockets ,bunnys and squizzers dont like it .Yes theyre cheaply made but do a job, with my largeness sat in it it,s not blowing away anytime soon.It,s easy to use as long as you collapse the chair first . The zip open hole is a decent field of view and i just chuck a camnet over the open hole .The two pockets easily take a pair of bino,s and a bottle of water /sarnie as we know the easiest way to make a bird land or rise is open a sarnie or light a fag whilst the gun lays at your side
  10. clakk

    Visiting Ypres, advice needed

    We "freestyled" Ypres and it is a humbling place .The Cloth hall is an amazing start point to begin your lesson man,s stupidity ,the Newfoundlands losses such a horrific swathe cut through the young men of 1 area .Most roads /lanes seem to have memorials to the fallen at the side of them as the conflict covered such a vast area and killed thousands . The Menin gate is a must see and as people have said get there early for a good view.I,m from a very lucky family my Great grandad,s both survived the horror of ww1 ,1 on the Somme with the Black Watch and the other Yorks n Lancs regt .We stopped at Andinkerke on the way and found my wife,s great cousin,s grave didnt even know he was buried there ,take some tissues it,s an emotional place and the lists on the memorials seem endless .
  11. clakk

    How many Rabbits are killed in 2018

    1 this A/m with .22l/r =412
  12. clakk

    a few pics of our woodland

    What a great place to chill ya beans ,unwind and enjoy ,your a Lucky man Mel .Looks like a little slice of peace and quiet just for Lin and you to enjoy and get away from us all
  13. clakk

    Environmental question....

    The neighbours have probably heard too ,big Sarah,s not a quite retiring type of gal
  14. clakk

    Environmental question....

    Quite ironic just caught an old top gear ,Honda Clairity a car powered by <DRUM ROLE > hydrogen .0 to 60 in 9 seconds,top speed 100 miles and hour 270 miles on a tank ,electric motor hydrogen powered not battery and filled up in a garage no waiting overnight to recharge .So it can be done ,has been done but only sold in that bastion of not normal California . Funny old world
  15. clakk

    Environmental question....

    When enviroloon Branson can fly to his holiday home in the West Indies in an electric plane then i might listen to the Hypocritical idiot .Does he have any plans for Virgin trains to be all electric anytime soon NO .And yes Ditchy no one is addressing these issues ,Giant tractor batteries and the electric to charge them ,giant lorry batteries are all as enviromentally friendly as a Volcano in Norwich high street . We dont have the KW output to let all cars/lorrys/vans and buses to be electric nor the technology to yet achieve this fantasy but opening that large hole in the middle of his fizzog gets him free publicity and keeps him in the news not any concern for our planets future . Wind turbines pointless waste of materials turned off in high winds,every house roof should have solar panels on to help increase supply but who,s going to pay for them ? Hydrogen has been curtailed by the back handers of the oil companies but theyve got till 2040 and their market dies so maybe the should start serious development of such tech now rather than last minute as per atb