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  1. clakk

    Grounds for divorce?

    Foolish man ,Lynn will have some new fleshy earings when she reads this
  2. clakk

    Sign this

    Signed ,they are traitors to not only this country,way of life ,religeous freedom But a massive physical threat to our familys ,friends and children. In the days when Britain had testicles they would have a length of Manila rope and a 1 to 1 with Albert Peirpoint
  3. clakk

    Trapped squirrel eaten

    Seen moggies on a Pheasant shoot after the poults about 3 miles from the nearest town so the little arrogant kill everything and blame foxes **** arent slack in the Alan Whicker dept
  4. clakk

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    MM send an Eitheopian back to there country of birth so "respecting" their uman rights innit has a lot of merit in my eyes ,but how about allowing them to prove their willing to give up ISIS by removing their boobytraps .You know 12 months in ammo boots lifting minefields and then ,6 months reburying the corpses left on the battlefields of Iraq and Syria
  5. clakk

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    NO no no, what happened to ISIS having British citizenship removed to make them stateless .Wants her cake and our cake to eat too.Stay in your caliphate and live your dream dont come here to be our nightmare
  6. clakk

    Room at the Circus for any more Elephants?

    Apologies it was 53% of people on that new Universal credit as oppose to 15% in areas still on the old benefits system
  7. clakk

    Aaron Ramsey

    Because they can ,he does a year and can retire to bore us sideways on Match of the day or five live .Who wouldnt take money for old rope
  8. clakk


    Why would he waste his breath ,you already know complaining to the BBC is like cutting the grass on Salisbury plain with nail scissors ,valid complaints are like piles ,we all know they exist but nobody wants them atb
  9. clakk

    Room at the Circus for any more Elephants?

    How when 53% of this septic aisle have to resort to foodbanks can any politician justify such blatant prolific waste of taxpayers hard earned .The existing railways are worn out ,and due to stupidity run by private firms that couldnt run a bath.So what chance has HS 2 not so much a white elephant as a black hole that can only suck in money . Lets cut to the chase here westminsterus moronicus aint listening full stop, use the Merican model .If you build and create jobs than you get income tax and national insurance back instead of paying out dole. The new supercarriers need crews so hire them ,they need escort ships so build them.New ships need steel ,electronics ,engines,and equipment and the crews need uniforms and feeding and accommodation too. So big clangers to the EU ,only British companies to tender and build all those steel orders get Swansea /Port Talbot and Sheffield working .The Clyde can probably cobble some ship builders for you and when earning they need to spend locally ,a simple idea called investing in the future not investing in headlines for politicians . Just think how much this idea generates in income for HMG and its not so civil service ,we might be able to ring 999 and not be put on hold
  10. clakk


    Funnily enough ,do her shopping ,pay her phone bill,take her for meals and look after her ,moved to sheltered housing around the corner when dad passed away and dont know what your implications are as you dont know me from adam but you have totally missed the point mr offensive why should over 75,s pay for a tv licence again .Do explain your reasoning
  11. clakk

    What battery

    Found this with my tracer 12v lamp switched to a 28amp 12v Lucas jobby fits in a haversack.Have a look at the bulb rating most of your light comes from the reflector so a lower wattage bulb is a good option .Swapped a 100w to a 35w still fries your eyes but much brighter and less power draw .Or just sell it and get a clulite clubrighter 600 yd range for around 40 quid .Thats what ive got now ,rechargable in car or home When plugged in a car the alternator is chucking 14v whilst charging your car but a carry battery doesnt have this atb
  12. clakk


    Just maybe im shouting cos my state pension struggling 78 year old mum has more than paid enough to these overpriced bunch of troughers and its about time they left her a little bit of money in her purse ,to u its peanuts to her its a chunk of cash .So why should she start paying again ?
  13. clakk

    Crow shooting £65

    Had a perm sold from under me ,being told by text stay away is a sickener
  14. clakk

    5 night son the trot

    Dont wear mine at work Hydraulic pipes and fittings love wedding rings and wrap around soon as look at them.As a first aider cut 1 off a womans finger and a toolmaker caught his in a wrack and pinion on a 26 ton tool ZIP 4X Fingers stripped of flesh .Not a place for Nathans to work where i earn a crust get well soon and if you recover and need a hand i,l bring my thermal over .
  15. clakk

    Prince Philip off the road for good

    True enough Scully his perks are superior to any one else ,same here vis a vis buses ,i cant get back from the nearest town after 8.30pm .Use public transport says HMG how says 70% of the U.K