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  1. How can a non British ,married to a Dutchman ,woman born in Bangladesh get British legal aid ,ive not overslept is it April the 1st again
  2. clakk

    Heads up

    Did you hear a phftt noise just before Phil fell down ?
  3. Nah ,just tune your HW97 sweet as a nut .Lazy Germans q/c isnt what it was so a strip down ,polish and which ever tune kit u prefer .I put a welsh willy kit in and get 11.6 all day with diabalo, field pellets . As Edd says its a personal pref thing but love my HW atb
  4. Sounds like he,s networking rather than meet n greet with the voters .The only local knowledge of him is a rather blunt poster on the door of his former town office by the landlord who evicted him and no its not polite or flattering i,m afraid
  5. Around here we only know Andrew Bridgen off the tv ,dont think in ten years i,ve seen the expense,s claiment once in our little town that he supposedly represents .Liebour flood your letter box with carp come election time but i couldnt even name the "trainee" parasite in waiting as their leaflets are great for lighting the bbq . As for the lib dum,s and greens who are they ,if you cant be bothered to squeeze the palm and say hello why would i put you on the gravy train ?
  6. Not a bad scope imho ,put it on a SMK B2 no dramas just a fun plinker ,6 x would be very nice at that price atb
  7. Well now just to put a cat amongst your pigeons ,Livens in mucky Burton have the Hawke 4x40 HD for only 25 quid interweb price ,thanks for the heads up might pop over and see whats occuring
  8. Sheer desperation from Leics c/c got home and on me wheelie bin a plastic tag saying please dont bin your voting card and please vote so be aware Leics council are watching YOU
  9. 1 Winner called the bookie ,5 million losers called everyone else ,mugs game
  10. The only door knocker we get is 1 of Corbyn,s commie fag pinko subversives ,to quote Robin Williams and i,m not letting those toads anywhere near my council tax.TBH their all troughsnouters and have no more right to live on God,s earth than a diseased slug .Never see a Tory or Lib Dum at the door and our illustrious M,P is Andrew Bridgen <say no more i,l get banned >What chance have we got for some one who is genuine and cares about the local area
  11. Let,s face it Walshie has nailed it we are the minority now not by numbers but by being isolated by the snowflake leftys .Brexit is dead end of the slime in the Westminster toilet have killed it .Do they care what we voted for no ,do they believe we carry carry on as though nothing happened yes. Hopefully that will be their downfall ,Letwin and Cooper need voting out and as stated we need a new party that isnt communist or me me me ist asap
  12. Somewhere a village is missing an idiot ,nice touch filming yourself ready for the "no comment" interview to follow
  13. Same here , cracking Inox deer knife and a a.n.other folder ,nowt said ,nada natch .Customs ignored much to my surprise .
  14. They are free to a good home but be quick as the Blexit debacle is going cause all sorts of ploblems as nobody knows owt and nowts been agreed ,
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