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    fishing shooting travel northern soul cooking ,cider and cidre
  1. foxs

    well done especially with a bad back ,not a good place to be
  2. 40 yarder!!

    Well done ,cant beat putting a lamp shy fox away
  3. Is it snowing yet

    Cant wait 5am defreeze then onto the ungritted skating rink 18 miles through the lanes to work .Today saw two slide of the road in their small front wheel drive cars and 1 just stopped in front of me and sat blocking the road in their oneseis why o why go out -1 in your blinking jimjams
  4. Is it snowing yet

    LOL my wife would give me a knuckle sarnie if i tried the same ,spent yesterday beating in a blizzard then 2 o clock the sun appeared and melted it all away .But now deep as can be and blowing a good hooli of snow well impressed
  5. Is it snowing yet

    Nowt but a sprinkle here ,got to work at Lichfield and about 1/2 inch fell p/d/q then froze but nothing since and got home to nothing all melted away .Shame the grandkids sledge looks all forelorn by the clean shed
  6. ive got the foggiest

    30 year warranty mr get it sent in should be done FOC atb
  7. You would be made to suffer financially in more ways than one.My wife is a yin and yang type u get yin i get yang/yang and yang
  8. Thermal add on

    Fister is right i have the XQ23 Vand its bosting good for the money ,used a friends xq38 and it was very nice but the 23 is just as clear and more than upto the job atb
  9. Thermal add on

    Read the reviews Rewulf they get sent back not up to much by all accounts sorry
  10. First shotty i ever owned bostin first timer
  11. Lily Allen - Homeless?

    Maybe Mr Brand the funny as plague comedian will rehome her after all the man with the 3 million pound house demanded we rehome the refugees of Calais but forget to let any in to his "haus" bunch of london slebs talking through rear ofrrifices
  12. First childhood crush

    Sam Fox,Linda Lusardi ,and Lightening mmm
  13. Northumberland New Forest Project.

    One of my permissions was turned into a Jubilee woods <dogs on a lead/no cycling /no breathing /locked from evening till next day>So nothing for dog walkers after before work ,no evening strolls no bike rides with the kids BUT this is in the heart of the national forest where we already have had a million trees planted so a worthwhile removal of open fields to closed woodland for the enviroloons to guard NOT
  14. Advice please - Hatstand pogostick.

    Check the lock nut for worn threads, check the o ring seal is good under the nut .Most important of all check the two holes <gas ports> are clean if they are fouled walk away .The 3 " <had mine 3 years x 100,s of cartridges through no issues > has a far better reliability rep than the 3.5 "It,s those two ports which block and cause cycling issues ,the people who proudly boast dont clean mine are a breakdown waiting to happen. The selector fork under the breach for the cartridge loading can wear and cause jambs ,and please no offence to any lucky individual but NO cartridges under 67mm they will jamb and wind u up atb and happy hunting
  15. BT...a short(ish) rant.

    Got rid of bt years ago ,rain in their junction box shorted my phone out 3 weeks for an engineer to come for the 5th arranged appointment and they wanted me to pay for a replacement box ..Well on receiving my instructions on where to place said box they informed me i was a rude man and read the small print blah blah ,so i replied unfit for purpose as Scully did and had to get all legal on the Mumbai "engleeshman " . Now with Sky unlimited ,no issues at all ,so glad i dont live in rural ruralshire ,good luck your not a cynic just a realist atb