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  1. Sounds like Norfolkstan going to be well defended if them there French lot get lippy again
  2. Would that be from a chap called Dougy by any chance
  3. True enough Nathan ,you walk out of a job ,people will look twice before hiring you unless you go self employed .Why did he walk,? is he a team player ?the usual doubts for anyone who takes a hike
  4. 30 to 40 minutes ,no air back then Figgy ,maybe youve heard of metal poles and canvas that has to be pulled over and tied on to the frame? Thats why ,all this modern air is wonderful BUT his budget is under £500 so is he going to get new air for that
  5. Yep here all people start on the same wage about 30p an hour more than minimum but as you "learn" and go you get more the more you can do .But they have a simple approach to "i want this or i deserve this ,well the rate for the job is x per hour so there,s the door have a nice life . All jobs have a set rate and they are known so dummy spitting and do you know who i am goes down like a no2 in a fridge ,and has never worked .My 17 year old grandson gets 30 a day as a trainee chippy so £300 would be manna from heaven for him atb
  6. We had a Conway kontiki ,4 berth for a couple of years roomy easy to assemble and had a built in kitchnette thing value holidays and easy to assemble 30 to 40 minutes atb
  7. clakk

    FWB 127,

    2 to 250, s normal , friend of mine is obsessed with them and uses his for regular pest control . Never seen 1 priced over £250 and that,s with all the bells n smells attached ,scope,mod and case/bag .£300 seems excessive imho .Theyre like 2nd hand S n B scopes sell for a set price .If you want a good constant off the shelf get a HW99 for about 250 brand new .11.5lbs ft all day out the box and if you get the right shop ,scopes ,bag etc can be included atb
  8. Got 2 in the shed , a black widow and chinese whatever brand that works .We used to buy French sticks and put dart heads on the end and wrap a lace around the end and lob them 100,s of yards ,lethal fun using card for flights .Many a black thumb using marbles for catty ammo when u got it wrong till i got a "Gat" gun so much power "not"
  9. clakk


    Religion and its follower,s the cause of war ,famine ,pestilence and suffering all in the name of their God .Follow their rules or be killed in nasty ways ,mm maybe just maybe then its shallow self serving people using religion to further their own greed and ambition . Sounds like the marxists of momentum . There is the irony Marxism doesnt like religion it stops you being a true believer in the "cause" and having total obedience to Comrade Corbyn supreme leader but uses the same hackneed phrases and ideas
  10. clakk

    UHD TV

    Had a 60" LG smart tv for ten years now no issues at all ,internet on the telly all the katchups ,cinema or normal surround sound or whatever does it all at a grand ten years ago .So 100 quid a year and still going ,Lg are very very good ,dont know who told u otherwise Dave. Currys in brummigum used to have a pitch black telly room with all the different brands on so you could decide what your eyes thought gave the best picture and yes the further back u are the better .Ours is on the wall 14ft from the sofa so no headaches etc atb
  11. Makita 115mm had it 12 years no dramas and a Titan 9" from screwfix about the same time lots of abuse ,cut out chimneys and walls with it most excellant happy with both
  12. She must like you Mel ,if i took mick out of my Debs my tea would be cold shoulder and spicy tounge all washed down with" hope your sheds comfortable enough overnight "
  13. Poor lass must have a wizards sleeve to get 16 out, loverly looking pups mind
  14. Venom needs sucking out Mel ,thats what you have to tell the mrs .From what Lyns said if you put a mexican wrestlers mask on you,l look like "El Macho from Despicable Me 2
  15. Me too ,my friend and his family farm there and its a beautiful gem of a place unspoilt by London yonks and their double parked volvo,s J,D your a bad man for letting the secret out
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