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    fishing shooting travel northern soul cooking ,cider and cidre
  1. Memory cards going AWOL

    Hadnt thought of that will have a butchers cheers strimmer13
  2. Fred the Golden Eagle missing?

    Unfortunately there are total beeps out there who need a week or 2 in the stocks.My friend farms in Wales and is nursing a 1 eyed Buzzard back to health , he couldnt save the Owl he found.Both shot in the head by ...............<fit your own word/s >.Whatever you think of raptors/owls nobody has the right to shoot such amazing creatures
  3. Saddler on here explained but there is something in Neatsfoot that does rot stitching ,i only found out after my army boots "died".Now i use Kho Cho line
  4. Memory cards going AWOL

    My updated Garmin sat-nav does this every use ,latest Garmin memory card but the sat-nav itself says otherwise
  5. BBC cost saving - who would you sack

    More expensive Toads are available ,some even more odious must be impartial like the B.iased B.unch of C.ommunists
  6. Aldi

    Got my spare in November ,this week fishing clothing only at the minute.But they now do Nescafe for the instant peeps ,myself we have Tasimo in many flavours and my compressor is over 12 years old n still chugging
  7. Does gun buying ever stop?

    Tell him he needs a potato and a spare ten minutes on you tube scary but true,in the mean time General sir Bosher of the Anti-Zombie league has the odd shotgun or two for sale atb and happy bidding
  8. Does gun buying ever stop?

    Just tell her you,l buy as many guns as she has handbags and then order your 10 gun cabinet
  9. Commissar Corbyn

    get help Walshie thats 1 sick image and Penelope pleese no more

    My superfit paragliding ,windsurfing brother in law aged 57 bang out of the blue heart attack ,4 stents fitted and recovering nicely now.Whatever people think the NHS do a grand job with what resources they have available and the heart units seem to have very good caring staff.Hats off tothem
  11. Smart Meters ???

    Common sense makes them pointless and scammers /hacking worries make them a dodgy looking item.We have energy saving bubs in every lamp/light .Heating turned down to comfortable <dumb*** son used to walk around in shorts till his first gas bill arrived with a thud> and no standbye off with the TV and dvd player .
  12. Bo & stinky people

    Nice hot sweaty plastics factory some peeps stink before they start on a Monday ,by Friday even the flies wont land on them.Best thing is theres showers in the changing rooms
  13. Old bottle

    Was it yellow and near a truck stop
  14. BBC cost saving - who would you sack

    Tom Heap ,Tom Heap and not forgetting Tom Heap nasty devious anti creep spreading his bilge every week and just as dangerous as Packham .Packham because as well as lying to spread his filth uses a genuine medical issue for real sufferers to hide behind when his lies are exposed. And must not forget odious Chris Evans as talented as a mouth ulcer with piles
  15. Multimeter

    Use a Fluke myself ,does all but £90 over another for 20 can be a bit ott for casual use.Maplins do a range of low to hi priced and even Wilko,s do a good 1 for about 15 quid