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  1. Yeah been there got the tee shirt ,used to live in germany back in the day so 6 to 8 trips a year told them i must be a smuggler and not just a squaddie gan yan .Took 50 individually wrapped bottles of my favourite Weissbeir out and put them on the garage floor ,removed the carpets and spare wheel then said off you go and get a move on were busy.Give a likkle man some power and boy do they abuse it .Fair play to P n O at the time they didnt charge to put us on the later ferry when we explained why we were late . Bob you make sense ,no doubt we are all on some ones system especially in modern times atb
  2. Dont know if they flag or mark your reg when you do have firearms but pulled over at Dover one France trip and HM customs after dismantling the car turned and said glad youve left the firearms at home .Nice to know we Are "in the public domain" as it were
  3. Trouble with "my dad voted liebour so i vote liebour " ,when asked but why dont you make your own mind up with whats happening today they look at you like your satan because you said think for yourself .Fingers crossed enough feel betrayed enough as you say to vote against these self serving troughhounds
  4. Well just to add to the pot as it were Tom Watson deputy leader of the communist workers trotsyists <Liebour to anyone else> has just been interviewed admitting their the party of remain and europe are our friends .He even had the gall to admit although his constituancy voted out by 68% he will still vote remain because its what he wants to and he knows whats best for them. Well all those waiting for Brexit watching you were 100% aware of this as you and the great leader have done your rotten best to backpeddle and stop and control then overturn brexit . I just hope your local party call you in to explain why you know best what they want even though they voted out and deselect you for such crass condescension and arrogance
  5. Our backyard slabs come from a skip 20 of them coz a neighbour changed the colour of his to yellow and just binned a set of 1 year old grey ones ,thanks very much And my mate has a full set of Dormer hss taps and dies as some one had a paddy when his worker just left and threw the lot upto 20mm in the scrap bin in a fit of pique
  6. Blessed are the Norfolk Bhoys ,Long may ST Sarah of that way on initiate them into the ways of the shiny grass ,enjoy your rewards St Ditchy all your kindness is a true example of "play it forward " .The good folk of P,W land obviously appreciate your kindness and help with matters fettling
  7. Well i,m guessing the missing statement is "You couldnt make it up" .
  8. Had 1 from new for 5 years ,ideal first time for pigeons ,fox and hoppers thoroughly enjoyed it and regret selling it .Wabbibosher had 1 the other day for 125 quid and with Bosher he doesnt sell carp atb
  9. 2 Friday night with the Pard on a .22l/r =879
  10. I,m using a Hawke Vantage 3-12x50 on my Pard nv007 and dont go over 4x mag tbh ,its mighty fine image wise and works atb
  11. For Skinning my Boker Magnum is most excellant and only 20 quid such a fine edge to it .As others say field use is a Mora bright orange only a tenner and bright orange sheath and handle even i struggle to lose it atb
  12. Plastics tool setter ,make interiors for cars ,drive a crane ,programme robots and former soldier
  13. Found the second sleeve so T,V monitor unit with 50mm i.r and camera tube c/w 2 sleeves atb
  14. Now sold sold sold to the kind gent Tom atb
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