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  1. Awesome guns had one from age 16-33 all I did was fill it with air and a few new pellet probe seals. Used it every weekend plinking and hunting. So reliable. Classic gun in the making.
  2. Well, the aluminium black was supposed to arrive today, but they sent me brass black. So im sending it back then they are sending me correct stuff. I'll update when the correct aluminium black arrives and I try it.
  3. Cheers figgy ill bear that in mind if the birchwood casey aluminium black doesn't work.
  4. Thanks Westley. I didn't get a reply for a day or so, so I did a lot of reaserch online and found Birchwood casey aluminium black. Iv ordered it and am waiting for it to be delivered. It was £20 for 3 oz bottle I will update the thread when I get it and try it. Here's a video that I saw that caused me to try the birchwood stuff....
  5. Thanks for the great offer, But I'm at full capacity and no longer using black powder. I bet it would make a black powder enthusiast very happy if you decide to sell it.
  6. Oh wow! Nice to see my old gun! Had some good times with it. It now looks amazing!!
  7. Hi all, iv managed to scratch the reciever on my armsan a612. Its not the end of the world I know, but it does bug me. Im not sure what the metal is covered in? Does anyone know of a way to touch up this material? Cheers! Tom.
  8. I had 2 i honestly never had to touch them I sold 1 (stupidly) to a friend when I upgraded to a hw100. I used them a lot when I used to go all the time. I never even changed a main seal over 7 years and God knows when they where re sealed before. They where pellet on pellet from the day I has them to the day I sold them I had a single shot I had some of my best years shooting with that and sold it for a multi shot. My friend who I sold it to still has it. I'm planning on buying it back in the new year. I re sealed one once it was so simple and was spot on. I had other air guns that where messe
  9. They are great, I was dubious when I baught mine. I not used it in years, got it out and still works great! I remember paying £150 for a pump in 2001. I prefer the pump your self reliant. If I went to the range I just paid a pound for it filling several times to save time. And the fn19 what a great gun!
  10. Hi! I used it in a falcon fn19 it has been great long term. No moisture problems. Im glad to hear its been handy for others too it has been good for me and it doesnt surprise me its as good as my old hills pump at a fraction of the cost.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223546817702 I use this its great no moisture inside after last re seal
  12. It honestly works a treat I knocked 3 staples in for peanut butter to grip to and a square of copper tape round it to keep slugs off. It lasted days before I changed in in summer. A trial cam showed me whats going on they can be really hard to trap. Some of the rats wouldent go near the box I had them out permanently. A cheap nv kit with a reversing screen on top of the scope with a t20 ir torch on my airgun trapped in cushions pointing out of the upstairs window ready at a hole got them I just watched the trial cam footage to see where they look out from and sat out waiting with gu
  13. I used to stick copper tape all round the entrances to my fenn boxs and stick the peanut butter to the roof of the box.
  14. At my old house i used to get rats as i kept quails, I found the best way was to use solar garden lights pointing at the holes i left them out permanently and they diddnt bat an eyelid at them.
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