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  1. Flags are out as are the hawk kites and the gas guns ,I think the heading was a bit misleading my apologies ,some of the crops have been harvested and that's where the decoys are positioned so I'm hitting the birds as they come into pattern as they're still feeding on the leftovers so not shooting over live crops but as 39TDS has mentioned the farmer requested I use steel shot so I've been using gamebore super steel game .
  2. Anybody using one of these ? what moderator are you using , not sure what make the one I've got fitted is but it's about as much use as tits on a fish
  3. Having a bit of a mare the last couple of weeks , been asked by a farmer to thin out the pigeons on his cabbage/cauliflower fields. They're only coming in maybe 2 s n 3s but they're also landing in other parts of the fields just as I've set up and don't seem interested in the pattern i've put out and I can' t be done with moving every 5 minutes for the sake of 2 or 3 birds....very frustrating . Using a couple of enforcer bouncers along with shell decoys , any advice welcome as this is the first I've shot over this type of crop
  4. Just parting ways with my Franchi hunter 520 it's been a solid workhorse for the last couple of years but I've been offered a Browning Gold fusion for a good price , just wondered if there's anything I need to look for. Cheers
  5. Thanks for your input gents , m8 of a m8 did a tig weld , was on the crows for a couple of hrs last night and it seemed ok but I've a good deal on a Browning and the dealer is aware of the issue with the Franchi and has given me a fair deal on it so no complaints here. Thanks again gents
  6. Gents I'm looking for a replacement part which looks like a tuning fork and goes into the stock and I think it slides up the sides of the breach block. I've searched the net and for the life of me can't find any info Hope these photos can identify the correct name of the offending part Any info would be helpful Cheers
  7. Got a 2001 nissan terrano II sport 2.7tdi does around 27-30 on average,came into it's own last winter and never missed a beat, put it into 4wd and went everywhere I needed to go,it's no L/Rover but all the same a decent off roader,just a pity it's not better in the fuel department.
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