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  1. Sorry chaps I forgot to say it’s the recoil causing the problem not the weight
  2. Afternoon everybody due to ongoing back problems I’m really struggling with my 12 bore shotguns even the autos are to much, so when we are allowed out again I’m going to treat myself to a .410 but I’m unsure what to get either an over and under or the mossberg pump action was just wondering what other people’s opinions are. thanks .
  3. I'm trying to condense my gear in to less bags so I'm not trying to carry more than I need was wondering what you guys use to carry your hide poles and gun is there a bag I could get it all in
  4. Evening guys this question has probably been asked a thousand times but what decoys do you all use ? I've been using full body plastics for a long time but I'm finding them very bulky and awkward as I'm struggling with a back injury was wondering what is out there . Thanks in advance .ray.
  5. Does anybody know of any gun auctions that happen in Cambridgeshire at all need a new project
  6. Sorry buddie gona gave to give it a miss
  7. What payment method would u be wanting to use buddy where are you from
  8. Iv got a brand new fore end never been on a gun
  9. What battery's do I need for the flat grey collar (eg 392 or L44) got some from eBay and got the wrong size
  10. Was just wondering where you guys get your batteries from for the flat grey collar mk3?
  11. shotgun..willy


    As title says got a hawk shot saver for sale looking for £45
  12. evening everybody was just wondering if anybody knows where I can batterys for my mk3 ferret collars had two lots from ebay both the wrong size my local Tesco doesn't do them and told me they don't exist. cheers .ray.
  13. ill try that when I get a chance I checked all the hoses yesterday and they all look fine so will check the wastegate if that's ok then im stumped
  14. may sound like a daft question landy George but how should I check the wastgate
  15. sorry didn't say its a 200 engine
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