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  1. Is there anyone who has got or knows what choke thread bettinsoli are using on there new 410s please
  2. I proofed it when the psb2 changed to what we are using now cracking load took plenty of duck am geese with it
  3. Hi Rick yer thought it may have been m8 hope your still doing a bit down there m8
  4. Drop me a pm plz I am interested live ten mins from your shoot an ex keeper cheers
  5. But how many of you use the powder an have noticed that the batch number changed and so did the powder ?? Most of the loads on clay game sheets for this stuff is over pressure and some is not this powders data
  6. Ssb makes a couple nice steel loads in the 20 70mm an 76mm
  7. Not had s problem with them yet only choke damage ripping the gas seal off. What choke and load are you using Motty what choke are you using m8 I have just one to kicks in the bps but the Lincoln loves sam1 slit 3 ways
  8. Told ya it works it's all I used out the auto for a while on pigeons can get a bit lumpy out the game gun thou. You may have found that out on the clays thou m8.
  9. 616 primer 14gn csb5 4mm nitro 24mm felt 21gm lead. That's the load that was on fes site cheap cheerful brakes clays sometimes ?
  10. Steel will kill if you do your part the right shot size speed an choke plays a big part in the matter. The only thing I shoot with more then 30gm of steel shot is fowling most of the time it's 24gm 28gm 30gm home loads shot throw after market choke and they will kill pigeons dead in the air as far out as you want to shoot them. Yes you will get the odd bird fly off hit hard an drop 100 yards away even with lead you get that. That last week I shot with Agaman had a cracking afternoon shot nowt but steel missed a few but the 28gm an 30gm 3s was killing pigeons pasted 50 yards dead as a knit 4s
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