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  1. 10% more powder than plastic you will be safe
  2. Dr.Lector asked me to upload pictures as he is a silver surfer !
  3. One thing is don't go for speed the top load will never be the most accurate, load at recommended length then work on cartridge overall length this will give you the best accuracy. deershooter
  4. I have a 682 x trap 3/4 and full old model £750
  5. I have a 25 inch barrel silver sable single trigger elector grantham Lincolnshire
  6. I have a nice 16 bore Henri Pieper hammer gun just taking up space in the cabinet but have no idea what it worth very good condition with exceptional blueing
  7. 16 bore Henry pieper nice condition pm me
  8. I have 1000 's of .410 cork wads ,grantham Lincs
  9. Got a silver sable ejector £180
  10. deershooter

    .410 book

    I have one you can buy on it's own pm me
  11. I have a couple of bsa meteors need a little work
  12. I am that friend who introduced English to the .2506 , it was my go too calibre before I got my .308 after having 2 deer rifles the .2506 was furnished with a large magnifying scope for early morning shooting where the light only gets better . My .308 is two heavy to carry around and is used for hide shooting . I use 120 grain for everything in the .2506 ( dead is dead don't matter then if it's a muntjacs,roe ,fox ,red or fallow deer ) the point of impact is the same no messing about with different ammo and zeroing for different bullet weight if I was only having one rifle for fox and deer control the .2506 would be the one ,yes it's expensive in powder but then how many people shoot 200 foxes or deer a year happy hunting Deershooter
  13. Look for a 10 mm craft punch in your local craft shop ,you can then make your own over shot cards out of 1.6 mm card
  14. I know how you feel I have been there myself ,when my father passed away I drank 4.5 l of scotch a week for 9 months then the next year a whole bottle of wine a day .I had to get the better of it ! before it got the better of me . It's not that hard really it just your brain telling you you need the drink. I just replaced the wine with a cold bottle of lime and water ,dont go cold turkey start by saying I will have one or two nights off .i did it worked for me . I'm now just a social drinker who has about 2 bottles of wine a week very little beer and a couple of nights a month on scotch normally with company good luck don't let it win Deershooter
  15. DS chokes still for sale
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