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  1. deershooter


    Any one have 9 or 6.5 shot for sale please let me know .
  2. With this ground it’s nothing to do with the police it’s the owners decision,then it’s his ground he can do what he wants . The problem doesn’t help membership in the old days people had a lesson and safety briefing for £25 on skeet after 6 weeks they felt confident enough to shoot skeet on there own ,this progressed to shooting other disciplines becoming a member and shooting more . Now at £60 for a lesson you have to find about £400 for 6 lessons and membership the East Midlands isn’t full of high wage jobs and most people don’t have this amount of disposable income to start a hobby .
  3. What ever the plastic data is add 5% more powder you can go to 10% but go in stages for fibre
  4. That will be Orston shooting ground ,nowhere near the place it was under these owners it was one of the best friendly grounds about but not anymore . They have such a high turn over of staff it’s unreal .I don’t think any one who worked there three years ago is still there Had a really good Wednesday crew of members shooting with lots of OAP’s until one of the owners said “ I hate these old ******* all they do is shoot one round and moan all the time” lots of people have found other places to go
  5. Try these people https://www.parkerbrand.co.uk/welders/plasma-cutters#q=&idx=magento_default_products&hFR[categories.level0][0]=Welders %2F%2F%2F Domestic Range&is_v=1
  6. Was it you who sent me some plants about 6 years ago addressed to “ Anal thunder returns department .” I did have a laugh I freeze dried the crop which was huge and am on the last tub in the freezer !
  7. deershooter


    Looking for a gun shop or individual who can supply some CHEDDITE CX50 primers I have a .357 muzzle loading pistol on the way that must use these ,must be local to Lincolnshire can anyone help . I have CX2000 but these are too hot !
  8. Any one getting rid of any new unloaded 12 gauge 65-70 mm cases please let me know
  9. I am fully qualified on this matter after buying 10 kg of no 12 shot to reload skeet shells . I have been reloading shotgun shells for over 20 years . I reloaded 50 shells with 28 grams of dust shot ,ready for two rounds of skeet ! What a disappointment where I normally shoot 23-25 I finished up with 8 and 11 the going away birds and center peg birds just wouldn’t break . Some times you could see them move but not break there is just not enough energy in 0.8 mm pellets to break clays unless they are really close
  10. Last time I went to Beverley 2016 (Lincolnshire sport trap )it was a mess toilets swilling in urine Manky cafe ,sporting all with orange clays and so many breakdowns it was unreal
  11. Dr.Lector asked me to upload pictures as he is a silver surfer !
  12. One thing is don't go for speed the top load will never be the most accurate, load at recommended length then work on cartridge overall length this will give you the best accuracy. deershooter
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