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  1. I assume you’re not interested then GamekeeperWales 😴
  2. My old cabinet was too small for this and I had to break it down to store. I just cabinet knock marks doesn’t affect its shooting
  3. Sorry bud, bottom line is listed. It’s had use, but not much. Thanks
  4. Take a drive over to Countryways in West Malling. A much better shop and friendlier staff imo Greenfields have the clay ground but I find the owners arrogant and unhelpful
  5. Plus one for going back to Stoneleigh. I haven’t been since the 1at year at the NEC - way too small and packed to enjoy it.
  6. I’ve got a hardly used synthetic 12bore mossy in great condition. £450 in Medway, Kent.
  7. They’ve been really quick lately. Bro in law did a variation in 2 weeks for a 30-06
  8. I went on the Friday and we were straight in. Good start! I've only ever been to the shooting show before which I've found ok. Not been going for deals really, just like looking at the kit. I did think the game fair was a bit more, the furniture and clothing fair with some guns in a corner. It's somewhere I'd like to take the wife but this time I took the brother in law and he wasn't in the market for a handbag. I was after a 30inch SX3 but all that was available were 28" so nothing for me other than a stalking knife. Brother in law wanted an ATM X Sight HD. ATM (show price) £1100 for
  9. I've got a folding .410 for £200. Plus RFD if needed Dan.
  10. Didn't yours include Christmas tho Ben? Either way, when I did mine it was 16 weeks so definitely getting better our way! Long may it continue!
  11. Kent have sorted themselves out too. Brother in law just got his in less than 5 weeks of them dashing the cheque. Essex on the other hand have lost my mates applicatio after banking the cheque in October. An hour and a half on the phone last week and he finally gets through to be told "I'm sorry Mr, we seem to have lost it!"
  12. I got a nice condition Goldstar but it's FAC rated
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